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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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2 hours ago, jazzbo said:

Tommy Talbert "Bix, Duke, Fats" Seabrook cd of 1957 Atlantic Records release


Mellow . ..  "Birth of the Cool" influenced.


Bought it when it came out. Have always loved it. Gorgeous Joe Wilder. Talbert's later albums are fine too, but this one is tops.

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1 hour ago, BillF said:


This one , and a few others from BN. I´m not a Silver completist but some key albums I have. "The Stylings of Silver" is also very fine.


On 1.2.2022 at 6:47 PM, soulpope said:


Yes, the Mythic Sound CDs. 
But I have not listend to them for long time. This one is half solo in Paris, half trio in NY. 
The solo pieces, like many many of that kind that were recorded at Francis Paudras´ home and are not among the best Bud. The trio pieces ar better. At least, Bud plays the right Bridge on "Well You Neednt" and not the wrong one, that started with Miles on "Steamin" and is mostly played on sessions. 
Isn´t Bemsha Swing also on that ? Bud didn´t know it, he plays the wrong chords and is unsure and after one chorus 

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Laurence Hobgood "Union" Naim cd.

A marriage of excellent playing with excellent sound.

EDIT to add: listened through again. I kept thinking what an asset this trio of show-offs would be to any number of current singers. (It's no surprise that Hobgood has been at the helm of arguably the best albums of Kurt Elling).

This is one of those albums where the engineering is telling the story as well. What I would place in the "stoner jazz" category, "Rainy Day Dream Away" sub-category. ;)

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Another entry in the "Rainy Day Dream Away" sub-category is this bargain bin pickup. One that has paid off.

This "Zam Rock" album is a genuine trip. I'm listening to--the "Reverbed" version of the album, which is the second disc in this set. I keep thinking of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and how could I not, but there's a twist to the grooves here and the album definitely create a strong mood.

Whoa. Wow. A party disc.


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