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  1. Bargain Audio Equipment

    I've had one for a decade that still works! But now I use a Toshiba canvio 2TB external HDD
  2. RIP. One of my influences with writing!
  3. The first review in a special series devoted to deep catalog items in my collection http://bit.ly/2TurDSn
  4. Dave Liebman - Fire (Jazzline)

    Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a copy Actually I may order a copy soon.
  5. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    That should be a good fight too although Spence is too big for Garcia, it could result in a big KO for Spence. I think next weekend Josesito Lopez may stop Keith Thurman. Thurman hates body shots.
  6. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    Don't care about that fight, really, will be watching the UFC tommorrow night. Broner has natural ability but the fact he doesn't take things seriously is beyond sad, and the fact he's struggled with lesser opposition like Adrian Granados and Jesse Vargas didn't bode well. Jacobs vs Canelo will be good in May though.
  7. http://bit.ly/2HdXAwJ
  8. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    RIP as I make my way through the AEOC set, such great contributions
  9. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    When I interviewed him a few years ago I just got the impression he's a huge fan, he's a nice guy. I do think in the music field though ego does become this huge thing tht's so hard to avoid, which is why about my own work I try to be egoless.
  10. 12 New Jazz Artists to Watch in 2019

    Connie Han I have interviewed and really dig her playing.
  11. http://bit.ly/2BGFGwv
  12. Joey DeFrancesco

    When I went to the Jazz Standard show with Joey, Mark Whitfield and Lenny White, they were smokin. Joey and I spoke about JOS after the gig, it was cool... he was very impressed I knew a bunch of obscure (relatively) tunes like "Side Mouthin" to which I yelled out when he said "we're gonna play the blues". He replied "that guy knows his stuff!!!"
  13. Nancy Wilson RIP

    Damn, RIP
  14. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    No, but now that you mentioned it, I went to check the remaining discs and they are all there, not even a quarter through the set yet. But the doubles do have minor scuffing/surface scratches for me b/c both discs tend to want to slide out on top of each other in one pocket. They play/ripped fine so no problem. Last night before I ripped it to my hard drive, disc 1 of Urban Bushmen slid out of the jacket onto the floor, thankfully label side down, but the discs do slide out of the jackets VERY easy. Be very careful removing them.