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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This is a good one! Alain Marquet on clarinet on some as a bonus as well!
  2. Plenty of room for everything. I'm a big believer in as broad a definition as possible as illustrated by my playlist for today (all recorded on October 13): Fletcher Henderson. Shanghai Shuffle. 1924. Red & Miff's Stompers. Stampede. 1926. Sol Hoopii. Radio Blues. 1927. The Chocolate Dandies. Paducah. 1928. Count Basie. Out the Window. 1937. Benny Goodman. Ciribiribin. 1938. Fats Waller. Yacht Club Swing. 1938. Pete Johnson. Boogie Woogie. 1939. Mildred Bailey. I Didn't Know About You. 1944. Roy Eldridge. Twilight Time. 1944. Earl Bostic. Don't You Do It. 1950. Red Norvo Trio. Move. 1950. Ronnie Scott with the Ronnie Ball Trio. Close Your Eyes. 1951. Art Tatum. Sweet Lorraine. 1952. Sonny Clark Trio. Tadd's Delight. 1957. Tony Scott and the All Stars. Body and Soul. 1958, Frank Strozier. Day In - Day Out. 1960. Cecil Taylor. Port of Call. 1960. Dave Brubeck. Countdown. 1961. Dave Brubeck. Softly, William, Softly. 1965. Steve Kuhn Trio. Eiderdown. 1969.
  3. Sonny Clark Trio Session on Blue Note

    Chuck, Your memory seems to be excellent. Based on information from jazzdisco.org, in 1957 the sessions by RVG for Prestige broke down as follows: Sunday: 1 Monday: 1 Tuesday: 3 Wednesday: 2 Thursday: 4 Friday: 49 Saturday: 8 For 1957 Blue Note sessions by RVG, most were on Sundays: Monday: 1 Tuesday: 0 Wednesday: 1 Thursday: 0 Friday: 1 Saturday: 3 Sunday: 28 This suggests that the 10/13 (Sunday) date for the Sonny Clark session is much more likely the other dates. Thanks! I never noticed the pattern of dates by labels.
  4. Sonny Clark Trio Session on Blue Note

    Thanks, that's instructive. Mine is the 1988 edition. My edition of Bryninckx appears to be from 1999 (but does not include a date). Perhaps that's the source of the October 13 date. There's a later Paul Chambers biography that includes a discography. That might help if anyone has it.
  5. Can anyone help determine the date of the Sonny Clark Trio 1957 recording session for Blue Note where the following tunes were recorded?: I Didn't Know What Time It Was Two Bass Hit Be-Bop Tadd's Delight Softly as in a Morning Sunrise I'll Remember April My edition of Cuscuna and Rupli lists September 13. The Blue Note CD (CDP 7 46547 2) lists November 13. Jazz Heroes Data Bank lists September 13. The insert to my copy of a Japanese Toshiba-EMI LP reissue of Blue Note 81579 lists November 13. The cover and insert to the Japanese Toshiba-EMI LP issue of Blue Note 61017 (Volume 2) lists September 13. www.jazzdiscog.com lists October 13. Lord lists October 13 and states that some sources incorrectly list September 13 or November 13 as the date. The basis for this statement is not identified. Lee Bloom's on-line Sonny Clark discography (http://www.leebloom.com/discography.htm) lists September 13. There was a 1984 Sonny Clark discography ("Some Clark Bars") that I don't haver access to. Raben's Jazz Records lists November 13. Bruyninckx lists October 13. Can anyone provide anything definitive on the date?
  6. Dame Diana Rigg, R.I.P.

    Oh, no! Time to find the Avengers theme...
  7. There were conversations about a Lucky Thompson box with the ABC-Paramount and other material. Ultimately, these did not come to fruition.

    And it just arrived here in Massachusetts. In less than a week from Amazon UK. After Amazon couldn't fulfill the order in over 2 months before cancelling the order. Strange times!

    Thanks. I just ordered it from the Amazon UK site.

    Amazon has just cancelled my order from June.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Probably. I recently aired "Canadian Capers." Nice solos by Bud, Johnny Mince, Pee Wee Erwin, and the leader. Good Davey Tough as well.
  12. Unless Sony agents remove it from your mailbox!

    Interesting. I think I ordered at about the same time. It hasn’t shipped and shows up as arriving between August 12 and September 16.
  14. Good tunes with racist titles/lyrics

    Mississippi Mud: >>> "Just happy as a cow chewin' on a cud When the darkies beat their feet on the Mississippi Mud" >>> If you check most sites with lyrics online, "darkies" has been changed to "people." On the other hand, the lyrics to "It's the Same Old South" (see the Count Basie recording with Jimmy Rushing singing) paint a very different version of the south. Does anyone know of any other vocal versions? Ruby Braff recorded it several times as an instrumental.