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  1. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    Damn.......... I thought he passed a few years ago actually, so this was a shock. I love his playing on Lee's "Lighthouse" date and "Gene Harris Trio Plus 1" especially.
  2. Happy 80th Birthday Ron Carter.

    Happy birthday Mr. Carter!
  3. Isn't Collectables notoriously shoddy about remastering? Their remaster of Johnny Guitar Watson's "A Real Mother For Ya" was ok, but nothing compared to Shout Factory's which was so much better. Funny that this wasn't an Elektra Musician LP reissued by Wounded Bird, when they did quite a few a couple years back, but they use existing sources I think.
  4. Adam Rudolph in conversation with CJ Shearn

    Thanks Lazaro!
  5. Chick Corea "The Musician" new 3-CD live release

    Got my copy ordered............. couldn't get a promo unfortunately.
  6. Happy 77th Birthday, Herbie Hancock

    HBD Herbie. The new album he is working on is with the Flying Lotus crew, so I would imagine it's heavily electronics focused which should be very interesting.
  7. So I'm thinking about buying a new tv.

    I have a Samsung KU6300 4K UHD TV. Really nice, I mainly watch boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and Japanese animation on it, concert and anime blu ray's look particularly good, but some well mastered DVD's still hold up as well.
  8. Looks great............. but I have the 2009 remaster which sounds really nice. It was my mom's. I'm not getting the deluxe edition
  9. Really sad to hear. Hope he can get sober. For the past 20+ years he's been one of my favorites, when I first heard him when I was 13 or 14 years old.
  10. Still better than "Closer to the Source"! Leo Parker back there on "Let the Sunshine In"? IDK bop licks over that groove and progression is just corny
  11. AotW - Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin'

    Didn't "Cool Struttin" become a phenomena in the jazz kissa in the early to mid 80's? That's always how I understood it's popularity. Certainly the liners by Shoichi Yui for "Barry Harris Live in Tokyo" make the case for jazz records being played in public places like coffeeshops in Japan in the mid 70's which was a surprise to Mr. Harris.
  12. I'm a huge Garrett fan and a word on "Simply Said" since it was mentioned. Aside from the title track which is really a short sweet pop tune (which gets a bit cheesy) and "Sounds Like Winter", it's not really a smooth jazz album at all, it's worth it to me for "GTDS", "Charlie Brown Goes to South Africa", "Third Quadrant" and "Organized Colors". "Prisoner of Love" is a way worse offender, but it shows that from the beginning how wide Garrett's interests are and that's a good thing. I say this while listening to Jason Miles: "To Grover with Love" which has players I don't even normally have interest in like Eric Darius playing their butts off aannd it largely avoids the flush of getting too smooth with a heavy dose offf funk, and hey it's Ralph McDonald's last recording. Since I recently bought and been through the Herbie Columbia box, I think "Feets Don't Fail Me Now" (which is just bad), "Monster" (even worse) "Magic Windows" and "Lite Me Up" are the most commercial, to me "Magic Windows" and "Lite Me Up" aren't half bad for what they are. Because I like electonic music, my views on "Future Shock", "Sound System" and "Perfect Machine" as being the worst Herbie have changed, does it rank with my favorite BN or Columbia's of his? no, but the willingness for something at the time fresh, was great, and there's some pretty good electro on them. Dizzy's "Closer to the Source" besides "Dizzy's Party" and "Free Ride" are probably the most commercial things he ever made, and "Source" just sucks.
  13. Chick Corea The Musician

    I have mine ordered, the pre order price at Amazon is $37.79. I do think Scientology is bizarre to say the least, but it clearly does something ffor him, so no problem there. Doesn't change my opinion of his music. I disagree with you Gheorghe about that Miles era getting too out, it took me a while to get there and grasp it, but when I did I find it brilliant. The Live in Europe 1969 set is great stuff, and the proclivity to go "out" I think is more a function of the interests Chick, Dave and Jack had musically at the time. Chick still occasionally goes to that area of playing particularly with the inside the piano stuff.