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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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20 hours ago, The Magnificent Goldberg said:


The roughest, but VERY exhilarating, band I've ever heard

Los Barbaros del Ritmo - Palo de Mayo - Andino 1971




The band's from Bluefields, Venezuela, the centre of Palo de Mayo music. You can't not get up and dance.

'Scuse, I've gotta get up and dance.



PS Oh well, I suppose Erkey Grant and the Eerwigs, a London pub band of the early sixties, might have been rougher, but it's sixty year since I saw them. 





I share your enthusiasm, but actually they are from Nicaragua.

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The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions box set | Communication Arts

Listening to this as a companion to the book I'm reading. But I have to wonder these must have been produced after the fact, since the first is from 1953. His Jam Sessions were his beginnings and they predate his JATP concerts, which started in 1944. And where (JATP) he applied the principle of his jam sessions to a bigger frame. But the jam sessions are great. With all the usual suspects, including Benny Carter, Charlie Parker, Flip Phillips, Oscar Peterson, Barney Kessel, Sweets Edison and many others. And I just discovered this is already a sought after piece, that was first released in 2005, 6 or 7.

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1 hour ago, HutchFan said:

Earlier this AM:


Donald Byrd - Free Form (Blue Note, rec. 1961)

IMO, Byrd sounds much less simpatico with Shorter than he does with Pepper Adams or Jackie Mac.


I'm pleased I'm not the only one.  I'm always disappointed by that album when I play it, ever since I bought it in the 80s. Never seems to hang together in any way and as you say Byrd/Shorter doesn't seem to gel. I played it again a few weeks ago in the hope that I would get a different impression, I didn't.  On the "to offload" list.

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27 minutes ago, Dan Gould said:

There's a recording - no idea if its the exact same group Bill saw.



For once my memory fails me. I have no recollection of the rhythm section, but as the disc Dan mentions is from 5 years before the London gig, it's unlikely to have been the same group.

24 minutes ago, John Tapscott said:


That's a nice one, John! Time I got back to Bob Florence!

Now playing:

(Choice inspired by this fascinating interview with band member, Dick Oatts.)




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11 minutes ago, Rabshakeh said:

Mark Weinstein - Latin Jazz Underground (Zoho, 2014)


I’m extremely impressed by this one. Flutes + piano trio (led by Aruan Ortiz, with Gerald Cleaver on drums) plus percussionist playing music with links to Andrew Hill.

Does anyone know anything about Ortiz or Weinstein? They’re new names to me.


Don't why it doesn't show as a link. Sorry.

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