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  1. I had the pleasure of shopping at Daedalus in Columbia, MD. I sure miss that place.
  2. Bob Koester RIP

    Such sad news.
  3. The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    It could well be that Billie was a bit on the wild side, but there is no reason an actress should be asked to debase herself to replicate this part of Billie's life. It is one of the things that prompted me to give up on film as an art form, films have become soft core or even hardcore porn films. In a Lubitsch film, when a couple is about to do the deed, they draw the curtains. That's all we need to see. That was art.
  4. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    Yes, depends on who is putting it together of course. Fitzgerald and Cohen are my go-to guys for composer credits.
  5. Time of the Barracudas (aka General Assembly, aka Waltz)

    Ingrid Jensen plays it on her Here On Earth record.
  6. The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    The film is a mess, and her performance is a mess too. And the sex scenes are EMBARRASSING.
  7. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    All discographies should have composer credits.
  8. Who did Larry Young play with...

    Larry and Ulmer also played together at Keystone Korner, but Todd Barkan does not remember the year. My guess is same tour.
  9. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Who do we know at Denon? Is there a branch in the US or Japan only? I can't keep these conglomerates straight. And where is Savoy now? At some point they were with Muse.
  10. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Yes, a detailed musical analysis could help. Remember that Dixon said Patton could never play like that. The Master Tape could have some studio chatter. Joe Fields purchased it, so in theory Barney Fields could have it. When Joel Dorn reissues it on 32jazz, did he go back to the master? I doubt it.
  11. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    It would explain why Verve can't find the tape... It is odd that he arrived at the studio at the tail-end of the session, if there was a session. If I was paying for a session, I would be there to make sure it is happening. And was Pittsburgh the only town in which he needed some money in a hurry? Did he make it a habit to offer to do a quick record date on the fly and give up all rights to it? Where are all the other sessions? I have a theory that Lee Morgan may have made some secret sessions for Roulette, since he was copyrighting mystery tunes in Morris Levy's publising company. I checked with the people who would most likely have the tapes - nothing. All I know is that Morris Levy would not have given Lee some money without expecting something in return.
  12. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Mike Fitzgerald thought part of the head was flat out missing, That is not true.
  13. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Verve demo - now there's a theory. Probably from session logs, so accuracy cannot be proven until you listen to the damn thing. What exactly is wrong with Work Song? Mike Fitzgerald had issues with it too. He messes up the head on the first run through, but gets it right after. He fucks up Oleo too on a Blue Note date but no one seems to be complaining about that. I was wrong - the entire comping behind Grant's solo on Go Down Moses is Love Supreme, and Grant picks up on it during the organ solo. 100% sure it is Larry. And it can't be early 1965. Need to give Larry and Grant a chance to absorb the Coltrane record. It is the July 1965 date, period. I am sure.
  14. $40 difference seems like a lot for a hard cover.
  15. Live Streaming Concerts

    Just caught Michael's set tonight. Great music, highly recommended. The nod to Wayne Shorter is always appreciated!