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  1. Roswell Rudd (1935-2017)

    RIP very sad. His last 2 albums were fantastic
  2. Let's send some good vibes to Barry Harris.

    Get better Mr. Harris!
  3. Ben Riley has died.

    Sad. Great groove.
  4. Gonna pick up the SHM in Tokyo in 2 weeks despite Concord sending me a white label promo.
  5. Listening to my white label promo delivered yesterday by Concord. Great stuff. I MAY pick up the Japanese edition when I'm in Japan in 2 weeks time. I love how the sound kinda hints at late 70's early 80's Chick but grounded in now. Philip Bailey on RTF is great. Love "Like I Was Sayin'" too. This is one of Corea' best in decades and maybe in his career. Gadd sounds great, he's really playing for the music rather than just playing his licks these days. Loueke is fantastic. Speaking of jazz purists, I just wish people would let go of if x swings or has to be acoustic...................... just enjoy things as they are now.
  6. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    No thanks. If this funded hard copy reissues from the 80's-2000's then maybe but no.
  7. Chick's management has this on the way to me, so grateful to them.
  8. Thank you Dmitry. I've been pretty closely following every release he's made for 8 years, and as a reviewer, I have gotten stuff from Chick's management, but if this is what you say, I would love to get more music like that from PR people. The best labels I get serviced from are ECM and Rare Noise, so much indie stuff you gotta dig deep to find the jewels. Lionel Loueke is incredible, a truly original voice on his instrument, and dare I say a sonic innovator in the way guitarists like Bill Frisell and David Torn contribute to their instruments. I've been a fan ever since Herbie Hancock featured him in his band, and though I don't have any of Lionel's releases as a leader, I was lucky to see him live around the time "Karibu" came out. He is excellent on the Blue Note All Stars "My Point of View".
  9. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    Damn. Huge loss.
  10. That's really great! But my thought is, like jazz is, hip hop is such a folk art, and over the past several years hip hop has entered institutions, but doesn't that risk making schisms like jazz has in academia by institutionalizing it to present the history? medjuck, Hip Hop Evolution is a decent watch on Netflix, as is a documentary about the sampling of "Apache" by Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band as is Tupac's "All Eyez On Me" which is a documentary interview collection. I am no hip hop expert, but mainstream stuff now is even less interesting than what was mainstream in the 90's, "Bodak Yellow" for instance by Cardi B, awful stuff.
  11. Billy Lester Trio: Italy 2016

    I know there are a few here interested in Lester's work, as part of those who are proponents of the Tristano school. The album features an Italian trio and is due out on November 3rd. This was my first time hearing Lester, and am sort of researching the Tristano language, the rhythm section seems to be emulating what the Tristano rhythm sections did, kind of keeping time without heavy ornamentation. The most interesting track for me is a ballad "Julia" after his daughter which sounds to like a contrafact on "Body and Soul".
  12. Leonard did write liners for a few CTI albums IIRC, definitely "The California Concert", and at the beginning of "CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl" he dryly remarks "if jazz was dead, this was the biggest funeral I ever saw". So, he must have had some taste for what was going on in the 70's. Though it does seem in the liners to (I think) Stan Getz' "The Dolphin" on Concord, he seemed to delight in the fact Getz was returning to a purely acoustic quartet mainly playing standards, versus what he did at Columbia, making odd mention at the beginning that Stan at Concord was making real music, and had artistic control. Feather and Ira Gitler's notes on LP's have had a huge impact on me on how I write about jazz, if not necessarily agreeing with their viewpoints on acoustic vs electric and vice versa.
  13. What would you ask Herbie Hancock?

    Would he consider even though he loves the Korg Kronos, using any of the analog synths again or at the very least the software recreations that companies like Arturia made?
  14. Grady Tate Has Died

    What a sad loss. One of my fav drummers ever, the way he could swing a quarter note, and also be all in the music but be totally sensitive was unreal.
  15. Even though I need the last 4 studio recordings, I will most likely pass b/c I have the 1971-75 and 1976-82, and Legendary Live Tapes boxes. I used to have Live And Unreleased which is great, but half of it is on the individual albums as bonus tracks on the '76-82 Columbia Album Collection set. Will this set be brand new mastering wise or use the DSD masters from 2007 or earlier? Also the bonus tracks that appear for the first time on those Columbia Album Collection sets, will they be included? If it's anything like the massive Herbie Columbia set it may be worth getting but IDK. Where are unreleased live recordings of the Vitous-Mouzon edition? That'd make the set worth it.