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  1. Billy Harper

    Billy is superb on the Ampex Gil Evans album. He is featured on "So Long", with a typical Evans carpet of sound. That's all I have heard of Billy. I'd love to hear more, but the albums mentioned in this ancient thread are probably very hard to chase down.
  2. A most enlightening article. How did I manage without it for so long? Sgcim, I have a pretty good idea which forum you mean. I posted there for a while, but they are so dumb that they can't undertand irony and hyperbole, or, in fact, an obvious joke. They deleted one of my posts under their troll rules, and deleted another because they thought it was political. I don't intend to hang around to be insulted, so they can get stuffed. I don't really care: it goes under the heading of "Meh".
  3. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    The CDs that I have by Larry Walsh are fine. But if they are going to use these masterings again, they should say so.
  4. The best dressed man in jazz.

    All the ones pictured are smartly turned out. Very nice. Grunge clothing is not cool when you are supposed to be entertaining an audience. I don't care for piccolo bass stuff, and when bass players play the cello (which they tune in fourths, rather than the correct fifths), they are always out-of-tune, whether it's Oscar or later ones - Sam Jones etc. Stick to the bass fiddle, guys.
  5. Forum Secure?

    Well, the E.U. interference is a damned nuisance to users in the E.U. If you ever find anything useful about the E.U., do let me know.
  6. Forum Secure?

    Mosaic has a Sunday Jazz Digest (or some similar name) on its home page. An E.U. "directive" blocks that blog because of some data bullshit.
  7. Branford slams Miles

    Another annoying member of that family. The one that plays the trumpet is mega annoying.
  8. Forum Secure?

    I get a warning whenever I log in. I use Firefox and Avast antivirus. Nothing bad has happened. I also use a VPN on my phone and on the computer. It's only about $30 a year. For texts, I mainly use Whatsapp and its successor, Signal. The annoying E.U. has blocked Mosaic's jazz blog for people in the E.U. A VPN rectifies that petty annoyance. Typical of them.
  9. Discogs Collection option

    Discogs is massively helpful to me. Equally as helpful as The Jazz Discography Project. Both have the odd error here and there, but if you know your stuff you can make corrections where needed. The Discography Project people will accept corrections. I got sick of Frank Foster's contra-alto clarinet being listed as an alto clarinet (not their error) and they fixed that.
  10. West Africa Scams

    The people aren't busted yet. It is just that I wasn't tricked by them. However, I have kept all the emails as proof, and I need to report this gang to the police/cyberpolice/whatever. I have a name, phone # and address. It's like in that "As Catch Can" movie: they can't change those details. The lawyer involved is Dr K. Jean-Louis in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.
  11. Many of you will already know about this. I first came across this in the days of MySpace, which Face Book has killed off. I had a profile there and that produced a lot of interesting begging messages, mainly from Nigeria. A guy from there said he was a woman in Chicago who wanted to marry me. He had one (fake) display pic, on msn. I was asked to send "her" airfare from Chicago. I asked if "she" had any more pics and never heard another word. Another guy in Nigeria said he loved me and he asked for airfare from Nigeria. About a week ago, a "widow" in Côte d'Ivoire, supposedly dying from cancer, said that her late husband had left $3.5 million in an account, to be passed on to the needy. As it happens, I have friends with orphanages in India and Ghana, so the money would have been very handy. I knew what was coming. Sure enough, I was asked to send $1500, to pay for legal clearance of the funds. Involved in this is a real lawyer's office. The lawyer is called Dr K.Jean-Louis. So, in case you didn't know, be on the alert. I already was.
  12. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    Thanks for the news. There are many outstanding albums here, too many for me to comment on. I'm glad that I already have the ones I like. If they are using old U.S. masterings, then tut tut. For me, a sonic upgrade would be the only reason for purchasing.
  13. Blue Note Lost Sessions CD

    I still remember a copy of Cal Tjader's "The Prophet" going for $1000, with $1.26 postage. It's a pleasant album, but nothing to get too excited about.
  14. Lee and Hank at Sluggs

    Excellent pic: one I haven't seen before. I hate the cover pic of Hank on "Workout".