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  1. Wow. Incredible article and one that offers a lot of food for thought Yeah I get what you mean how major labels would at least release some really cool stuff
  2. What's changed? Nothing really, just a transition to streaming and labels still kind of neglecting stuff beyond the big sellers.
  3. Yeah, that one is great. Very upset I lost both Montreux Summit CD volumes in the fire. Looked up prices on discogs today, ridiculous. Will just have to stream those in the meantime.
  4. Jimmy Smith "Plays Fats Waller"

    The title track too. I'm a Jimmy Smith Blue Note completist so I'll go for it again. I had before the fire his entire Blue Note output on CD, including the three Japanese albums. Started collecting JOS on CD at age 13 so that was a bit of a huge blow. Yes, the below posted videos, a few on Crazy! Baby (his best solos), Bucket!, one on Prayer Meetin' the Salle Pleyel, Mai 28 1965 discs, and I think a few solos on Bashin, the trio material. Was he the greatest guitarist ever? No when you look at who JOS had as guitarists, especially Burrell, Benson and Wes. Eddie McFadden was a better soloist IMO in regards to Jimmy's "regular" guitarists. Quentin? he was there to provide a buffer for Jimmy to cook, and when you view it at that angle, he's not half bad.
  5. Yes! That's right. I had both those albums pre fire. You are welcome. Kind of surprised it brought forth quite a bit of discussion.
  6. Definitely many perspectives should be considered Yes... many of those CTI'S are not smooth in the least. Now once we get to David Matthews as arranger, that's where things get SUPER generic. There was an interview I read with Marcus Miller once, he said at first he thought Bob James was Black without seeing his picture which was really funny and quite a compliment. His arrangement of "Don't Mess With Mr. T" then using the same material for Grover's Soul Box is masterful IMO
  7. That thing about "power": Yanow's review, much less a review than a statement (common with him) he seems to already have an agenda against James at the outset, so it's already flawed. Just like statements in various reviews for Bobby Hutcherson's Knucklebean about "it's a relief to hear Hubbard playing jazz again" (I mean, the fuck? Did he actually ever stop? Yes the Columbia's were super commercial, but videos from that area say otherwise) or things he said about Herbie and Chick "returning" to acoustic piano... I mean I have listened to Herbie's Columbia's since I have that set, many times and the acoustic piano still has prominence, even on the funky stuff. Those statements are more about "I don't like it" than actually about music. My writing, if people like it, cool, if you don't that's cool too. My writing is about the music, less about "me". Yanow is very much a gatekeeper to an inflexible narrative, and the way he jetted from this place many years proves that. I ignore his writing, it's just I curiously searched the AMG review. Someone gave me a copy of his book Bebop, I skimmed it, but it just collects dust, I'll probably donate it to my local library.
  8. Definitely many perspectives should be considered Yes, all of that is true there is much more open mindedness now then before but it seems like social media always is regurgitating a critic like Gary Giddins or Ashley Kahn or Howard Mandel (who I lost all respect for when he claimed ECM wasn't jazz) they are all part of the old guard. As a writer definitely I was influenced early on by Leonard Feather and Ira Gitler but really to me it still represents an old way of thinking. Hopefully I can turn more people of my generation and younger. I'm even gonna go outside of jazz
  9. Wow. Incredible article and one that offers a lot of food for thought
  10. https://jazzviewswithcj.tumblr.com/post/670821728528875520/shizukas-mind-bob-james-one-ctitappan-zee Something utterly random I wrote after listening to the SACD of BJ One earlier which I got myself as a Christmas present. I think some of the points I make are valid in terms of closed mindedness when it comes to critics and this kind of music, and that it has a resonance for folks generations after the fact. And of course, I've never considered Scott Yanow, Thom Jurek or any AMG writer to be a barometer for music relevance. Enjoy.
  11. Jimmy Smith "Plays Fats Waller"

    That one I need to rebuy as well
  12. Got my copy the other day. Finished disc 1 a second time. Very nice stuff indeed.
  13. Jimmy Smith "Plays Fats Waller"

    Jimmy's squabbling setting is what Shrdlu refers to as the "belch" it's the first and last five drawbars pulled out with the tremolo on... it's a really cool sound, and Jimmy's technique was the old school way really stretching his hand to play octaves and other intervals. I love this album honestly, always have since I first got it as a crappy Applause pressing at a flea market when I was 6. It's just a nice, chill, mellow album for late at night. The Jimmy session I find (though I'll still get it to complete my Jimmy Smith collection rebuild eventually that should have stayed in the can) was Straight Life. That session just doesn't really work, especially coming off something as hot as Crazy! Baby
  14. RIP Slide Hampton.

    Saw him live in college. Was fantastic.