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Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

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As I grade final exams... it's a Mosaic weekend... Onto Curtis Amy Select disc 3...


It's funny when I first bought this set... I hated it... (Only gave it one listen and thought it had WAY too much organ...) I then gave it away....

After hearing some more raves on this board.. I decided my premature jettisoning of the set was wrong... Right now I'm digging it... :):) So to all of you who plugged this set.... :wub::wub::excited:


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Finishing up Disc 1.. reverse order...Disc 2 didn't thrill me... but the 1st disc is good..

Overall I'm not sure... Ironically I thought the Xmas music was the best part of the set... :huh::huh:

I don't hear these the same as the Dinah set. Much hipper chorus here in my opinion.

It didn't float my boat the first times I heard it, but I've come to really dig them.

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Okay just finished Disc 1... My attention got better...!! I like this set... (The drum snare thing kinda bugged me a little bit)


Okay onto Disc 2... I think I like it... but I must be honest I'm kinda distracted....

Tony Williams Disc 3.... Didn't have any of these records... looking forward to it.. Big fan of Bill Pierce (local homie) and Mulgrew.... :tup:tup although I could do without Wallace Roney,,, :beee::beee:

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