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  1. Hubert Laws

    I think some of Hubert's very best playing is on "The California Concert", and "Afro Classic". The "Rite Of Spring" and "Morning Star" aren't bad either, used to have those on vinyl. When I recently picked up Ron Carter's "Spanish Blue" in Japan, Hubert's playing on "So What" is quite nice. "Romeo and Juliet" which I had on cassette as a kid, I still remember as being a disaster.
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    You know, not sure. I think most of it probably has. I don't think anything in the Live in Europe 1967 box was recorded by Columbia, but they were widely circulated. I'd have to check the Losin discography.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    I gotta check this out, really liked "Bells On The South Side" last year
  4. Grace Kelly

    I have one of her discs a friend gave me, but I never opened it. I think when younger jazz artists are trying newer things it's nothing but a good thing to attract the audience, I'm watching a video of "Worth It", it's not bad, fun music. I may give "Trying To Figure It Out" a spin. I think it's so important now more so than ever there are so many great women playing.
  5. RIP. My 3 visits to Tower in Shinjuku this past November were very very special.
  6. Keith Jarrett recommendations

    I really want to grab a copy of the complete album on CD now, just having reviewed Kit Downes' "Obsidian", which is a fantastic album.
  7. Blakey/Jazz Messengers Cafe Bohemia Vol. 3

    I found this weird too, I posted that on FB. I have never seen a Blue Note album with a ??? before the BLP or BST prefix.
  8. Jazz pianist with amazing left hands.

    Great point. Mehldau has one of the most astonishing left hands I've ever heard, particularly on "Live in Tokyo" or "10 Years Solo Live" and that's a very different way of using it than Horace Silver. When I think of a great left hand I'm thinking about the ability to frame the harmony, or create a strong percussive accent.
  9. I really like albums like the 6 CD "Sun Bear Concerts", the solo concerts while not everyone's cup of tea, are a different animal and draw upon different vocabulary. I like "Sun Bear" over Koln. The trio albums are all uniformly excellent, they are so consistent, I have most of them though "Bye Bye Blackbird" I do not yet have. 'At Deer Head Inn" with Paul Motian subbing for DeJohnette is terrific.
  10. Jazz pianist with amazing left hands.

    Absolutely, and Herbie Hancock has a great left hand. A Snarky Puppy video just came up on my YT on autoplay, and the keyboardist there has a strong left hand as well.
  11. Herbie and Wayne

    This is different than the Shorter documentary that was released on DVD/blu ray a few years ago that also includes a full concert, correct?
  12. Like I said in the review it fits nicely with "Whisper Not". I like this one quite a bit better than "Somewhere" as nice as that is, I need to revisit it. The trio was so consistent though some albums have more magical moments than others, all the albums they did of free music are great, and wish there were more.
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Maybe just maybe that band with Hank and JJ if anything existed would be released in a future volume I wonder. I would think a radio station somewhere would have taped a few gigs. That'd be interesting, but so far it seems they are sticking with things like the Second Quintet, Trane. When I interviewed Vince and Erin in 2015, they did say they go through a lot of tapes and have rejected a lot of things.