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  1. John Coltrane Prestige Box Set

    Who is "Craft Recordings"? These are Prestige recordings. The word "pirate" comes to mind.
  2. Hi. Did you get the Sam Rivers Mosaic set?

    I have it here, and we could do a deal for it, or I could send you CDrs. (Don't tell any Texas tenor saxophone players, lol.)



  3. Amazon Music Unlimited

    The saga of the departing CD continues. I have downloaded a few elusive tracks from Amazon. I was not pleased that they were 192 mp3. That is a bit naughty. 320 mp3 has been pretty standard for at least 10 years. I don't think they offered WAV, which the house music websites do have.
  4. I loved the Carter statue on The Simpsons, with the title "Malaise Forever". Poor old Duke there, having to hang out with Nixon. I wouldn't have attended. Superb album cover montage, Steve! Ausgezeichnet!

    The U.S. used to have an "M Bag" rate of about $18 to send a large bag of material out by surface mail, with unlimited weight. Obviously, a lot of items are not urgent, and the one-month time for surface mail is perfectly acceptable in many cases. Who wants to pay $60 to ship some papers, for example? Big Beat Steve expressed it well. I am sure he speaks for many. $20, or more, to ship one CD, is more than enough to stop a sale on Discogs or elsewhere. This U.S.P.S. policy has sealed off the U.S. from foreign markets.

    As The Critic said, "It stinks". But America has had lousy administration for decades. I'm glad the people of America are a separate entity.
  7. I thought that religious discussion is not allowed on this site.
  8. I saw Pharaoh just over a year ago, with William Henderson and a pickup bassist and drummer. He only plays tenor saxophone now, and he had a sparking new Selmer. He played great. The venue was terrible, and we couldn't get anywhere near the musicians.

    As far as I know, the U.S. is the only country that did away with surface mail. It is utterly stupid. It has severely limited sales outside the country. A lot of bulky items are not needed before surface mail's one month delivery time. I had to mail a cuica and some other large percussion items from Denver, and it cost me over $300 to mail them all. Nothing was urgent. And who is going to buy one LP or CD when the postage is of the order of $20?
  10. The USPS SUCKS

    All American people should rise up and force the Feds to re-introduce outgoing Surface Mail. The export of, say, a vinyl LP, costs over $20, and the thing goes unnecessarily by air. This has severely reduced sales out of America. I once had to mail a tumba from Denver. By airmail!! Ridiculous.
  11. Baby Face Willette

    No, it features all four players, and it is not a warmup. It is just as good as everything else from the session. It is a blues in F.
  12. LF : Sam Rivers Mosaic

    Further to Jim's comment, I have the Rivers Mosaic set for $1000, plus $1.98 shipping. I also prefer Curley to Shemp in The Three Stooges.
  13. Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

    Scott, I appreciate all you said, and I have listened carefully to all the late Trane. He knew what he was doing, and his technique is excellent, but the bottom line is that I don't really like it. The piano just rumbles and that drummer is no Elvin. There is nothing like his playing on "Wells Fargo", with Wilbur Harden, for example. He is so satisfying on a thing like that. I have the 4 CD "Live In Japan" set. I think I played it once. Yamaha gave Pharaoh and Trane a new alto each, and they play those. Why not tenors? (The Yamaha saxophones are good: I have played an alto and a tenor. The keywork is pure Selmer, of course, but whose isn't, these days.) For me, it's Trane's Prestige, Savoy, Atlantic and Impulse recordings up to "Transition".
  14. I might can sell you my copy of the Mosaic Louis Armstrong set #257 for reasonable price depending on where you are from.

  15. Maybe if he gets a haircut.