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  1. Tips for Appreciating Baseball?

    David, Perhaps you're slightly misremembering the game. I can't find any 1-0 pitched by Andy Ashby over the Dodgers. The closest is a 3-0 win by Ashby on April 16, 1999. Ashby had a complete game shutdown. He went all the way giving up 5 hits, striking out 8, and walking 2.
  2. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    It’s that time again! Birthday wishes Jack! 🎂
  3. Hi Ken, Could you send me the list? Thanks.
  4. Hi Ken,

    Didn't hear back from you. I'd like the list.

    --- Jon

  5. Denny Zeitlin's "Remembering Miles"

    I agree based on what I've heard so far.
  6. Hi Ken,

    I'll take a copy of the list.  Thanks.

    Has the station digitized them all?  Our station has made periodic attempts to do so, but they never seem to make much progress!

    - Jon

  7. Hi Bob,

    Any success in or suggestions for Toronto?  I'm headed there on Wednesday.  

    --- Jon

  8. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Wow. Shortcomings of the Red Sox bullpen starkly exposed this weekend. Yankees put up a 9 run inning to turn game 2 around. This is ugly.
  9. The Demise of KCSM

    Agreed. Those of us who knew Steve appreciated his passion and friendship. He is much missed.
  10. Headed down later this morning. See some of you there perhaps.
  11. Appalling, isn't it? It confirms many of the rumors that have been circulating for years. What a loss!
  12. David Ortiz shot

    I saw a report that indicated his gallbladder may have been removed. I imagine more reliable details will be forthcoming. He's a beloved icon in these parts. In the past, I've heard other players and team officials name Ortiz as there favorite person associated with the team. Here's a link to an article that discusses Ortiz: https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2019/06/10/seen-firsthand-why-people-dominican-republic-adore-david-ortiz/GOIUktTPb6JXgx5B3JwveJ/story.html?event=event12
  13. Jazz musicians that played chess.

    Ronnie Scott: An album cover: A Blue Note 45:
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I love this record. It's magical.