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  1. Passing of George Wein

    Sad news RIP.
  2. On my system the sound is the same. Morgan and Maupin are much more "live" and the drums and bass have a lot of pop. This is a great set and glad I have it. 5 discs in.
  3. Same. Order arriving Friday. The original 3 CD Lighthouse set was always a favorite and I had it since college when we did AOTW on it. Of course we know what happened to my original ser
  4. Summer of Soul on Hulu

    Finishing it now. It's fantastic and well thought out.
  5. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    Got this for my birthday. Loving it, especially the Rahsaan part... I like Jon Faddis but don't think he contributes anything substantial beyond Dizzy tropes here, it's fun, but compared to everyone else, the weakest soloist. My original pre fire collection was Mingus deficient so I'm getting myself up to speed. BTW I want to thank everyone here who donated to that GFM that got me my new place after the fire... I just closed the GFM a few days back with Thana Alexa who organized it.
  6. Native American Jazz

    Music For The Fifth World and Earthwalk by Jack DeJohnette have VERY clear ties to his Native American background as does "Great Spirit Chant" on Hudson..
  7. Interesting. Thanks Kevin!
  8. Well, mine just shipped from Mosaic. I got some birthday money from fam and I broke down and ordered, I did lose all the individual CD's in the fire (everything as you know). It's my 40th birthday this year, why not? Will be interesting to compare to the AP SACD of Page One (which I will still go to when I just want to play the album) and the masterings in the 5 Original Albums set which I'll keep for State of The Tenor. I really enjoy the AP SACD layer of Page One. How does the Addey stack up to it?
  9. Is it a considerably different alternate, ala the alternates on the Fuschia Swing Song Connoisseur?
  10. Damn... this dropped and I didn't know. After getting back on my feet and set up in my new place, I got that 5 Original Albums set to replace what I lost in the fire, (mainly because it was a quick and dirty way to get State of the Tenor again........ I have the AP SACD of Page One and it sounds great. I might pass on this one because it's not like I didn't have all of the music before mostly, and I don't really care for how they sprinkled orphaned tracks he played on as a sideman, but it looks like a great set.
  11. SACD players

    I've been using a Sony X700 in my new revamped system for SACD playback and have had no issues... my friend's dad gave me a ton of SACD's to build my collection back up and they sound fantastic, especially the Blue Note and Prestige AP series.
  12. Black Orpheus was fantastic on ECM. This should be good.
  13. Odd satisfying habit

    I had started getting back into classical, and when the fire overtook my apartment EVERYTHING was pruned. What really hurt was I bought Isaac Stern's Complete Columbia Analogue Recordings and Glenn Gould's Bach Box and was one disc into the Stern and 4 discs into the Gould before I lost it all... I will have to reacquire them at some point
  14. Happy birthday George Benson.

    HBD to GB. The man