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  1. Yikes, that was something else. Thanks for posting have definitely not seen quite a few of those instruments. Also looks like a shitload of work to get that down.
  2. What happens to duck when it flies upside down? It quacks up….
  3. Yes it really was. It was a store selling instruments and sheet music. The EP’s were sold at $1.98, 2.98, and $3.98. Over e few weeks I probably bought 30 or so. I sold most on eBay about 4 years ago along with another 40-50 I had picked through the years. I still have some that didn’t sell.
  4. I just brought up my copy of this set. Funny, mine does not have the hinged cover. Anyway, with snow falling this will be my morning listening. Weirdly, I had a good portion of this music on 2 and 3 disc 45 rpm EP sets that I bought as NOS from a record store in Providence in the late 70’s.
  5. Thanks for posting. I subscribed to Jazz just as they folded, sent a check but never received any magazines. I was working in a record store in1979-1980 and playing jazz pretty much the whole time I was on shift. Personally I was looking backwards, not forward and was playing and buying records of dates from the 40’s-60’s at that time for the most part. So I guess I wasn’t helping much.
  6. Benny Goodman, Benny’s Bop on Hep. Hearing these V-Disc performances is a thrill for this Wardell Gray fan.
  7. Lucky Thompson, New York City, 1964-1965, Uptown. Listening to disc1, octet.
  8. Rocky Boyd was another tenor with Miles for a cup of coffee.
  9. The posters are approximately 32x24 and were $40 when new. They were numbered. I have the Rollins and John Coltrane (cover of Blue Trane). The Rollins is from Sonny Rollins Vol 2.. The edition was for 3,000, I have #4 on the Coltrane and #3 on the Rollins. These were released along with the 1st or second Mosaic releases or thereabouts. I could afford $40. The archival prints that came later though….
  10. Tom in RI

    Bud Powell

    I agree with Lon re the 1953 Birdland recordings which have been released on vinyl and cd by a lot of different companies. Airshot fidelity but great playing. Stuff I continue to go back to.
  11. Um, sounds a little toot tooty. I think I once picked a cd by Daniel Smith but I didn’t enjoy it. Michael Rabinowitz sounds so much more at ease improvising on bassoon.
  12. Is the Mingus, Music Written For Monterrey…But Not Heard the 1984 reissue? If so, is the 7” single included?
  13. It seems like a long time since I have seen any Naxos cd’s (other than at my house). I’m trying to remember what I paid for new Naxos jazz releases, I think it was under $8.00.
  14. Staying with physical product is my first choice. However, my wife wants to move to the west coast (Southern California) to be close to our children. I won’t be able to afford the size space I enjoy now and I can also forget about a basement. Hard choices will have to be made.
  15. Some of my friends are using various streaming services and I suppose it’s inevitable that on my next move I’ll be getting rid of the majority of physical product I own and go streaming (not my preference, but…). Anyway, I’m curious what happens to music of labels that go belly up. For instance, do any streaming services have Chronogical Classics available? Maybe a better ask would be a label like Uptown. For major labels, are entire catalogs generally included? Trying to begin to plan on what I’ll keep and what I’ll part with.
  16. I generally don’t care for wordless vocals but on this cd: https://www.discogs.com/El-Eco-Featuring-Guillermo-Nojechowicz-Two-Worlds/release/16343925 I find the wordless contributions quite apropos. YMMV. Tom
  17. She died on June 23rd, just seeing it in the news today. “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.”
  18. Some years ago Cadence had I’m the Blues on sale. I bought 4 or 5 copies that I gave to friends over time because I enjoyed it so much.
  19. I don’t like picking favorites but I can say I’ve probably listened to William Cepeda’s My Roots and Beyond more than any other Latin disc that I own.
  20. Well, of course I figured at the time that the personnel on the dates were pretty safe as far as springing for the release. If, however, individual releases of the dates showed up in record racks and I hadn’t seen any reviews I can’t say I would have picked them up. I might have but I might have stuck to leaders I would have viewed as safer bets. I didn’t then, or now, try to be a Mosaic completist. But I was definitely happy with Mosaic 101, 104, and 105. I skipped 102 and 103, which was a reflection of my tastes at the time. I guess my feeling was, I trust this fledgling label to deliver an artist in the most elegant fashion. I had also had 2 or 3 correspondences with Mosaic, I knew Michael had issued some of my favorite, at the time, Blue Note twofers, and that just added up for me to credibility that his presentation of Brooks as an under the radar great was worth spending the dough.
  21. I’ve been bitten by the Jazz bug since the early 70’s. When Mosaic first came out I pre-ordered Mosaic 101. I don’t have it any more but I remember getting a letter from Mosaic noting a delay in the release and an offer for refund, which I declined. I mention that only to establish I was on the Mosaic bus early. As with Rooster above, I was not necessarily enamored of organ dates then the way I am now so I probably didn’t have Brooks with JOS at the time. For me, the decision to order the Tina Brooks set was solely based on the Mosaic announcement through their newsletter. I still have it, I hope to pick up XRCD copies of at least some of the issues.
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