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  1. RIP Chick Corea

    This is absolutely devastating. Chick's music has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old, though I didn't dive hardcore into things till college. Several years ago, Chick's manager Dan Muse (who replaced Bill Rooney) reached out to me to write for Chick's blog... I didn't make the cut but what an honor. I know some folk around here weren't fond of the Elektric Band, but actually I dug it... that was the first exposure to Chick I had, if you get past the synths, the datedness of them... good music there
  2. Board Member's Apartment Burns

    Thanks Brad. I don't plan on new cats ATM... I am already technically in the new place, just still sleeping at the hotel until my bed is delivered this week and I should be in this weekend.
  3. Board Member's Apartment Burns

    That's exactly what happened
  4. Board Member's Apartment Burns

    Thanks for the donations everyone. They went towards the acquisition of a power chair identical to the one that burned that my uncle found in New Hampshire for $1800 in brand new condition. I will be moving to a brand new building in a much safer area next week. I'm so glad I have renters insurance because I can replace everything. Nothing was left. Even my beloved Focal Chorus 716 speakers I bought last year burned down and I lost my ENTIRE collection which I will now have to rebuild in time, at least the stuff I loved the most while streaming the rest. Besides my cats dying and my mother's ashes burning that hurts the most. Most important thing is I have my life. Thanks for contributing everyone. When I get my replacement laptop I will be making a list of my collection and posting in Offering and Looking For to see if folks will sell some of the stuff I loved that I can have physically again
  5. Birdland is on the verge of closing.

    I saw David Matthews, Eddie Gomez and Steve Gadd there as well as Thana Alexa in a group called SONICA, which was fantastic
  6. I still listen to all the Kenny Garrett Warner's, the Branford trio records, and Wynton's Live at Blues Alley and Jeff Tain Watts albums so yes, I do as well as Roy Hargrove. This is the music that inspires Connie Han for example, but I've listened to that stuff for a while, yes. Joshua Redman Spirit of the Moment. This is all music that has inspired the generations of players after them like Jeremy Pelt, Ethan Iverson so it's still relevant
  7. Keyon Harrold

    True and this is kind of one reason why I have little use for this board anymore to be honest.
  8. Keyon Harrold

    Agreed... as someone who came out as transgender in the past year, I find that offensive and tasteless
  9. How old are YOU?

    Best wishes, Allen
  10. Me too. I knew going in that Monk album while excellent was not going to change my life, because a) like everyone here I have so much Monk already and b) they do so much of what they do well on Palo Alto on other releases. If I want that thing, I am going to put on The Complete Live At the It Club or Monk In Tokyo, just my preference. Yet say something like Dexter Gordon's Complete Prestige Recordings the other hard bop thing I got this year for an incredible price was a completely satisfying experience despite the redundancy of the alternates.
  11. That is true... maybe we do have the best of what's releasable already... When Resonance realeased Funk In France was when I started questioning the quality of what they release, Grant's playing is great but the clunkiness of Don Lamond and Billy Wilson doesn't sound prepared are facets. I think a huge difference between Blue Note especially then when Michael Cuscuna headed the reissue program and what's going on now, I believe Michael has some sort of musical background and could vouch for the validity of why certain stuff couldn't be released. The fact both the Monk and Rollins releases are at the wrong pitch is troubling... I'm studying music theory now and I'm sure the more I learn these kind of things will be glaring in time. Just because something bears the name of a legend and will sell does it really need to be put out? Maybe a complete Lighthouse thing will be revelatory in some ways but I'm not sure. Aside from Just Coolin and the Mobley 63-70 Mosaic this year, and a few Don Patterson albums I haven't bought any hard bop, whether classic stuff or people playing in that style now doing new stuff, I have so much of that already. I'm more reinvestigating my classical roots from when I was a kid or looking for prog rock or electronic music these days.
  12. I think there is quite a bit of irony here that some people won't be buying this set because if we look at say Trane's Village Vanguard or Miles' Plugged Nickel a lot of the same music is repeated from set to set yet the music is vastly different. If there is too much redundancy in the Lighthouse material, I will hold onto the 3 disc set as a sort of best of distillation
  13. Mosaic or some super limited Blue Note box? I would say Mosaic is pretty limited considering I barely got the second Mobley box.
  14. Will this see a digital release??