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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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15 hours ago, mjazzg said:

Just looked that up, some interesting names involved

Recommended -  cheap as chips, swings like crazy and Simon Spillett’s usual excellent essay.

Just noticed that the arrangements are by saxophonist Tony Roberts of the Dankworth Orchestra, Ray Russell Group etc. He is still musically active in the West Dorset area and thereabouts.

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11 minutes ago, sidewinder said:

In fact, everything on this relaunched Turtle Records imprint is worth getting hold of. Not a dud amongst them. The Joy Marshall release with Gordon Beck’s Quartet (inc. McLaughlin) is a particular gem.

Stop it! :)

Edit to add: the Gibbs/Burton looks very tempting

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6 minutes ago, Jim Duckworth said:

I almost invariably reach for Tijuana Moods (largely the same group with Bill Triglia instead of Bill Evans), but I think that this is my new go-to Mingus record.

Black Saint & Sinner Lady for me, but there's so many great ones over a quarter century.

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Currently on:

Miles Davis - Live In Berlin (CBS, 1967)


I haven't listened to this one in years. 

Listening to it now, one particular thing strikes me: was Miles... trying to impress his new young friends? 

Quite aside from the fact that he is actually playing with commitment (not a criticism of Miles Davis, but nonchalant cool (AKA playing like he doesn't give a single shit) is what I normally associate with him, rising to apparent indifference once you get past the Plugged Nickel stage), Davis uses all kinds of funny techniques that I don't associate with him at all. 

Check out 'Stella by Starlight' as one example. 

On an entirely different note, it's good to hear Art Blakey's young tenor Wayne Shorter (which is how he still sounds here) making contact with Hancock, Carter and Williams. 

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