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  1. The genius you never knew about

    Wow!! born in 1954 He became William Shatner's Music Director, arranging songs like "Rocket Man" - what a version!!
  2. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I was thinking down the line of "Kick The Can" but that didn't make sense
  3. such a pity they couldn't obtain those four extra tracks from the same sessions & add them to this definitive release I've had to suffice with that 1990 Columbia CD - actually the only source I think (2 of the 4 were on the LP version)
  4. The 2008 version remastered by Bernie Grundman using the original 1969 analog master (Zappa Records ZR 3841 - official release #8)
  5. Currently listening to the CD box set - spectacular SQ - The live Ronnie Scott discs are almost like being in the club - definitely my fav release of 2019. Also, I've got your book out again Simon & re-reading bits of it. Looks like some of the recording dates have been reassessed & changed.
  6. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Update on my July post - finally received a copy of the Tolliver CD (Christmas present with the Teddy Wilson box) - love my Christmas Mosaic surprises!! Interesting that the CD is still not available anywhere (AFAIK) except from the Mosaic site - appears to be a sole Mosaic release (CD) but absolutely no info on the CD or slick to that effect (i know this was discussed earlier last year). Also, the CD version is not even listed in Discogs.
  7. 17 Basie, 7 Joe Sullivan, 2 Stuff Smith, 4 Mildred Bailey & 1 Fats Waller title(s) in Mosaic set but not in downloads Also one Benny Carter (More Than You Know) plus one Fats Waller (I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams) titles are longer in the Mosaic set - have been edited in the download versions.
  8. Thanks again for your initial tip Joachim - may do more orders through them - no GST charge either!!
  9. Just got notification from JPC (German vendor) that my Hayes box set was shipped today (for Australia)
  10. just tried to preorder this from Australia & get this message (see below) - even though it states on the page that this item can be delivered to Australia Of course the new-ish Australian Amazon site does not list it at all. So it looks like people in the states can order via the UK Amazon site? What gives?? We are unable to ship non-digital items from to Australian shipping addresses. Please choose a shipping address that is not in Australia to proceed. Some restrictions may still apply depending on the item.
  11. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    That's exactly what I did but was unable to make comparisons with the Mosaic set (didn't have it) then upgraded to the Japanese SHM-CD's - all the titles from the Mosaic set have been SHM'd.
  12. RIP Nick one of my fav reads of his which I picked up back in the early 90s (seems like yesterday) is "Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll"
  13. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    Tommy, sent you a request for three Fresh Sound Twofers for Australia - Horn, Moer & Hampton Any comments on the Paul Moer set from our members - that tribute to Elmo Hope he did in 1991 looks very interesting Want the Hampton set for all of the previously unreleased live Birdland material Cheers Stephen
  14. Dire sound quality of C. Baker Prestige reissues

    They sold truckloads of those digipaks here in Australia at the time, many ending up on the throwout/el cheapo tables - must have been a dumping ground down here
  15. will stick with my 20bit K2s what about the Riverside "CB introduces Johnny Pace"