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  1. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    Anyone have any further/updated information re the source/mastering for this series (UCQ-9500) - was discussed earlier in the thread before the CDs were released. I can't find any details on the Universal Japan site, CD japan site.
  2. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    WTF!! I picked all 6 of those up at the time - have you seen the prices they are asking on discogs & mere boots to boot
  3. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    Looks like the Ayler one will be the complete two Debut (Danish) LPs "Witches & Devils" & "Ghosts" which were released in the US/UK on Arista/Freedom as "Witches & Devils" & "Vibrations" respectively
  4. Yep, that's what I meant & thanks
  5. went to Amazon site via link but getting "This title is not currently available for purchase" - maybe it has something to do with an out of US customer (I'm in Australia). Anyone from the states having the same issue?? I can't even get into the "sample' info
  6. IMHO it looks like the Benny Golson/Art Farmer Jazztet etc box
  7. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    So is this the end of the line for these wonderful box sets - 45 AFAI can ascertain I was hoping for so many more
  8. Norma Miller RIP

  9. How much overlap with these two volumes, 1995 & 2000 publications respectively??
  10. just got my email this morning & have ordered - can't get enough of Horace & the Arkestra/UGMAA
  11. Basil Kirchin's legendary Columbia LP, "Worlds within Worlds" has finally had a reissue via Trunk Records (run of 1600 LPs & no CD/digital version, ATS?) Jonny Trunk is a big fan of Basil & has access to his tape library - he has been releasing Basil's material (previously released & unreleased) over the years (LP & CD). This is one of BK's recordings I've been waiting for - lots of Evan Parker (ts & ss) plus Derek Bailey. The original Columbia LP sells for triple figures (thousands) - it's been hyped up the the "Diskaholiks" (Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke)
  12. Went for the 3LP set & very impressed by the SQ of these discs but couldn't resist digitalising them - perfect fit onto two CDr's Gotta be my release of the year The soprano track (A5) is stunning
  13. LPs that have never made it into CD

    The Australian Rufus label contains a lot of McGann material/CD releases. His other Emanem LP "Kindred Spirits" has been rereleased via Rufus.
  14. LPs that have never made it into CD

    One of Bernie's best but has never been released on CD. Lloyd Swanton (one of the Necks) originally financed the session & has the tapes.