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  1. Happy 93rd Birthday, Roy Haynes!!!

    The great Roy Haynes turned 93 today. I hope that he is having a happy birthday, and I wish him the best.
  2. Ira Sullivan

    I'm glad to hear he is doing well.
  3. George Cables

    I talked very briefly with Mr. Cables and Mr. McBee once after catching The Cookers and they both struck me as being genuinely nice men on top of being two of the greats. It warmed my heart to see so many people stepping up to help Mr. Cables. I hope his recovery goes well.
  4. Allen, people from this forum have supported your rwork throughout the years and yet you complain about people from the forum not attending your shows, this time with a dig in your thread title. You left in a fit for months only to return and continue to promote yourself here. If you don't value the support you have received, maybe you should move on or just keep the snarky comments to yourself.
  5. I saw Sonny at the Detroit Jazz Fest the fall before he retired, I believe, and I had front-row tickets for a concert he had to cancel due to his health issues. I'm glad that I got to see him perform three times and that he is still with us and engaging with people. If Sonny were to go on a speaking tour, to promote an autobiography or to just speak, it'd be a must-attend event.
  6. Speaking of Byers, that reminds me that it has been too long since I've listened to The Hawk in Hi Fi.
  7. Sam Most, Schildkraut, Mettome

    Most is on Frank Strazzeri's Frank's Blues, which is an underrated gem.
  8. Billy Wallace R.I.P.

    Billy Wallace's playing on Max Roach's Jazz in 3/4 Time is brilliant. I knew that he was suffering from dementia, but I am glad that he spent his later years being such a beloved fixture of the Denver scene. Thank you for the music, Mr. Wallace, and rest in peace.
  9. Missing CD

    Crap. My wife and I are expecting our first child this month and I believe that is the chair that is sitting in the baby's room.
  10. Jamie Branch

    This is just a random observation, but I had literally never before seen a trumpeter mainly play with two fingers while having their ring finger tucked to the side; I found myself staring at her hand to see when she would use her ring finger. As for the music, I tend to listen to free music more often live than on record, and I am pretty surprised that the local promoters haven't brought her to Cleveland yet. I'd check her out live to see what she's about.
  11. Melton Mustafa (1947-2017)

    Trumpeter Melton Mustafa passed away on December 28th. I was familiar with him through his work with Jaco Pastorius and Horizon. Thank you for the music, Mr. Mustafa, and rest in peace.
  12. Roswell Rudd (1935-2017)

    I haven't heard as much Roswell Rudd as I should have. Thank you for the music, Mr. Rudd, and rest in peace.
  13. If HBJ doesn't grab it, I'd like to figure out a trade.
  14. Mundell Lowe RIP

    I saw Mundell Lowe perform three times, each time with guitarist Mike Magnelli. The last time I saw him perform was in 2014, when he played as a duo with Magnelli on one night and in a quartet with Magnelli and a local bassist and drummer on the other night. I hadn't planned on going both nights, but I couldn't resist seeing Lowe twice in two days. I'm glad I had a chance to tell him how much I enjoyed the performance and shake his hand after the second night, and I have a signed CD of his album with Lloyd Wells from my first time seeing him years before. I'm thankful I got to hear that glorious tone in person. Thank you for the music, Mr. Lowe, and rest in peace.
  15. Lee Konitz Is 90!

    I don't think this was mentioned elsewhere, but the great Lee Konitz turned 90 on October 13th. I had the privilege of seeing him perform two sets the following day at the Kennedy Center, where the crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' and someone brought out a cake, with members of Lee's family in the audience. My wife took some photos at the end of the second set, so I will try to post them later. I hadn't seen him perform since February 2015, and I hope that I don't go that long without seeing him perform again. Here's wishing Lee Konitz the best.