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Not at all bad, although it's a different lens today about stuff like all (and I do mean ALL) of the pretty girls are light-skinned or lighter. Never mind holding a "beauty contest"/casting call based entirely on body measurements (so come in a swimsuit, girls, we have very specific requirements!) But that's a sociology discussion as much as an entertainment one. Simply as a piece of purely "of its time" entertainment, this is far better than most, and there's plenty of Jordan. That alone makes it a treat, as his music is expectedly fine, an his ating is surprisingly at least as good as Elvis'!

Plus, there's a singer named Pat Rainey who sings REALLY well. Apparently she had a cursed life, but on the one song she sings here...yeah.

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21 hours ago, JSngry said:


Anybody who who the tenor player is in Lucky Millinder's band who holds his horn at an abngle like Lester Young and plays an entry-level version of same? It's 1939.

I'll ask Mark Cantor. 

Here's his reply:   I am not sure who the tenor sax is. Not Stafford Simon. Millinder's band was in a state of flux in 1940. He had taken over Bill Dogget's band, then incorporated some of Jimmy Mundy's men. When the dust settled the tenor soloist would be Stafford Simon, but this is not him. A mstery at present.

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