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  1. Some fine Sam Dockery solo piano (and talking) here: https://freshairarchive.org/guests/sam-dockery Always had a weak spot for Sam Dockery ever since I first heard him in the early 1960s.
  2. Sam Dockery 1999. Love it.
  3. Saw the Quartet, August 1, 1965 at the Comblain-la-Tour festival in Belgium.
  4. "Don Warren" = Don Moore (of 1963 New York Contemporary Five fame) and "Howard McGray" = Howard McRae (who also played in the 1962 Dixon-Shepp Quartet on Savoy.
  5. There was another concert at jazzclub Persepolis in Utrecht, May 6. I was there too. Don't know if it was recorded.
  6. king ubu: Musis Sacrum is NOT the same as the Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst. The concert was at the aula of the Akademie. I was there.
  7. Newman's was a disc recorder, not a wire recorder. He used large discs and recorded at 33 rpm (machines had that option). That's why his recordings were longer than the usual 3.5 min of the time.
  8. Jimmy Heath Big Band, Philadelphia 1948, with Heath conducting, Bird soloing and Coltrane in the reed section.
  9. Sunny Murray Earl Freeman Don (Rafael) Garrett Art Taylor Frank Wright Bobby Few
  10. I played a lot of chess with (bassist) Victor Kaihatu and with (trombonist) Radu Malfatti.
  11. Don Byas recorded with the Platters while the latter were in Paris in 1957. Indeed, just a gig, no big deal.
  12. There is more: https://youtu.be/n0yT6Igk32s https://youtu.be/XlXNrouuLlI
  13. Shatz wrote: "....Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “This Nearly Was Mine” on his 1960 album The World of Cecil Taylor—one of the last standards he would ever perform...." In 1962 (Copenhagen and Stockholm) he was still playing What's New? and Flamingo, the latter of Earl Bostic (but not written by) renown.
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