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  1. Saw both Bowie and Roxy seperately at the Rainbow. Loved both but definitely prefered Roxy. Still listen to both but more often to Roxy/Ferry who I think are very underrated. My favourite Bowie album is 'Hunky Dory', a masterpiece in my opinion.
  2. Newbury has it back at the same price. Finally ordered after procrastinating last time around. Just a few copies though so anyone interested should move quickly!
  3. You should look at the Thailand sections of these too: Thanks Pete, I am quite familiar with both of those authors and 'Video Night in Kathmandu' is one of my favourite travel books. I know Thailand pretty well, some of my closest friends live there and I have visited numerous times.
  4. I have been seeking a reasonably priced copy of this since you suggested it. It has been reissued: I just ordered a copy and cannot wait to read it. I've read online comments from westerners who have spent time in Bangkok, and many seem to think that this book captures the time and place perfectly. Thanks for the recommendation! You are welcome, I am happy to see it has been reissued. Hope you enjoy it, I should reread before my trip to Bangkok this weekend!
  5. What Are You Watching

    Haven't gotten that far yet, just starting on Season 3. Easily my favorite sitcom in recent memory. Mine is 'Big Bang Theory'. Love that show, never fails to make me laugh.
  6. Newbury Comics has several new copies at $39.99. I assume that is a good price. They do international shipping too.
  7. Bargain DVD boxes

    Very good price of 16.97 UK pounds on 'Mad Men Seasons 1-3' on Amazon UK.
  8. couple of chess babes

    Chess, babes and Bangkok.
  9. What Are You Watching

    Still on season 3 here but I love 'Mad Men', to me it is just on a different level to most TV dramas. Also a great fan of the 'Don Draper' character, so effortlessly cool. Not sure what that says about me.
  10. Now reading...

    In view of the way the discussion has gone, start with a shorter, early one. I think The looking Glass War is great - full of atmosphere from the first page. Good choice. 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' would be another.
  11. Now reading...

    Bill - you're obviously a big fan. I am currently reading "Tinker Tailor" on the recommendation of my wife. I am bored with it - none of it makes sense to me. What am I doing wrong? You're doing nothing wrong. LeCarre was in his depths by then. His best are his earliest 5 or so novels, and he's written better ones (like The Night Manager) in later years. I couldn't follow Tinker either. Struggled to the end then got rid of the copies of The Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley's People that I had been planning to read next. I consoled myself while reading Tinker with spotting instances of bad grammar and poor sentence construction. A pity, as I liked The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. You surprise me Crisp. Those three novels, published collectively as 'Smiley vs Karla' are easily my favourite Le Carre's and are generally regarded as not only his best work but the best of the genre. While they all have complex plots I never found them particularly difficult to follow, just superb storytelling.
  12. Joe Raposo website

    Always liked this by Sinatra
  13. What Are You Watching

    Which season is that? Currently midway through season one. Terrific show, perhaps the best thing currently on Cable TV in Tokyo.
  14. Coltrane's LI home on endangered list

    From the BBC website today. Nice!
  15. I thought "Hangover" was hilarious. Also quite enjoyed "Hangover 2" but I did watch it in Bangkok and visited one of the bars where one scene was shot later. That visit to Tilac in Soi Cowboy was definitely more fun than the movie!
  16. Saw David Bowie last night

    This seems to be it!
  17. The Great Song Stylists - Male Vs. Female Singers

    Completely agree TTK. So many great female vocalists while on the male side Sinatra really is in a class of his own.
  18. Saw David Bowie last night

    Lost Bowie 'Top of the Pops' footage found. Brings back memories!
  19. What music did you buy today?

    Clifford Brown- Emarcy Master Takes. Won a new copy of this 4CD set on eBay UK for a little over $12 including shipping. Seems like a good price.
  20. Same here. LTB brined the turkey overnight and then cooked it on the Big Green Egg. Moistest turkey ever. A very happy Thanksgiving to all our American board members. I am also a great fan of moist birds.
  21. CONTEST: 2011 Grey Cup game

    So he did! In that case, Winnipeg and 45.
  22. Tunes that bring you back...

    Suzi Quatro- Can the Can. The first single I ever bought.
  23. And the 'First Impulse : The Creed Taylor Collection' for Euro 26.02.
  24. CONTEST: 2011 Grey Cup game

    BC and 50 points.
  25. What Are You Watching

    Agreed! I thought he was great in 'Life'.