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Never experienced pain like this

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Thanks all for the good wishes.

Listening to music is very soothing Seeline.

Bev, the Mingus at Antibes was wonderful.

I'll pass on the beer for now, Weizen. But I appreciate the offer. Same goes with the sex, JSngry. (not sure if that was an offer).

GA, thanks for your prayers.

All in all, I guess a bit better today. Will have a better sense of things tomorrow after getting my blood checked.

Feeling relatively content. And on the bright side, I've lost over 10 pounds!

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Same goes with the sex, JSngry. (not sure if that was an offer).

The sex was the suggestion, the offer was not there, but the suggestionstill stands, as does the other suggestion that you get your sugar blood estedt.

Yes, I'll ask about the blood sugar tomorrow. Thanks. The other, that can wait. (my girl is the best anyways, truly ... just as you know yours is -_- )

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Update: I have the blood nice and thin now -- had it tested again today -- and the pain in my leg slowly continues to subside. I'm still somewhat dependent on pain killers but I'm now able to go for periods of about a half hour on my feet with the aid of a cane before having to rest and put my leg up. The goal is to continue to extend that time, and I think that process will accelerate over the coming days. ... I may go for a little walk tomorrow. Cooler weather has finally, finally arrived here in Florida. :tup

It was a week of hell, but I'm greatly improved compared to where I was a week ago. Still a little behind where I had hoped I would be, but nonetheless encouraged. I'm hoping that by midweek, I'll be able to return to work. I'll be buying those folks a dinner when I do, that's for sure. They've all carried my share of the workload without complain, and with nothing but encouragement and understanding.

And all the kind words here from all of you good folks have been greatly appreciated. Thank you. It really helped more than you might think. Sometimes when you're in a situation where you don't really know what's going on, or when you'll see improvement, support is the most important thing.

I'll be dancing a jig before you know it. ;)

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