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  1. How's Your Sperm Count?

    I was a sperm donor in the early to mid 80s & never thought there was any possibility of me meeting any DC offspring but to my surprise I've made contact with 10 (actually met 7) in the last 2 years. Interesting times...... it's the Fluoride
  2. one of my Mosaics (Basie Roulette Live) booklet has no # only a radio station call sign - presume that was a promo
  3. I digitalised the whole set when I initially purchased it second hand from a dealer in New Orleans (shipping to Australia was extortionate & the seller grossly underestimated the cost so I had to meet him half way) - then the Fresh Sound box emerged which I ended up getting too (that doesn't contain the many alternates though) - I was always hoping this would have become a Mosaic box (CD only)
  4. the 5 Henderson & 2 Dorham (including all released alts, even the 2015 Mode....) takes about 317 mins - if 5 discs then each would be just over an hour - they have room to fit more but just over an hour seems par with many Mosaic CDs - the recent Mobley had most of the discs as just over an hour while a couple were close to max & the final one was only 43 mins (his last album for BN)
  5. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    There are two versions released by Sam 1. the studio version with Nathan Davis & Woody Shaw (A Gaveau) - previously released 2. the live version recorded a month earlier without the above (live A Gaveau) - this has never been released before
  6. RIP Chick Corea

    RIP Chick saw him with Gary Burton here in Brisbane back in 2014 (seems like yesterday)
  7. Milford Graves RIP

    RIP Milford have had it on my list to watch for a few months now
  8. Evan Parker

    WTF!! this is hard to believe - Evan to me has had a very scientific/rational/empathetic approach to the world & music - he was originally going to study Botany at Birmingham Uni but a trip to NYC (to see Cecil Taylor) changed his whole outlook & veered toward free jazz/improv
  9. Here we go again - Don Byas - I really thought there would have been at least one Don Byas (also Lucky Thompson) Mosaic big box. The label has been around for almost 40 years (first set was issued in 1983). I suppose there are too many issues wrt the various labels they recorded for. I do remember the proposed LT Mosaic Select that never eventuated
  10. Woody Herman set on last chance

    Just been given a copy for Valentines Day 2021 - now that's true love!!
  11. Jazz in Manchester

    reviving this post as I've just sourced a Joe Harriott LP with a Manchester connection (no CD version) that I wasn't aware of ie Joe Harriott - "Journey: Free Trade Hall, Manchester 1963" (Moonlight Tunes MT 001) No other material released by this label There are minimal details on the cover - not sure how legit this is but the sound quality is astounding Three of the six concert titles are from his classic "Free Form" LP ie Coda, Calypso & Tempo. Also there is a seventh track "In A Sentimental Mood" by the Stan Tracy Big Brass with lovely JH solos, c 1969 - this sounds like a studio recording The Lord discography places it within the We Love You Madly sessions (20-21/8/68 - Columbia UK) as an alternate take. Wonder where that info came from. Does anyone know who is/was behind this (original tape & LP pressing) - it's so well recorded IMHO with quite a bit of JH announcements/dialogue
  12. All fine, printed & into Mosaic box Thanks again
  13. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    WTF!! That's a circuitous pathway - I used to wonder why the packages had Swedish (Sverige) stamping
  14. many thanks - have just sent you a PM