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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I have this one, it's quite nice, pretty standard in the tradition bop, but very good playing. The tune "LaVerne's Walk" is very catchy.
  2. McCoy Tyner- lets hope hes ok

    Speedy recovery to one of the legends!
  3. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Monuments sucks. Certainly an album I like that many people would find questionable would be The Main Event by Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela, but I bought the reissue from the Herb Alpert Presents series. I have little interest in Alpert otherwise I had the album growing up and I like it for what it is, the studio album is ok too. An example of commercial jazz I never got into but relaxed my stance on was the Mizell stuff, it's funky, well played, my taste exactly? No, it just is what it is. I also get a kick out of listen to Blue Note Live At The Roxy for how dated it is, it's hilarious in that aspect. The list could have a bit more post 70's albums on ECM, Billy Cobham at least thru Total Eclipse and Shabazz, Lyle Mays from '86, some of Steve Coleman's albums including The Tao of Mad Phat, there were a bunch of Coleman albums he used to have for download for free on his website, Til We Have Faces by Gary Thomas, all of the John Abercrombie Quartet's albums, Jack DeJohnette Special Edition, Kikuchi, Hino and Henderson in concert.
  4. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    Ches Smith's The Bell is quite good and very dense, took me several listens to take in when I reviewed it. Should give it another spin. Listening to the bandcamp link of Uncharted Territories very interesting. Was gonna just sample a few tracks but was drawn in.
  5. Best CTI records

    For me it's Freddie Hubbard: Straight Life, Red Clay, First Light, In Concert Vols 1&2 All of Stanley Turrentine's albums on CTI Milt Jackson: Sunflower George Benson: Beyond the Blue Horizon Grover Washington, Jr.:Inner City Blues, Soul Box Ron Carter: All Blues, and Spanish Blue isn't bad either, which I bought in Japan last year Gilberto With Turrentine Joe Farrell: Moon Germs (always meant to get a copy) Chet Baker: She Was Too Good To Me, (though for personal reasons it's hard to listen to, reminds me too much of my father who I don't have a good relationship with, he loves this album. My mom had to track it down in a store for him a few years before I was born) Jim Hall: Concierto Don Sebesky: Giant Box Hubert Laws: Afro Classic Johnny Hammond: Breakout and Higher Ground CTI All Stars: The California Concert, and CTI Summer Jazz At the Hollywood Bowl
  6. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Cool. An all time great album? I'm not sure, when I really think about it but I always found it enjoyable with excellent performances from Bags, Clark Terry and Lockjaw Davis.
  7. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    He's just referencing that A Blowin Session was Griff's second BN album.
  8. Fantasy Studios to close

    Oh man. Santana's current keyboardist recorded his newest disc there and I had gotten a promo of a vocalist who had recently cut an album there as well. With Avatar closing later to be bought and used by Berklee, times are indeed changing. Couldn't there be a historical preservation thing like what's being done at RVG's to save Fantasy studios?
  9. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    The Sungjae Son fro what I've heard so far is VERY nice. Very intriguing soundworld, I like what Sung Chung ECM productions bring to the table
  10. Charlie Rouse redux

    I don't have much to add that hasn't been stated, but I always thought Rouse was probably the best "fit for Monk's music, as great and innovative as Trane's contributions were with Monk (I have about 30 Monk CD's, the majority of the Riverside, Blue Note and Columbia work) and Johnny Griffin as well, there's something about Rouse's tone I really love and he fit the quirk of the music perfect. On Big Band And Quartet In Concert he made a wonderful 1-2 punch with Thad Jones as soloist.
  11. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

    Damn! RIP
  12. Binker and Moses

    Listening to a bit of the live album on Youtube, excellent stuff. I'm hearing some koto like sonorities from Handsley on "Mishkaku's Tale".
  13. John Scofield Combo 66

    Sco is back on Blue Note? Cool, makes sense though because Verve and Universal are connected. Don Was should really corral Lou Donaldson in the studio with George Benson and Lonnie Smith before it's too late.
  14. High blood pressure!

    Thanks man, I'll plan on it.. Well, I knew about free stuff, but not the depth of some of the stuff you have, the McPhee/Nillson Love stuff for example. But for anything in life, including musical perspectives, everyone in life is a teacher to us.
  15. High blood pressure!

    I have moderately high BP myself, it's genetic, both sides, so I take it every day. I am glad you are recovering Scott because you've given me different perspectives on free improvisation, which is a good thing.