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  1. Dedicated... now available

    Saw/heard a track on the TV Music Station (Jazz) this morning with tidbits of info (like Jim wrote first songs at 7). Onward!
  2. Happy Birthday David Gitin!

    Thanks, folks, I appreciate the greetings!
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Raymond MacDonald and Marilyn Crispell PARALLEL MOMENTS, rec. in London 2010, just released (couple of months ago). Beautiful duets.
  4. Any fans of Michel Petrucciani?

    POWER OF 3 (Blue Note) live Montreux with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter
  5. I still remember "X-cerpts" in San Francisco, Anthony with an incredible edition of Episteme, decades ago!
  6. Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) RIP

    We met more than 50 years ago. He was a big influence on me. His poetry and the magazine he edited and the records we exchanged (he turned me on to Albert Ayler), are lifelong memories for me. Decades later I was able to arrange a poetry reading for him at the college in Monterey where I was an instructor. To quote his words in "Bulworth," be a spirit! Don't be no ghost.
  7. Sadly, I knew nothing of the venue or its schedule. I live in Key Largo which is a 'haul' from Del Ray, but I just asked to be on the mailing list assuming there is one. Thanks, Dan, for speaking of it.
  8. Happy Birthday David Gitin!

    Thanks, everyone! We will celebrate our birthdays (Gloria's in November, and mine) by going on The Jazz Cruise (one week, leaves from Ft. Lauderdale, not too far from here) at the end of January!
  9. Donny Hathaway box set: "Never My Love"

    Thanks for the 'heads up'!
  10. Saturday, September 28, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. GREENWICH HOUSE 46 Barrow St., New York, NY Tickets: $15 Laszlo Gardony solo piano / Laszlo Gardony Trio with John Lockwood (bass) and Yoron Israel (drums) This trio has been together more than a decade. Laszlo is one of my favorite pianists. Check it out?
  11. I loved reading about the evolution of the song. Thank you!
  12. Edward Simon Trio: Live in New York at Jazz Standard

    Me too. Just finished listening to it for the first time.
  13. Houston Person corner

    He'll be on "The Jazz Cruise" (Caribbean, leaves from Ft. Lauderdale, for one week in January).
  14. How many folks here have met Miles Davis?

    Two stories. First one was when Miles with Hank Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb came to Buffalo. I had met Paul before so I got backstage, went up to Paul who immediately started ranting about that 'mf' Miles and much more (Miles was standing about three feet from us clearly listening. I decided this would not be a good time to try and meet him. Second one: I was at the Jazz Gallery when Miles had the aformentioned group plus J.J. Johnson. I was talking to J.J. telling a humorous story when I sensed someone new joining us and I turned to include him: it was Miles. I finished my story and Miles and the others went back up to the bandstand. So, that's it. Don't know if it was worth telling or not...
  15. (orchestral) Messiaen

    I love "Eclairs."