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What's this LP album?

Big Beat Steve

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A question to those who may have wide-ranging tastes in music from the (pre-mid-70s) vinyl era:

The below photo came up on a classic car forum and of course people started wondering about the LP this guy in his very 70s-ish garb is holding. (The UK license plate of the Jag E dates from 1973 so this and the other cars in the car park might date the pic - and the vinyl)

Anybody have any idea for identification?



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Strange ... Anybody else have this problem?

It is there (two, in fact), and I've uploaded pics via the same image hoster here before - without any apparent problems.


Just in case (a wild shot): If you do not see the pic but a link can you click on the link or copy/paste the link in yur browser to see the pic?

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10 hours ago, mikeweil said:

Enlarging the cover reveals you're right - but it's impossible to read the writing.

At first I thought it was writing...I actually thought it might be a classical album on RCA.  But I then enlarged the picture and saw I was off-base.  What looked like writing (in the upper center of the cover) now looks like an emblem (something like the Cadillac logo) with some ballroom ceiling lights behind it.  It might be a dance/disco album...which would place it a little later than 1973.  Maybe something in the Queen mold?

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The more I think about it and look at that LP cover scan the more I think that it might very well be that Little Richard LP on the Contour budget label. The blueish tint/discoloration of the 70s photograph print alters the colors, but if you take this into account and look at the proportions as well as the spotlight reflections to the left and right of Little Richard on this cover, things look like they match.

A record I would not have thought of - despite the fact that actually I USED to own this LP (bought it during a school class Easter holiday trip to London in 1975 - coincidence ...). I sold it off long ago, though, because those live recordings were just horrible, at least to my ears. Not the real (Specialty) thing by a long shot.

Thanks for your perspicacity! 

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It's got a Bihari Bothers pedigree!



Per the item pictured: https://www.discogs.com/Little-Richard-The-Incredible-Little-Richard-Sings-His-Greatest-Hits-Recorded-Live/release/2660363

Title on labels: The Incredible Little Richard (Sings His Greatest Hits Recorded Live)
Printed and made in Italy.
70s budget reissue of Modern MST 100.
Printed on back cover and on labels:
1) "An Original Kent/Modern Recording". In fact that is an original Modern recording.
2) "Mono recordings electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect". In fact there are stereo recordings, just as on original Modern release.

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13 hours ago, rostasi said:

"Perfect" colors for a cover left in a sunny record store window for months.

Possibly, but the record might have been in mint condition too.  This is a photograph (by a camera of unknown quality) taken out in the sun, from a distance, and we don't know if the image has since faded.  I still see bluish on the left and reddish on the right (spotlights), and everything else matches perfectly in terms of the cover's layout.  Zero doubt.

Now, everybody back to work on that Steve McQueen LP.  :) 


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