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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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Saw this yesterday:


This movie bowled me over, and I want to see it again.  It's a strange, logic-defying story.  The film unfolds slowly, and things just happen -- just like in a dream.  It's more interested in depicting psychological realities than telling a realistic story.  The way that the filmmaker David Lowery uses images -- rather than dialogue or plot -- reminds me of Stanley Kubrick.


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This is a really good movie, perhaps even better than the original one.  It has a fairly decent story, but it's the outstanding performances by William Marshall and Pam Grier that really stand out here.  Although folks may snicker, I think he justifiably could have been nominated for a Best Actor award that year for this performance.  In the hands of a less powerful and dedicated actor, this whole film could have devolved into a schlocky horror movie or a campy mess.  Mr. Marshall gives a performance of dignity and depth that really "fleshes" out the title character and anchors the entire film.

The climax of the film is a really well directed and edited sequence.  At Blacula's request, Ms. Grier's character is performing a voodoo ceremony in an attempt to rid him of the vampire curse once and for all.  Intercut with this are scenes of the police raiding the mansion Blacula is using as his base, as they do a room to room search looking for (and unfortunately, for many of the officers, encountering) the squadron of the living dead our anti-hero has already created.  It's all set against a dramatic voodoo drums rhythm and builds the suspense very well.

The music is credited to Bill Marx.  I assume that was Harpo's kid.

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Last night I watched either




depending ow which poster you prefer, but anyway it was the Cinematic Titanic riffed version of this flick called


The (bad) film's (bad) score was by Charles Earland.  As one riffer mentioned, "It sounds like some one dragging a wet dish rag across the keyboard".


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It's late October and that means it was high time for a Vincent Price movie night.  Recently I watched:


Merely okay.  Lots of padding in this film, but VP is good.  Christopher Lee is kind of on automatic pilot in his performance -- but that's about all the effort this movie deserved.


VP's one man  Poe show.  It's only 53 minutes long, so I'm guessing this was made for TV.  "The Telltale Heart" is perhaps the best segment here.  "The Sphinx" turns out to be a complete waste of time.  VP gives marvelous, scenery chewing performances throughout.


A classic in its own way, although it has its share of padding too.  VP and Peter Lorre are excellent together.  They could have become the horror movie version of Abbot & Costello.

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