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  1. Ah "Radio Birdman" (Aloha Steve & Danno) - now we're going back to the 70's & you cannot forget "The Saints" - both punk legends & predating the Sex Pistols, The Saints (remember "Stranded") originated from my home town, Brisbane & are all my vintage. Ed Kuepper (ex Saints, Laughing Clowns - now that's a great aussie band) moved back here quite a few years ago & is still very active on the music scene.
  2. Mary Halvorson - best place to start?

    I forgot about this post I made back in 2015 but I eventually met Mary (plus Sylvie Courvoisier) when they played to a handful of people at "The Owl" in Brooklyn back in September 2017. My partner & I sat at the very front & they both allowed me to take photographs during the performance. Also, it was a real buzz talking to both of them at the bar afterwards. Totally no shit/pretension from either. They were lovely.
  3. I had so much of that US Paisley underground material plus the Aussie & NZ equivalents on original vinyl (including the legendary NZ label Flying Nun) but sold much of it through the 90s to feed my jazz habit (which was voracious) "Under The Milky Way" LP & single were huge "indie" hits in Australia but as you say that was much later in the Church's career (early 90s)
  4. We also had our own "Paisley Underground" scene down here in Australia through the 80s some great bands like "Hoodoo Gurus", "Lime Spiders", "Scientists", "Wet Taxis", "Triffids" (early), "Church" (early), "Ups & Downs", "Stems" plus New Zealand had the amazing "Chills"
  5. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    so it looks like the second take (#19) of "Three Coins In The Fountain" from Workout & was only released on the Japanese SHM version (UCCQ-4080) will remain that way
  6. $200 for Carlos Ward "Lito" CD

    What a coincidence - was just listening today to the "Pettiford Bridge" quartet version (1989) on Don Cherry's "Multikulti" what a lineup: Cherry, Carlos Ward, Bob Stewart & Ed Blackwell My favourite title from the CD BTW
  7. Vocalion

    Thanks for the heads up Just ordered Cold Mountain, Home Stretch Blues & Hum Dono (CD vers)
  8. Last round for Savoy

    I remember Cindy - I used to talk to her in the 90s when placing phone orders from Australia - loved her voice/prosody
  9. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    Been picking them up (new & second hand) consistently since the early 90's so not that many on my "hit list" now with Stuff Smith #1 (disappeared quickly). Really glad I have the Basie Roulette Studio plus the two Vee Jays (Morgan, Shorter, Kelly, Chambers, Strozier, Little etc) Also would be nice to get the Shorty Rogers set plus the first two discs of the Giuffre box (anyone out there with duplicates?) The Commodores would be fantastic but shipping costs to Australia for that set are astronomical (gone are the days of surface shipping) - never seen them second hand here And of the course the Bill Barron & Joe Harriott sets..............
  10. What's next for Mosaic

    Ditto for more Savory - I visited the Harlem Jazz Museum in 2017 & listened to some of the Savory material (desktop computer & headphones) - there's a bit of Lennie T there that I'm really hanging out for - surprised they havn't released any of his material yet
  11. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Same here Dan, looks like I've already got over 80% of the material - I think I'll still get it though due to the likely improved SQ
  12. Opinions sought: Acrobat Records

    Genuine consumer complaint = legal action - WTF??? Same experience as Allen ie earlier released were legit CDs (Joe Morris Orchestra) & all recent purchases (2013 till now) have been CDrs (Tubby Hayes multi sets & recent Joe Harriott double)
  13. it's not even 3 full LPs (actually 2.5) - looks like the third LP has only one side of music
  14. I thought it was only a single disc release (CVsD) Is that what you're referring to? original vinyl or the recent CVsD release?
  15. email Susanna Von Canon on