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Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah


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"In our excitement about this reissue, we leapt at getting copies from the distributor, but realized after the fact that we are not 100% certain of how authorized it is, and are unable to gain conformation. In this light, we offer it to our costumers with a light disclaimer to this end." (Soundohm)

On Discogs, this release has been blocked from sale.

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The boys in the band introduce themselves in this edition of cricket


it's the seventh page from the end under the headline "Gossip". "We, the Black Unity Trio welcome a free exchange of ideas and will assist you in any way possible." Otherwise, Cellist Abdul Wadud is by far the best known member of the band with an extensive discography...

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Saxophonist Joe Phillips a/k/a Yusef Mumin was also in trumpeter Norman Howard's group, which cut a proposed LP for ESP that was later issued on cassette by Homeboy Music and then some of that came out on an ESP CD several years ago. Drummer Haasan Al-Hut has, to my knowledge, not appeared on anything else. It's a great, great record -- have had a CD-R of it for many years.

A second Black Unity Trio LP was recorded but remains unreleased. Not sure if the masters survived.

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