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  1. thanks - all tracks or only some?
  2. anyone out there with the original 2 LP set? I'm interested to know if any of the 4 included titles (Nommo, Absolutions, Neophilia & The Beehive) had introductions included or was there no dialogue released on that twofer
  3. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    Felt a similar "intensity" not that long ago at the Kamasi Washington & Band concert here in Brisbane (2019 IIRC)
  4. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    had it for a few weeks now & the intensity/fire (everyone, not just Woody) has really knocked me out - played it a number of times - not the kind of music that grows on you (for me) but blew me away immediately - so so good!!! A must listen
  5. British jazz reissues

    Hat Hut Ezzthetics (Revisited series) have just released a double CD Joe Harriott set of his two classics "Free Form & Abstract". Wonder if the SQ will be any different from the original UK Redial CD reissues - I was happy with them
  6. Peter Ind (1928-2021)

    RIP Peter - what an amazing life he friended me on facebook a few years back
  7. Universal Japan Fall 2021 Reissue Series

    Odalisque was originally called The Progressive Mr DeFranco when it was first released on the Norgran label then it was subsequently rereleased (on the same label) as the former title then released again under the Verve banner as Odalisque I bought the Japanese CD reissues mentioned above a few years back but still have the Mosaic LP set - keeping it for the previously unreleased version of Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
  8. some choice stuff there - If I wasn't in Australia I'd be grabbing a few of them. Shipping is pretty crazy (usually much more than the cost of the LP) to get things to down here but I did recently track down Warne Marsh's solo Revelation LP from Europe & shipping was a steal
  9. unreleased Transition acetate

    doesn't look like it - just had a look at my set
  10. unreleased Transition acetate

    doesn't sound like Hank
  11. unreleased Transition acetate

    I presume most followers of the Transition label (Boston based mid 50s run by Tom Wilson) know of the existence of sides III & IV of a (likely) double LP acetate set - the second volume has been found (not the first AFAIK). It contains outtakes (unreleased as of now) from Sun Ra's Transition recordings, A Dave Coleman track plus two versions of Bags' Groove (longer one with flubbed ending then a short one which is actually a redo of the ending) by the Joe Gordon/Roy Haynes Quintet (sounds like a quintet but no idea of who is on ts/p/dm). Some prominent tenor throughout the two tracks - love to know who it is. A fellow board member & friend has sent me the two tracks on a CDr - currently listening. These tracks were originally put up on YouTube but i havn't been able to find them - possibly removed?
  12. The Equestrian Statue

    'Cos The Stork Has Brought A Son & Daughter For Mr & Mrs Mickey Mouse...........
  13. Watching the Sopranos (only up to Season 2, first time around) & above comment certainly resonates. Some prime Louis Prima & the Mob/underworld recollections - mentioned in Nick Tosches "Unsung Heroes Of Rock 'n' Roll"