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  1. Larry Coryell R.I.P.

    Man, this is sad. I saw him in Binghamton at the defunct Night Eagle with an Indian group, they were great. Really nice guy too, have his autograph on their album, only pressed on CDR I believe.
  2. http://bit.ly/2lMdBLh One caveat here though folks: this is not a jazz podcast per se, the first non jazz one I've done. Divinity's music contains jazz influence, she is just a really cool person and this interview was great. For those with an open mind, go ahead For those that this doesn't do anything for, that's ok too, the fact I compared Q-Tip's lyrical behind the beat flow to Hank Mobley may bother some, but it's in the same ball park to me.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    David Weiss/Point of Departure: Wake Up Call. I believe I have all this band's output, review coming soon. The sound with two guitars is much darker than the previous Point of Departure records, the emphasis improvisationally is still go for broke, everything builds to a peak. Kush Abadey as the new drummer is a huge addition.
  4. Al Jarreau (1940 - 2017)

    RIP "Mornin'" is a great tune
  5. Who the hell is "Musicboy"????

    Fair enough
  6. Who the hell is "Musicboy"????

    Chris Heaney. That guy was something else. He missed so much great music because he hated things like Rhodes or synths.
  7. RIP Butch Trucks

  8. Saundra was quite a person, her stories were very interesting indeed.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Patrick sent me this with three others in a pacckage as I am set to review his latest, featuring Jens Loh and Richie Beirach. Really great musical drummer. Also recommend "Yoda's Dilemma".
  10. Right, and the accessible forms of jazz to the general populace, didn't the snobbery exist in every era? People who liked Paul Whiteman I'm sure got ridiculed by those who liked the "real jazz" of Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, those into Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey chastized by Basie, Ellington, Fletcher Henderson fans, those who might have gotten into the music with "Time Out" or "Bird With Strings", "Headhunters", etc ("oh that isn't the true Herbie, the true Herbie is on "Empyrean Isles" or with Miles") "Heavy Weather", "First Light" the Pat Metheny Group's "Letter From Home", I can think of many albums that serve as a wider gateway. Then I'd argue what alienates new jazz fans further is when the discussion turns to race or "this is how swinging is, that's not swinging" etc......... The neo swing thing that started with Squirrel Nut Zippers, Brian Setzer, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, of course that still reverberates as you were saying.
  11. That, and as soon as someone recommends Miles or whoever to a newcomer the conversation devolves into minutiae about x album over y, or really obscure albums (to the general populace anyway) cuz as normal as "Miles in Tokyo" is to us, its pretty obscure for most. It took me a while to see that bigger picture willfully. Then if a young person gets into jazz through say, Robert Glasper, there are some fans who prefer classic jazz, may not be as up on the current scene, and that drives younger listeners away too. It's always my hope that listeners in my generation or younger also get interested in the history, not just the scene now, though admittedly I am, probably due to my reviews and other writing more invested in the scene now, though for personal pleasure listening everything I have loved before is in rotation.
  12. Weather Report--Live and Unreleased

    "Live in Tokyo" is still my favorite WR album.
  13. Really great! swingiing, grooving like mad
  14. Weather Report--Live and Unreleased

    It's a great set, I used to have it, most of the tracks are on the second Columbia WR set, but for me, "Live and Unreleased" has been eclipsed by the "Legendary Live Tapes" 4 CD box. JMO tho