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  1. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    That should be a good fight too although Spence is too big for Garcia, it could result in a big KO for Spence. I think next weekend Josesito Lopez may stop Keith Thurman. Thurman hates body shots.
  2. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    Don't care about that fight, really, will be watching the UFC tommorrow night. Broner has natural ability but the fact he doesn't take things seriously is beyond sad, and the fact he's struggled with lesser opposition like Adrian Granados and Jesse Vargas didn't bode well. Jacobs vs Canelo will be good in May though.
  3. http://bit.ly/2HdXAwJ
  4. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    RIP as I make my way through the AEOC set, such great contributions
  5. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    When I interviewed him a few years ago I just got the impression he's a huge fan, he's a nice guy. I do think in the music field though ego does become this huge thing tht's so hard to avoid, which is why about my own work I try to be egoless.
  6. 12 New Jazz Artists to Watch in 2019

    Connie Han I have interviewed and really dig her playing.
  7. http://bit.ly/2BGFGwv
  8. Joey DeFrancesco

    When I went to the Jazz Standard show with Joey, Mark Whitfield and Lenny White, they were smokin. Joey and I spoke about JOS after the gig, it was cool... he was very impressed I knew a bunch of obscure (relatively) tunes like "Side Mouthin" to which I yelled out when he said "we're gonna play the blues". He replied "that guy knows his stuff!!!"
  9. Nancy Wilson RIP

    Damn, RIP
  10. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    No, but now that you mentioned it, I went to check the remaining discs and they are all there, not even a quarter through the set yet. But the doubles do have minor scuffing/surface scratches for me b/c both discs tend to want to slide out on top of each other in one pocket. They play/ripped fine so no problem. Last night before I ripped it to my hard drive, disc 1 of Urban Bushmen slid out of the jacket onto the floor, thankfully label side down, but the discs do slide out of the jackets VERY easy. Be very careful removing them.
  11. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    "Zero Gravity #913"? it's not on Emanon. This forthcoming volume would be of interest to me for the looks at Tony Williams tunes and I assume "The Alternate Announcements" is another comedic band intro from the Tokyo Live dates. The focus of these sets no matter how cool and fun the extras may be, being on vinyl is a less appealing point to me. I don't do vinyl, even if it includes the 2 CD compilation.
  12. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    Got mine yesterday morning, and it's numbered 3,496/6,000. Up to disc 1 of Urban Bushmen and this is my first real introduction to AEoC outside of hearing some of There's A Jackson In Your House, and Bap-tizum. I'm loving it. Think I'll get thru to The Third Decade before bed. The percussion sections of "Folkus" and "Bush Magic" are great. The "issues" some people over at Hoffman are having with the disc packaging and crushed spines, honestly is silly. I'm a collector too as we all are, but I laughed reading their reactions. Yeah a few of the disc spines are crooked in my set, but you can get them to straighten out, and by squeezing the mouth of the jackets the discs come out easily without damage. I am very happy to be able to hear Divine Love, New Directions and New Directions in Europe for the first time and although I liked Bells From The Southside and gave it a good review, after hearing all these discs it'll put it in better context and my appreciation will grow, I think.
  13. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    I ordered mine directly from ECM as they had a special deal for journalists, so it should be here in a few weeks. I want to hear a bunch of this music and review the box set, but there are albums in the set I've wanted to hear for a while like Divine Love, and I've wanted a copy of New Directions in Europe for a while. I did review Bells For The South Side when released. The pictures of the box, the style looks like that of the two big Jarrett boxes for Sun Bear and Live At the Blue Note.
  14. Yeah, and actually Youtube reviews are positive as well, when I googled reviews for the film they seemed a bit lukewarm. Even Rocky V has a fair following of people who liked it (I do, but still feel it's the worst of the series), and after re watching the other night it isn't that bad, but Rocky Balboa capped it off much better. The nostalgia level wasn't drawn as high as Cobra Kai, also being a Karate Kid fan that was great. It was slightly dissapointing that Creed II did not use any Rocky IV music cues, like how the original drew on Bill Conti's score, but because this offered a more fully fleshed out look at the Drago character, more humanized the kind of coldness of IV's score wouldn't have worked as well. The new Russian folk melody kind of fit... brought to mind Tchaikovsky and Rimsky Korsakov to me.
  15. Ralph Breaks the Internet looks fun, I enjoyed the first movie with all the Street Fighter cameos, that was great. But yeah Creed II, it seems like the critics are being a bit overly harsh, not sure what they expected. Who knows maybe I'd feel different on second viewing on a blu ray, but I don't think so. It's pretty clear Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple Jr (who directed this one) really love the characters and try to drive forward development narratives, if it goes forward--Rocky should pass on, which would be a throwback to Rocky III when Mickey died. That would suck, but it has to happen. Maybe start pushing Adonis towards a more Deontay Wilder or Adrien Broner type persona (not sure how many here keep up with the current boxing scene, but Wilder holds one of the heavyweight belts) something that reflects how boxers are portrayed in the media now, and certainly something relevant to black men in society now, but if they can't do that, no sense of turning Creed into parody. As ridiculous as Rocky III, IV got int terms of story, because of that I can look at them in a fun way, but if they like had the son of Clubber Lang or Tommy Gunn wanna go after Adonis that would be incredibly corny fan service. The way they did the fan service by having Drago come back was really cool though