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Whole batch of Mosaic Selects and Singles running low

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21 hours ago, mjzee said:

Still waiting for shipping notification on the Lester set; order placed May 4.

I ordered the Lester along with the Louis Armstrong (#257) and Gerry Mulligan LP set on the 4th of May as well.  I was charged several days later.  Right around that time it appears they ran out of Lester sets.  That's apparently due in June.  Hoping for something soon.

I love Mosaic Records, but their shipping and communication thereof is woefully inadequate for 2017.

6 hours ago, mr jazz said:

listened to Disc 5 of the Hines set last night. Very enjoyable and my spouse really liked it. Excellent sound for the era as well.

I ordered the Hines as soon as it hit running low a couple of months ago.  Glad I did as the progression from in stock to running low to last chance to OOP seemed pretty quick.  I finally got to listen t it a couple of weeks ago and I was really very happy with what I heard.  Not what I expected and I mean that in a good way.  Very nice set and a very nice surprise for me. 

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On 5/29/2017 at 1:18 AM, Clunky said:

Great set, I love Ella's young voice especially . Plenty of instrumentals though of those less inclined to vocals.

Haven't received it yet and it should only take a day or two (at the most) to get to NJ. Have sent an email. :o

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3 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Didn't the MJQ set only just become available again? Here and gone in a jiff..:o

It may have been a small run just to fullfill orders Mosaic allready recieved a few extra just in case.


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6 hours ago, miles65 said:

The Gerry Mulligan Sextet 5 LP box is now last chance. Still unsure about this. Had it been a select I would have gotten it. Not to keen on buying vinyl wich I probably play once or twice. 

Cripes - I was downright sure I had this one but checked my racks and turns out I haven't. I must have been confusing it with the Stan Getz set.

Can't even get a grip on what I have and what I haven't. :rolleyes:  One more to add to the list..

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I think it's hard to say what's going on right now.  Obviously, time will tell.  There seems to be a lot of sets on the Running Low/Last Chance list - currently 9 of the 25 sets listed on the site.  Makes you wonder.  We'll have to see what happens to other sets that were back ordered.

Can't say I did not see this coming, though.  Over the past few years I had been anticipating what we are seeing now and made regular purchases in the event that a final sale was announced.  While that did not occur, the issues identified a few weeks ago prompted me to purchase everything left on my want list - a total of 8 sets.  Three of the sets were back ordered, easing the sticker shock - but not the concern that even though they are repressing some back ordered sets, they may be doing small quantities - if the MJQ set has any bearing.  But given what happened with the Lester set where they ran short on trays and such - who knows.


Still looking forward to the Edwards set.  I'd be happy if Mosaic went to 2-3 sets per year in vinyl and CD.

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15 hours ago, David Ayers said:

There has been and will be nothing new in 2017, IIRC. Maybe two last year. So 2-3 sets a year sounds unlikely. 

I'm not holding my breath on any new set coming out, to be honest.  I'm really just hoping that the Johnson and Mingus sets I have on order will be re-pressed.  Anything after that is a bonus as far as I am concerned.

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The problem with selling Mosaic sets on Amazon is that they would have to raise prices significantly to make up for the ridiculous amounts that Amazon charges. It used to be 15% plus 99 cents, but I noticed they were taking a far larger hunk out of my sales. I have basically abandoned Amazon. Half.com was a great place until eBay bought it and ruined it. A lot of stuff that used to sell could no longer be listed. For example, they treated all cutouts as promos and banned them, even though numerous cutouts were to prevent retailers from getting credit at full price on closeouts. 

I think the main issue is that younger generations aren't interested in owning boxed sets, as they opt for downloads, streaming on Spotify or sharing digital music with friends. I'm not about to tell Mosaic how to run things, I don't blame them for dropping their printed catalogs, as they were expensive to print and mail. That's something many brick & mortar music retailers have let go, though I still get them from Jazz Messengers.

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