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  1. Mosaic Records Brochures

    just checked mine - looks like I have all of them from #8 to #94 (was that the last one? - annual edition 2015 with Eddie Condon on cover) I have a few duplicates too (Mosaic did that for some reason) - used to cut out some of the pics & paste them onto heavier card & create birthday cards for people Thats a lot of scanning (86 booklets) to create PDF's - maybe I should slowly attempt that
  2. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    Now available - got the email this morning & have ordered - excited 'bout this release
  3. June Christy Something Cool - Mono and Stereo Re-Record

    Unique Australian mono 10" cover design
  4. Keith Tippett (1947-2020)

    Too young & too soon!!! will dearly miss you Keith Been playing King Crimson's "In The Wake of Poseidon" - "Cadence & Cascade" with Keith's piano has brought me to tears plus his performance on "Cat Food" is something else His Mujician FMP trilogy is stellar & his duo with Stan T (Supernova) are both favourites. Early on I had the Vertigo LP, "Dedicated To You......"
  5. CHOICE Label/Solid-Ultra Vybe Japanese Reissues

    Night Dance (CD 71001) = Music for People, Birds...... (Choice LP 1001) The Train & The River (CD 71011) = River Chant (Choice LP 1011) both superb IMHO I picked up the Choice/Candid UK CD pressing a few years back
  6. found my copy for $10Aus in a second hand record store here in Brisbane
  7. Gene Norman Presents "Just Jazz" concerts

    I had always hoped for a Mosaic (big box or select) treatment of the Gene Norman concerts or maybe a Wardell Gray one - had even proposed those to Michael C way back in the past BTW, I have the UK Vogue 3LP set - it omits Be-Bop from April 47 & the 4 Witherspoon titles (cf Japanese 3LP equivalent)
  8. Jazz musicians that have cameos in films.

    Maxine Roach/Uptown String Quartet in the recent "A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood" - they are actually in the movie plus they contribute to the original soundtrack
  9. I really feel for all of you, especially in the states, UK & Europe. We've been so lucky here in Australia, only 97 fatalities (6950 total positives COVID) from a population of 25 million. Just under a third have been from those dreaded cruise ships. We (and New Zealand) closed ourselves off from the rest of the world reasonably early on. Here in the state of Queensland (just over 5 million) where I live (Brisbane) there have only been 4 fatalities so far. Minimal pressure on our hospitals ATS & things are starting to open up again, at different stages in different states (New South Wales & Victoria are being more cautious as they have higher numbers of cases & had a more significant death rate. Hoping with all the upcoming relaxation we don't get a massive rebound second wave. It's been an absolute massive hit to our economy (hospitality, tourism, international students - mainly from China - third most important contributor to our GDP), unemployment for May/June will jump to 10% Stay safe in these uncertain/unknown times
  10. Trane:"Live in Japan" missing disc 1

    I upgraded my early "Live in Japan" CD issues (two x2 CD sets) in 2011 with the 5CD Live In Japan SHM set (has an extra CD of interviews made in Japan at the time of the tour)
  11. Will add this to my meagre jazz graphic novel collection
  12. 1957 Steve Allen Acetates on ebay

    or Frank Zappa in 63 (maybe a bit late?)
  13. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    No not yet, part of an email I received from Dark Tree recently - looking forward to this - already have one track (I think) on the CD that came with one of Steven's previous publications on Horace
  14. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    RIP Lee - will miss you & your magic alto but your music will live on I was lucky enough to see Lee perform in September of 2017 at Kitano's (NYC) see pic - had a fantastic up front table Also saw him in the audience scatting along to the Barry Harris Trio at the Village Vanguard a few nights later Magic times in NYC