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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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12 minutes ago, jazzcorner said:

Cafe Records Cafe 3-732  ( three LP-set) - rec. "live"  at 'One Pass' King Street Studios, San Francisco April 3, 1985

with a 15 min West Side Story (Medley)


I have the DVD of this show. Sadly, not very well recorded. 



One the very best of the Maybeck series IMHO. I took the CD to a live Bill Mays concert some years ago and asked him to sign it. He did and when I told him how much I liked it, he was rather dismissive of the whole thing.  

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2 hours ago, mjazzg said:

That's very good

I enjoyed it, although I'd have liked more Courvoisier. She tends to sit in the background a bit with her recordings with Feldman. 

Currently listening to this one:


A first ever listen for me, from my recent run over the historic jazz charts. I don't think I'd ever heard the name, even though it clearly shifted the old SKUs.

It isn't exactly John Coltrane. Still, it's fun to think of all the ex-neoboppers piously indulging in their supposedly heretical fusions of hip hop and jazz, seeking to "update" jazz, when meanwhile something as broad and populist as this was squatting on the jazz and R&B charts.

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35 minutes ago, rostasi said:

Did it rectify your need for bass?

I have only listened for a few hours. But there is a bit more bass right now, which is nice. Things are a bit more complicated than I just need more bass. It's all about a balance throughout the system and specifically how the rectifier and the output tubes "work" together. 

This is a newly "improved" version of my favorite rectifier so far, and there is improvement. And it's the same manufacturer as the output tubes, and the rectifier it is replacing was designed to work well with those.

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5 hours ago, optatio said:

IMG_20231002_0001 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20231002_0002 (Copy).jpg

It was the first Griff I heard on record. 

I wanted to buy a Griffin record after I had seen him live the first time, but back them there was not much available, you know it was the seventies and you cound buy tons of electric jazz which is also fine for me, but many acoustic albums were OOP or the labels did not exist any more. 

The Blowing Session was on a two-fer album and had as the second disc the "Blowin in from Chicago" with Cliff Jordan and John Gilmore which was also cool for me since I had known Clifford Jordan from my early Mingus albums.

Try to play "The Way You Look Tonight" at that tempo !!!! 
I did and somehow managed to get thru , it was the star of the evening who called it, right on stage and there we went....., I tried it later solo at home and it didn´t run as easily as it did on the spontanous thing on the gig.....
I didn´t have sheet but knew the tune anyway from THIS RECORD.

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