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  1. William Donati

    & a Velvet Underground one too!!
  2. Jazz musicians who became expatriates

    has anyone mentioned Nathan Davis?
  3. What's next for Mosaic

    Here's the first three Bourbon St sessions from Lord (online) - having to do small bits at a time as it's a bit tricky trying to get the files under 100KB next 3 last 3
  4. What's next for Mosaic

    The online Lord Discography has all the session info for the Mosaic release (269) already up there - Wow!! that was fast - and it hasn't even been released yet
  5. ***** Jimmie Lunceford Corner *****

    Received the French CBS 4LP box set yesterday - picked it up for a song (only bidder on Ebay - the shipping cost more, though not much - pretty good for 4LP box set from UK to Australia) Spent the day digitalising it - 73 tracks (3hrs, 23 mins) - fits nicely onto 3 CDrs - there are 9 alternate takes (not on Classics CDs) plus 1 alternate version (may be on Classics?) SQ is very nice (to my ears) - IMHO this set is up there with the Mosaic Decca set though the booklet is nowhere as detailed/informative
  6. Booker Ervin

    wow!!!!! what a lineup - somewhere in Europe I presume
  7. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    The CD version still not showing up on import CDs (only vinyl at this stage!!) I'll probably add my copy to the upcoming Mobley Mosaic - that will absorb the shipping cost (if it doesnt take it into a higher category) Shipping costs to the US & UK from Australia are also abysmal - still reasonable to/from europe
  8. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    many thanks down here (Australia) too - 4 sets made their way safely to our shores
  9. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    Thanks for the tip - was able to download the whole session (over 2 hours of master & alternate takes) as MP3's from you tube. The chatter before, after & during the various takes is a bonus for me (hear very little of that on official released material). Lee is on fire here. Enjoying this......
  10. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    how do you get a hold of this type of material ie unreleased Blue Note tracks/sessions? I have traded unreleased live/soundboard/broadcast material, Coltrane session stuff (was broadcast on radio though) etc etc but I've never seen unreleased Blue Note material on my searches - maybe I havn't looked hard enough
  11. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    Anyone have any further/updated information re the source/mastering for this series (UCQ-9500) - was discussed earlier in the thread before the CDs were released. I can't find any details on the Universal Japan site, CD japan site.
  12. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    WTF!! I picked all 6 of those up at the time - have you seen the prices they are asking on discogs & mere boots to boot
  13. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    Looks like the Ayler one will be the complete two Debut (Danish) LPs "Witches & Devils" & "Ghosts" which were released in the US/UK on Arista/Freedom as "Witches & Devils" & "Vibrations" respectively
  14. Yep, that's what I meant & thanks
  15. went to Amazon site via link but getting "This title is not currently available for purchase" - maybe it has something to do with an out of US customer (I'm in Australia). Anyone from the states having the same issue?? I can't even get into the "sample' info