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  1. Ellington Panorama Website gone black

    Yes, I noticed this a few weeks back - n'existe pas!!
  2. if you meant the Basie/Young set, it's 25 titles (some alts there)
  3. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    wondering if the version of "Eternal Egypt Suite" on the CD that came with the Uni Of California book "The Dark Tree" - track actually titled "Eternal Egypt Suite, Part 4 & over 17 mins duration" is from this/these session(s). Recording date listed as January 24, 1976 but no location details given (cept LA). Musicians listed below (this CD is listed in the Lord Discography) Steve Smith (tp) Lester Robertson (tb) Wendell C. Williams (fhr) Red Callender (tu) Aubrey Hart (pic) Adele Sebastian (fl) Jesse Sharps (sop) Gary Bias, Michael Session (as) Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Charles Chandler (ts) Horace Tapscott, Linda Hill (p) David Bryant, Marcus McLaurine (b) Ricky Simmons (d) Moises Obligacion (cga)
  4. Mingus Candid Recordings

    "According to the liner notes of Mosaic MR4-111, MD3-111 [CD], "Reincarnation of a lovebird" breaks down after 9 minutes (faded on releases) and another take was not tried. However, subsequent releases on Candid and Music Club give take numbers 1 or 4 but they are all the same take." Above is an extract from Lord Discography (online) - all so called three takes from October 20 are the same track ie there is only one version
  5. Lennie Tristano - The Duo Sessions

    yes please!!
  6. LF One Calliope LP (Sessions, Live)

    $1048 / 100 = $10.48 = now that's a fair price!!
  7. David Roback (1958-2020)

    RIP David Some great Australian bands that were part of the "Paisley Underground" though it wasn't called that here at the time - I suppose its a retrospective term? I bought the Mazzy Star LP "She Hangs Brightly" when it was first released in 1990 - still play it - wonderful piece of work Never got to see David here in Australia but I did manage a Hope Sandoval solo performance a few years back
  8. More unheard Herbie Nichols!!!

    and don't forget the ICP Orchestra May 1984 recordings, originally released on cassette (Extension Red, White & Blue, ICP 025)
  9. Lenny Tristano?

    would love some of the Savory Tristano material to be eventually released - some nice material there - I listened to a portion of it at the Harlem Jazz Museum when I was in the states in 2017
  10. Australia ? here's hoping - his orchestra did play here a few years back
  11. The genius you never knew about

    Wow!! born in 1954 He became William Shatner's Music Director, arranging songs like "Rocket Man" - what a version!!
  12. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I was thinking down the line of "Kick The Can" but that didn't make sense
  13. such a pity they couldn't obtain those four extra tracks from the same sessions & add them to this definitive release I've had to suffice with that 1990 Columbia CD - actually the only source I think (2 of the 4 were on the LP version)
  14. The 2008 version remastered by Bernie Grundman using the original 1969 analog master (Zappa Records ZR 3841 - official release #8)
  15. Currently listening to the CD box set - spectacular SQ - The live Ronnie Scott discs are almost like being in the club - definitely my fav release of 2019. Also, I've got your book out again Simon & re-reading bits of it. Looks like some of the recording dates have been reassessed & changed.