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  1. I remember seeing him in Boston occasionally in the 1980s. Here's a link to his webpage: https://tonyinzalaco.weebly.com/bio.html
  2. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    I have fond memories of Koji and his time with the Red Sox. On other fronts (Mets), things are not good. There are reports that Cano is being benched after two recent incidents of not running out the box. Also, Yoenis Cespedes had an accident on his Florida ranch over the weekend and is being evaluated in New York. Multiple fractures in one ankle. Odd descriptions of a "violent fall" and "stepping in a hole." Those descriptions seem inconsistent. One wonders if and when (and where?) Cespedes will play again.
  3. Percy France Discography Help

    You beat me to it! For those who might not get the reference, Doby refers to Larry Doby, the first black Major League Baseball player in the American League (Jackie Robinson) was in the National League.
  4. Percy France Discography Help

    Out to dinner. Will check for you later.
  5. Percy France Discography Help

    This is what Lord has for Betty Mays sessions including Percy France: Betty Mays [M3605-16] Betty Mays Betty Mays (vcl) acc by Sol Amato (tp) Percy France (cl,ts) Johnny Griffin (ts) Gil Coggins (p) Arthur Phipps (b) George James (d) New York, September 27, 1949 The nearness of you Abbey 3007 Until the real thing comes along - Betty Mays [M3606-16] Betty Mays Betty Mays And Her Swingtet: Betty Mays (vcl) acc by Bernie Glow (tp) Kai Winding, J.J. Johnson (tb) Percy France (cl,ts) Cecil Payne (bar) Gil Coggins (p) Arthur Phipps (b) George James (d) New York, November 4, 1949 1110 May's haze Regal 3243 1111 Slow rock (inst) - Old mill stream (unissued) Why fool yourself - Gimme a pound -
  6. Percy France Discography Help

    Lord shows the Oliver Jackson Black & Blue date as being recorded in NY, FWIW. I don't see anything by France in Europe in Bruyninkx.
  7. Duke Ellington at the White House.

    Willis Connover's Voice of America programs on the concert are available here: https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc939206/m1/ https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc944387/m1/ They are identified as Parts 1 and 3. I haven't been able to locate Part 2.
  8. Duke Ellington at the White House.

    The vocalist on Mood Indigo is Mary Mayo.
  9. Didn’t see Jack’s thread. Sorry!
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/09/obituaries/chris-albertson-dead.html?action=click
  11. RIP John Havlicek

    I think he was "Hendu"
  12. Yes, Joe Thomas was great. He shows up on many Keynote sessions and on some HRS sides as well. Undeservedly unrecognized!
  13. Pickwick issued five CDs of Black & White material in 1989 in their "Jazz Footprints" series. These CDs included sides by: Rod Cless Hank Duncan George Wettling Cliff Jackson Dick Cary Cliff Jackson (another date) Art Hodes Nat Jaffe Errol Garner Gene Schroeder Ray Stokes Red Callender Joe Marsala Etta Jones Barney Bigard Cliff Jackson (still another date) Willie "The Lion" Smith If memory serves, there were some Storyville LPs that included some B&W material as well. Here are a few:
  14. Songs You don't want requested

    Sonny Criss did a nice version!