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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Miles Mosely - Uprising (Verve, 2017)


First and probably last listen to this. Mosley is a bassist from the "West Coast Get Down" collective (Kamasi and co). To my ears it sounds like Bruno Mars. Vaguely 70s soul / Rastafarian themes with rugged but handsome cover art with revolutionary aesthetic. It has everything that your cool aunt could want. Can't believe I wasted my time on it.

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15 hours ago, Morganized said:

Fats Navarro Featured with the Tadd Dameron Band

I love it. When I was a teenager, there was a Musidisc LP that had some of the tracks of this one. 
This seems to be quite a complete collection of the diverse broadcasts of the band in 1948. Only that they omitted the two beautiful vocal features of Kenny Haggood (Pennies from Heaven, and The Kitchenette across the Hall). 
The band with Allen Eager is wonderful, They are a fantastic band and sound great. And Tadd Dameron also plays some very fine solos. 

3 hours ago, Chuck Nessa said:

Lots of old friends


When was it recorded, it must be quite old if Kenny Dorham was still alive.

I have another Parker Memorial from 1965, on which J.J. Johnson has a pseudonym C.C. Siegel, and it also has Coleman Hawkins on it. 
It was at Carnegie Hall 1965. Bud Powell was also on schedule, but played solo which is not on this record, but on another record. I had hoped that he plays with the band, he would have fitted better in it than Billy Taylor....

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