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  1. I was sad to learn from saxophonist Caroline Davis that Jeff Parker is based in California now, as I've only seen him once here in Cleveland.
  2. Whatever became of . . . Eric Kloss

  3. Whatever became of . . . Eric Kloss

    I am pretty sure that I saw him after catching a show in Pittsburgh within the past few years, but I am not sure which concert it was. There is a YouTube video of him sitting in with Gov't Mule when they played Pittsburgh in 2013.
  4. Norman Simmons' "Midnight Creeper"

    Count me as a Norman Simmons fan as well. For some reason, I thought that Jimmy Heath had arranged Johnny Griffin's Big Soul Band when I found it in a store this month (but maybe I was thinking of a Bags date?). At any rate, when I got home and looked at the album, I was intrigued by the thought of Simmons having done the charts. Simmons' charts really pop behind Griffin, whose work I've been quite enjoying lately. With Riverside not being known for doing a ton of big band dates, it is remarkable that they took a chance on a young Simmons, who rewarded their faith with some top-shelf work. In addition to Midnight Creeper, I also recommend The Art of Norman Simmons. With Simmons still alive and well, it is shame that no one has recorded him recently.
  5. Brownie Emarcy Box: 11th Disc???

    It isn't available in the US.
  6. I bought the Clifford Brown Emarcy box set for 27 bucks on Thursday, sans box and booklet. After checking the forum, I found out that there was an 11th disc that had a fifth take of 'Flossie Lou' on it, which I thought was a joke at first. I looked at past eBay sales and it appears that recent sales have been without the 11th disc, although there is a really expensive eleven-disc set on eBay now. The Emarcy set is available for legal download via the usual channels, but with the 5th take of 'Flossie Lou' as an album-only download. I am not interested in a burn of the track and could make do with Spotify when I listen to the set to scratch my completist itch, but missing one track still might drive me nuts. Can anyone tell me anything about this mysterious 11th disc? I am assuming that there was an inadvertent exclusion and the record company supplied the missing disc, but how did they distribute it? Any advice on tracking one down? I know that it is quite a long shot, but you never know; Savoy was still sending out corrected discs for the Bird set when I requested one a couple of years ago.
  7. Cecil Taylor RIP

    I never got to see Cecil Taylor live. There was a solo concert in Buffalo in 2009 that I found out about the day of or the day before the concert, I believe, but tickets may have been unavailable by that time anyway. I had listened to Love for Sale and Coltrane Time in the weeks leading up to his passing, but I have a lot of ground to cover in his catalog in the future and need to revisit his other albums that I have. Thank you for the music, Mr. Taylor, and rest in peace.
  8. Count me as another fan of the Bee Hive set. It was the largest Mosaic set that I've ever ordered new, and the quality and breadth of the music justified my investment. It is frustrating that such a rich set is going to go out of print relatively early due to Mosaics financial woes. To me, the Bee Hive set represents what Mosaic does best- presenting a treasure trove of material that had mostly been unavailable for years. With Mosaic's financial situation being so precarious, it is puzzling that the Bee Hive set is going to go the way of the dodo while they release the Savory set containing a good chunk of music that is already widely available, albeit in download form.
  9. Joey Baron

    Dream Dance, by the same trio, is an excellent album. I have only seen Baron twice live, on two consecutive nights at Birdland with Steve Kuhn and Buster Williams, and I was thoroughly impressed by his playing; I remember him playing with a big grin like he was having a great time, and that happy attitude came through in his drumming. Steve Kuhn cheekily introduced him as Joe E. Baron.
  10. I recently landed the H.R.S. set (sans box and giant book) for $30 ppd on eBay and am very happy with my purchase. There is a pretty wide range of prices for Mosaic sets on eBay and you can sometimes get a crazy bargain.
  11. Happy Birthday Mr. Charles Mingus

    I have had The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady near the stereo for a few weeks ready to go, so I'll be sure to play it soon to celebrate Mingus.
  12. I received a replacement disc from Savoy maybe two years ago after buying a used set on Amazon. I was impressed by the fact that they sent the replacement so many years after the set came out.
  13. Happy Birthday, Richard Davis!

    The great Richard Davis turned 88 today. I hope that he had an enjoyable birthday, and I will be listening to some of his work in the upcoming days.
  14. I hope someone picked up the soundtrack to hear that Hartman album, which is amazing.
  15. He did a four-night stand at the Blue Note last month to celebrate his birthday and did another gig there back in September. I caught the September gig and had plans to catch two sets last month, but I couldn't make it to New York due to circumstances beyond my control. I have been bummed out about it ever since.