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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Also clarinet... Modern Jazz Quartet with Jimmy Giuffre at Music Inn... love the vibes and clarinet conbination... apart from beautiful, slinky music it's also stunningly well recorded - every breath, every shimmer. Found my vinyl copy in a flea market literally around the corner from my house. By the way, is there a secret to capturing images small enough to upload (0.1MB)?
  2. A Preemptive Eulogy for the Cassette Adapter

    I still use a cassette adaptor. Usually to plug in a digital radio for BBC 6Music on the weekend (Hughie Morgan, Gilles Peterson, Cerys...), but occasionally my old Walkman when I feel like going old school...
  3. Covid-19 Jazz playlist.

    Was gonna add this but I'm busier than ever working from home 😐 Well played.
  4. Covid-19 Jazz playlist.

    I've been compiling one on Spotify... just added I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (thanks) - sorry Dmitry, that's the only jazz track... actually, I'll probably add some of the suggestions from this thread - a way of feeding a little jazz to the family, friends and colleagues I'm sharing this with... https://open.spotify.com/user/merynella/playlist/2itlRemximyb62p37LxkFP?si=yYF2CBTATRaTsGtSPtrILg
  5. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    I think mine was The High and Mighty Hawk - Coleman Hawkins, but could have been Giant Steps
  6. Bob Dylan corner

    Similar experience... plus listening to his radio show...
  7. Ridiculous statement regarding vinyl dynamic range

    I've always thought 'dynamic range' and 'dynamics' are two different things, one being the difference between loudest and quietist sounds on a recording and the other being the difference between loudest and quietist simultaneous sounds. It's been a while since I've taken much interest in things audiophile and I'm not finding the sources online to confirm this now... am I talking rubbish?
  8. Wayne Krantz - Cardiff - May

    MG, Shame if it's not your type of thing. Krantz/Carlock/Lefevre are world class and with a unique style. They've had a connection with Cardiff/Brecon for years, with some kind of relationship/friendship with the late Jed Williams, and thanks to that there's a community of fans in Wales, one of whom is taking the chance to put them on at short notice - too short for proper publicity - so would appreciate if you'd mention it to anyone you think may be interested. Cheers.
  9. Wayne Krantz - Cardiff - May

    Wayne's trio with Carlock and Lefevre. Short notice arrangement. Hopefully one or two on this board within range.
  10. Revenant is planning big Albert Ayler box

    Even cheaper on Amazon UK - £28 Link
  11. upcoming Jelly Roll Morton set?

    I finally found the LP online (what a buzz!). It's on it's way.
  12. Recent Down Loads And Additions From E - Music

    Sam Rivers - Vista
  13. all things emusic

    Sam Rivers - Waves - nice tuba.