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  1. Going through the whole set today - sound is sooooo good!!
  2. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    my CC has just been charged - hopefully my set will be on its way to Australia soon
  3. now available (CD) - just received email & ordered
  4. Steve Lacy

    yes - two & a half hours of sublime solo Steve, mostly unreleased (15 tracks) with 5 titles (Hedges Cycle) from Switzerland (1981) that were released on the Ballets 2LP - these are also accompanied by a dancer who you can hear occasionally on these tracks - the remaining previously unreleased Swiss titles (two on disc 1 & five on disc 2 - got that wrong on a previous post) are sans dancer. The Hedges Cycle was originally written for sax & piano but here its with sax & dancer Tracks cover Shots, Sands & Hedges Cycles, Highly recommended - i'm biased of course - big fan of Steve
  5. one of the other members here lined up for me in Orlando, FL for the Ayler LP set - here's his story (btw, This set wasn't made available in Australia). Thanks again Dan. He'd lined up previously (Dolphy LP set) for me so this wasn't his first experience "If you really want to know it was different from last time and not as satisfying. Over the years since I waited in the dark for the Eric Dolphy set the record store has been overwhelmed with customers. Hundreds are showing up now with some in line late on Friday! Starting this year they implemented a reservation system which you applied on line to them to get an entry time. I knew nothing of this until I telephoned them on Friday. The reservation list was full, starting at 9am and customers without a reservation (like me) could enter the store at 1pm. I got there about 12 hoping for a relaxation of the rules but not going to happen. Actually entered the store about 1:15pm. Store was jammed with people, the jazz section was tucked away in a corner since most people are not interested in jazz. There were several Albert Ayler LPs in the Jazz section but not the 5-LP set. I was suspicious that box sets were displayed elsewhere. I got ahold of a very helpful person who looked all over the store where box sets were under the counters. Still no luck. Next she told me to fill out a form which listed all the RSD items, where I checked the Ayler box. I then handed the form to a person in a back room where most box sets were stored and customers not allowed. Miracle: about 10 minutes later I was handed the box set. I then proceeded to the front of the store where the check-out line started. After about 30 minutes standing in line I was able to pay and leave. Last inconvenience- there was only one person operating the register! There should have been 2 or 3. What a day! I spent about 1 hour in the store, not counting the wait outside. When I left there still was a long line waiting to enter the store. I am happy to have done it and will do in the future, but more efficiently! "
  6. Steve Lacy

    LP #1 (Hedges - live Switzerland 81) of the double LP set (Ballets) was released in 2014 on the double Emanem CD "Cycles". The Emanem release has a further 5 previously unreleased tracks from the same concert. AFAIK the second LP (The 4 Edges) has never made it to CD.
  7. Horace Tapcott Las Vegas March 16, 1992

    Roberto Miranda (b) & Fritz Wise (dm)
  8. Horace Tapcott Las Vegas March 16, 1992

    Many thanks Ken - any Horace T is most welcome downloaded WAV files & burnt to disc - SQ is great (especially via CD player)
  9. It's up on the Dark Tree website with what looks like extra material - I'll do my usual order from there when available (coming soon on CD!!) LEGACIES FOR OUR GRANDCHILDREN – Live in Hollywood, 1995 THE HORACE TAPSCOTT QUINTET HORACE TAPSCOTT piano MICHAEL SESSION soprano, alto, tenor saxophones THURMAN GREEN trombone ROBERTO MIRANDA double bass FRITZ WISE drums SPECIAL GUEST DWIGHT TRIBLE vocals 01 | Ballad for Deadwood Dick | 02 | Motherless Child | 03 | Breakfast at Bongo’s | 04 | Close to Freedom | 05 | The Theme | 06 | Little Africa |
  10. RIP Paul Plimley

    RIP Paul my first exposures to Paul's piano were the 1994 Joe McPhee "Sweet Freedom - Now What" & the 2000 Victoriaville "Complicite" 3CD set
  11. Kraftwerk

    same here - been listening to them since the early 70s I was lucky enough to see them in the early 2000s - they came out to Australia to play at one of the "Big Day Outs" - my partner bought me a surprise ticket
  12. Nick Drake - Only Known Footage

    Wow!! huge Nick Drake fan - have been since the late 70s Robert Kirby's string arrangements are sublime IMHO there is more footage (looks like it's contemporary though)
  13. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    facebook messenger - if you search for me as Stephen Platt (Queensland, Australia)
  14. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    sure, are you on messenger?