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  1. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    Don Byas recorded with the Platters while the latter were in Paris in 1957. Indeed, just a gig, no big deal.
  2. Boy Raaijmakers (1944-2018)

  3. Elvin & Ellington -- there's a tape

    There is more:
  4. Cecil Taylor RIP

    Shatz wrote: "....Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “This Nearly Was Mine” on his 1960 album The World of Cecil Taylor—one of the last standards he would ever perform...." In 1962 (Copenhagen and Stockholm) he was still playing What's New? and Flamingo, the latter of Earl Bostic (but not written by) renown.
  5. Monk on the Steve Allen's Tonight Show.

    The personnel listed in that cd is wrong. It is Art Farmer, Eddie Bert, Teo Macero (ts), Monk, Mingus, Willie Jones (dr), recorded Oct 6, 1955. It also contains a little "interview" with Monk, in which he "explains" the tunes played. More about this session can be found here, where Teo Macero recalls some hilarious moments of that day. Note that Macero names Dannie Richmond as the drummer, but it really is Willie Jones, who was working with Monk at the time (in as far as Monk was working at all during that period).
  6. Leo Cuypers 1947-2017

    I have been informed that "Leo planned his decease himself, he had been ill for several years. It all went in accordance with the rules (law) and accompanied by doctors". Little Leo was a good friend of mine. May he have found the peace he had been longing for so long.
  7. Don Byas Interview (1965) Audio Only

    I suspect the culprits are European. In fact, as soon as I heard the drummer, I thought "Europe". The garnerish pianist that comes after it is - towards the end - identified as Danish, with German bass and drums.
  8. Don Byas Interview (1965) Audio Only

    Are you guys referring to the "unidentified live performance" that comes right after the Bob LaPlante interview? That's not Byas, but - guess what - unidentified performers.
  9. Benny Golson

    No, Sonny Rollins also.
  10. Two Tower of Power members hit by train

    Don't know the answer to that, but Paul van Wageningen and Rob van Wageningen are (were?) not related.
  11. Don Byas in Haarlem 1964

    To be released November 6: "Don Byas meets the Jacobs brothers, featuring John Engels - Groovin' High - Live in Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1964." Pim Jacobs - piano, Ruud Jacobs - bass, John Engels - drums. NJA 1603 (NJA = Nederlands Jazz Archief). Order here (Byas CD not yet listed). Liner notes by yours truly.
  12. Coltrane in Belgium.

    I was fortunate to be there that night - Comblain-la-Tour, August 1, 1965.
  13. When asked about certain things in his "autobiography", Miles answered "I don't know, I haven't read it".
  14. Blindfold Test #148 - The Reveal

    Saw both Roach groups live - the one with Hubbard and Spaulding in the autumn of 1966 and the other with Bridgewater and Pope in 1981. The first didn't leave much of an impression due to Rollins and Ayler playing that same night. Wasn't overly enthusiastic about the second either, although it was always good to hear Max of course.