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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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4 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

Great line

thanks! not 100% sure whether it's fair though ;)


René Thomas ‎– The Real Cat

one of the great CDs in the Jazz in Paris series, compiling a 10'' album and two 7'' singles from the mid-50s that were probably extremely hard to come by for a long time before this here came out... the music seems very much modelled after the Stan Getz Roost recordings with Jimmy Raney or Johnny Smith... the biggest selling points are Thomas on guitar and (on the album tracks) Urtreger on piano...

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25 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

Perhaps a bit too whiplash.

Currently streaming Friedhelm Schönfeld's self titled record from 1978 on Amiga, which I think was mentioned upthread. I have never heard it before and am really enjoying it.

Which platform is that on?  I have a copy ordered but the Discogs seller is being a bit slow so I'm beginning to wonder about it

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Disc 1 of 4.  There is a variety of material on this first disc.  It opens with a then 18 year-old Jo as a member of The Stafford Sisters trio singing with Louis Prima in 1936.  There are a number of tracks from her days as a member of the Pied Pipers before she appears as a performer in her own right in 1944.  This disc also serves to demonstrate what a very special time for music the 1940's were.  With a demand for new songs from Broadway, movies, radio programs and the record industry itself, --and the cross-pollination that went on among those various outlets -- even the also-ran songs of that era can be quite good.  Take for example this not-quite-a-standard Irving Berlin tune --

Gorgeous vocal by Ms. Stafford.  I also love Mr. Weston's string arrangement, not just here, but in general.  I've never found his string arrangements to get "flowery" or "blustery".  To me they glide along almost as if a partner with the singer.  In fact, when first I heard this song, the string arrangement made me think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers dancing.  Then I find out is is from an Astaire film which I've not seen.  I wonder if Mr. Weston had Mr. Astaire in mind as well when he wrote this arrangement.

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Just finished:

Nisse Sandström - Home Cooking (Phontastic, 1981)


Another new one to me, thanks to the recent threads. Lovely and warm record, with Tommy Flanagan on great form.

I'm now on this classic:

Warne Marsh Quarter - Music For Prancing (Mode, 1957)


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