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  1. The Lost Quintet -- Rotterdam Nov. 9, 1969

    Anyone who has a copy of the Lost Quintet could they please check to see if it's a CD or CDr - was about to purchase a copy today (via Amazon Australia) & one of the UK reviews gave it a one star rating, warning their copy was actually a CDr. I've sent a query to Sleepynight but havn't yet received a reply.
  2. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    i have used bookbinding glue for many years & have repaired/restored hundreds of records over the years - spines, tops & bottoms, foldover flaps (for those Australian, NZ, SA, UK, euro 60s LPs) and even tears. I normally source the glue from a local bookbinder - there are still quite a few of them around (well that is in Australia) The great thing about this glue is that it dries clear & remains pliable/soft (but not sticky) I never use tape - it ruins the covers long term - if you have to then try Scotch Magic tape or something similar
  3. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Honest Jon's have it for £40 !! - looks like DG is the better option for me in Australia
  4. Johnny Hodges Mosaics

    I also transferred my LP set (do a lot of vinyl transferring/digitalising) but also have the two Avid (UK - grey area releases) double CD sets - they cover virtually all of the tracks in the box set sans an alternate take (Jeep Is Jumpin') that was only released on a Norgran 78
  5. My version (from the UK Charly CD "Overture To Dawn" The Apartment Sessions) is basically Erroll on piano with drum support Definitely no trombone or clarinet The key is mentioned on page 332 of the Blue Note Discography (1st Edn) "This recording featured parts by Bobby Pratt (tb) & Barney Bigard (cl), which are not included in issued records" So, The Lord Discography needs to be modified - I'll send that info to Tom (Lord) to update/modify as I contribute to it the Lord Discography has these details All Stars Orchestra : Bobby Pratt (tb) Barney Bigard (cl) Erroll Garner (p) George Wettling (d) New York, December, 1944 It had to be you (unissued) I surrender dear (incomplete) Blue Note BLP5008, New York (Dan) (no#), BNP (F)25.102, Official (Dan)83016-2 [CD], Classics (F)802 [CD] Note: "I surrender dear" as "Beg your pardon on New York (Dan)(no#). whereas The Jazz Discography Project has Erroll Garner, piano; George Wettling or maybe Doc West, drums; overdubbed in at a later date, poss. 1953. Timme Rosenkrantz apartment, NYC, December 14, 1944 I Surrender, Dear
  6. Hank Mobley tribute

    I've got a ticket - looking forward to the Mobe tribute streamed from RVG's studio (9pm Saturday Eastern Standard time which is midday Sunday here in Brisbane)
  7. Any motorcycle riders here?

    Yep, been riding continuously since 1979 - Ducatis (two 450 Desmos, 250 Silver Shotgun), Gilera 150, BMW 90/6 (1984-2007), BMW 75/5 (2007 to now). Got a soft spot for euro machinery but have always had an eye for the British classics too. Had numerous accidents but nothing major - one fractured jaw (hit the bitumen at 120kms/hr) & fractured big toe on another mishap (hit head on by a car on a Sunday morning) - been lucky I suppose but I think I'm addicted to the feeling of freedom of being on a bike.
  8. Candido Camero - RIP

    Wow!! 99 RIP Candido!
  9. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    most definitely!!
  10. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    the Rivers releases are superb - I've been nabbing them as they are released plus have been buying directly from No Business (Lithuanian outfit) for a number of years now (CD & LP) Highly recommend exploring the label - they really have their finger on the pulse (new releases & reissues).
  11. first time in the game's history that it wasn't played in home territory (Melbourne) - it was up here in Brisbane due to COVID
  12. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    I scored my copy (2853) in Dec 2007 directly from Okkadisk
  13. Mosaic Wish List

    That would mean lot of overlap/doubling for those that have the big RCA box
  14. Andrew Hill