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  1. just read it & a truly fascinating (& thorough) article - still difficult to say if she really was a fabulist (an impressive one at that, if so) or how much truth lies in her amazing anecdotes
  2. Fred Van Hove, R.I.P.

    RIP Fred Wonder if the Relative Pitch CD (The Corner) at Cafe Oto in 2015 with Roger Turner was his last recorded music? I'll play it today as a tribute. Fred Van Hove was a Belgian jazz musician and a pioneer of European free jazz. He was a pianist, accordionist, church organist, and carillonist, an improviser and a composer.
  3. Charles Brackeen RIP

    That's awful - RIP Charles I was communicating with Dennis only last month (December 2021) & mentioned Charles - here's his response Another musician whom you’ve collaborated with & I am very fond of is Charles Brackeen - do you still keep in touch with him. I presume he’s still with us though due to his health issues (mental) he has not been able to play for some time now. He was declared dead by one of the owners of Silkheart Records, Lars-Olof Gustafsson maybe 15 years ago. After I had mourned his death, one evening my phone rang, and a familiar voice said, "You thought I was dead, didn't you?". I jumped out of my skin! So anyway, after that I tried to keep up with him, but his life was a mess and I could not keep up. I don't think anyone, except maybe the L.A. County coroner knows if he is still alive, which I doubt he is. One day I'll write about him and about his state of mind, which was a really different kind of mind than I've ever encountered. Let's just say that he was interesting and magical.
  4. The three tracks are also on the RLR disc "Lennie Tristano All Stars Live At The Cafe Bohemia"
  5. Wow!!! just watched - any live footage of Warne (for me) is gold "Produced in Cooperation with the National Council of Churches of Christ" !!!
  6. “Bird In LA”

    Gheorghe, same thing has happened to me here in Australia but in reverse. My brother's partner, who is German used to wear a cap advertising Austria with a kangaroo logo & a line through it plus the script "Austria - No Kangaroos" BTW, I received my Bird in LA double disc a couple of days ago - I'm pleasantly surprised by the SQ - the source materials (acetates, AFRS Jubilee pristine discs, second gen tape for the ranch sessions etc) make these versions far superior to any previous releases. I also have a good idea what would have been on the flexi/7" that came with the Bird in LA graphic novel - I'd say it was the three (or two) tracks from the previously unreleased JATP Shrine Auditorium 48 set where CP is playing stoned/pissed & quite out of it. The LP version (don't know why anyone would want this version except maybe for the larger & readable booklet - the CD version is tiny) is receiving multiple complaints on discogs 16 Dec 2021 My first copy had a vinyl dimple on record, which made my needle bounce I work in a record store where we had a few copies. I returned it got a second copy. The second is the dirtiest new record I have ever seen. There is a lot of terrible junk all over these records. cleaned it, sounds good .... but this is awful Quality Control !!! It’s a mixed bag. Given these recordings started at 1945 it’s impressive to say the least. Just don’t go in thinking this a Audiophile Jazz recording. Some sections sound great, others not so much. The vinyl itself was dirty, after a cleaning it played fine with the normal amount of pops and clicks throughout. The box is pretty nice. Sounds good and a nice package but every LP was dirty/discolored and full of fingerprints. I was surprised it sounded as good as it does. Not sure where it was pressed (not on the shrink so it’s definitely not somewhere worth mentioning). Quality control is lacking
  7. not sure if this has already been mentioned but I've just come across a "colour" version (YouTube) of the Earl Wilson Show featuring Leonard Feather & Charlie/Dizzy both receiving Downbeat awards then the quintet playing Hot House. I've been aware of the B&W version for years & actually have it on DVD. Has this been artificially colourised or is it original? Seeing comments purporting both versions dick hyman was a giant. huge respect from all the other giants of the day. this is amazing early dumont rca color test, kine-scope.... Please don't colorize this. It looks ridiculous and is an incredible distraction.
  8. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    Thanks for the clarification & assurance - my Hipp box certainly appears to be a labour of love. The MOD box is another I have been very keen on but have been hesitant
  9. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    I was under the impression that these sets are not actually part of the Bear Family (releases) but they just distribute the label which has a variety of names but I think the parent company is Be! (includes Be! Jazz, Be! Sharp). These sets are under the banner which is a subset of Be! Jazz. Basically it appears to be a bootleg/pirate label AFAIK. I've been interested in these since their release but I tend to reneg after reading the reviews of the label in discogs!-Jazz I actually have the Jutta Hipp set & it is an amazing release - was gifted to me by another Organissimo member (thanks Dan) almost a year and a half ago The accompanying book is also superb So, I'm torn between buying their material or avoiding it 1 – 55 of 55 Prev 1 Next Jump to Genre AllElectronicJazzLatin Show 2550100250500 Reviews Show All 10 Reviews Add Review ZavezLoir November 17, 2018 I love this label very much. they have been released many rare reissues. It’s extremely hard to find those records’ original 1st pressing in mint condition. Artists should claim their right it is okay. But as a listener and consumer, I think the artists or their estate should re-release their old and ridiculously high priced albums before being ripped off. Reply See 2 replies Notify me 1 Helpful Adamsgade March 18, 2018 edited over 4 years ago This label should be banned from discogs if you ask me. Bad quality and unlicensed bootlegs that should be avoided at all cost. Do NOT buy anything from these shameful pirate pressers. Reply See 2 replies Notify me 3 Helpful FrederiksbergRecords February 6, 2016 Please don't buy the BE Jazz bootleg of Carsten Meinert Kvartet "To You". We've made a remastered version from the original tapes and we've paid mechanicals as well as master rights. BE Jazz has done none of that and has no permission to release this title. Straight pirate bootleg! Shame on you Micha Gottschalk of BE Jazz. Concerning the Barney Wilen "Zodiac" release by BE Jazz, Patrick Wilen - son of Barney, wrote on his Facebook page: "This bootleg of "Zodiac" came out under the label "BE! JAZZ". Don't buy it. Thank you in advance for being loyal customers and respecting the rights of musicians and their heirs. - Patrick Wilen" Reply See 1 reply Notify me 16 Helpful savagesaints December 22, 2015 I will never buy any BE! Jazz release. I've bought new Komeda "Ballet Etudes" LP (it's quite a lot of money) without any scratches but the sound is like from the sawmill. The publisher didn't say any word that the source is not from the master tapes but it's re-recorded from other LP in bad condition. Reply See 1 reply Notify me 6 Helpful
  10. Almost 70 mins of "Golden Circle" material will be missing Why not go "Live At The Lighthouse" style and make it 8 LPs or more to fit the unreleased material OTT & certainly of no interest to me
  11. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    whereas with some of the releases the opposite has been true ie Miles Davis Columbia Mosaic on vinyl commands big bucks (the CDs were released by Columbia/Sony & don't cost that much in most cases).
  12. Robbie Shakespeare RIP

    RIP Robbie you Rhythm Killer!!
  13. Cheers, just listened - hadn't previously heard the Billy Parker/Dee Dee Bridgewater track very familiar with the Tolliver, Harper, Cowell, Jordan material
  14. Copy Controlled Blue Note CDs

    none of those "Copy Controlled" CDs (only have a handful) were a problem on any of my Mac computers. Wasn't the software on the discs aimed purely at PCs?
  15. *** SUN RA Corner***

    highly recommended & worth getting but if you have the earlier single CD released in 2005 (Nothing Is ESP-Disk 4024) then don't ditch it as it contains material not in the double set ie the first 4:35 of "Outer Nothingness" is called "Interplanetary Chaos" on the newer version (double CD) but the remaining 11 minutes of "Outer Nothingness" are missing/omitted (see pp 188-189 of Sun Ra Omniverse (Geerken & Trent)