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Whole batch of Mosaic Selects and Singles running low

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1 hour ago, David Ayers said:

Fighting over crumbs...

They are down to five different sets in stock, a far cry from their heyday when you’d receive their magazine and see all the sets available to purchase, making your mouth water for this or that set. I just looked at the January 2008 magazine and not counting Selects there were over 25 sets discussed. Well, those days are gone and we should be happy they’re still in business. 

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On 7/15/2019 at 4:02 PM, Larry Kart said:

I love Ruby and Pee Wee in general but don't think "Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny" gets off the ground. The great Ruby mid-sized ensemble record from that time is "Braff!!" (Epic), the portion of that album with Coleman Hawkins, Lawrence Brown, Ernie Caceres et al. Indeed that whole album is solid gold, including the cover photo of Ruby with his mother.


Here I go again....  That's a wonderful image, but Ruby told me that picture is a mash-up,and he had no idea of who the woman was.  He said his image was taken as a promo shot for a Broadway show he was in.  Details of his 9 months on the stage in 1955-56  (a show called Pipe Dream, with music by Rodgers and Hammerstein) are in chapter five of "Born To Play" by Thomas P. Hustad,

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2 hours ago, medjuck said:

IIRC it was an edition of 20,000. If they sold them all it is easily their biggest selling set.  

I'm not sure Mosaic has ever actually sold all of its assigned sets before the time limits on its contracts with the labels ran out or before they simply decided they didn't want or couldn't afford to sell them anymore.




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