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  1. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

    One of my first ECM albums was Watercolors (1977), also his first Pat Metheny album. A huge impact from an album rarely mentioned. Usually folks mention the white PMG album. "a recurring illness" might explain why he retired from music and the road early, a lesson in impermanence for us all.
  2. Happy Birthday 7/4!

    I feel old, thanks for remembering!
  3. Frank Zappa

    Five Zappa Songs For People Who Don’t Get Zappa * new thread because I can't find the old one, I KNOW there's an old thread.
  4. Emil Richards 1932-2019

    He showed up on my microtonal radar, all my friends in LA knew him. RIP
  5. Evan Parker

    The two I have are Chicago Solo and Conic Sections. Both are solo saxophone discs that I'm rediscovering after they went missing my apt. for a few years. I'll have to pick up more next time I'm in NYC.
  6. Wayne Shorter on Twitter

    Makes twitter interesting!
  7. I think D Holland is always off to something else since the big band. Uncharted Territories with Evan Parker was real good.
  8. Paul Bley's Daughter dies in car crash

    awful. George Crumb's daughter Ann passed away a few days ago too.
  9. The guitar corner

    My most recent acquisition, an used Epiphone Joe Pass, made in Korea. I have guitars, but I don't own an archtop. Just picked it up last week. Note autographed photo of Robert Fripp on the wall.
  10. John Cage

    There used to be a John Cage thread...it must have been deleted. Anyway...here's a version of .
  11. The guitar corner

    I did for years...all gone now. I grew up in North Brunswick.
  12. The guitar corner

    City Lights in New Brunswick, NJ? I used to drop in there quite a bit. I must have bought something there, maybe an Epiphone Granada.
  13. Do you wear a watch?

    probably not in 10-15 years. I use my phone.
  14. Frank Zappa

    Family needs money, bad!
  15. Matt Mitchell

    Snakeoil and his own albums. .
  16. Yvonne Loriod

    sounds interesting. All I think I've heard is the Messiaen performances.
  17. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

  18. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    OK, I didn't bother to look up your name. I'm the mod.
  19. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    How about that...join us on FB.
  20. Circle

    true! Without looking it up, I thought Braxton split over the Scientology thing. Wouldn't be the first or last time someone did that.
  21. Circle

    They're old men, they could just be busy making their own music.
  22. Circle

    ARC + Braxton = Circle