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  1. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Maybe Three Maria's?
  2. While you were writing in so many, I hope you included Billy Harper, who is not listed in the Tenor Sax category.....
  3. CDs For Sale

    Thanks guys and thanks John for the kind words about my CD.
  4. Born to be Blue Movie Trailer

    This was a tough one for me to sit through.... Not much there really and the trumpet playing...well... I didn't like the voice Hawke created for Chet. Way off base.... And the rest.... not much there....
  5. The kids would have to know who Tadd Dameron was. Not very likely these days....
  6. CDs For Sale

    Up for a new list!
  7. Hubert Laws

    I got a chance to play with Hubert at Freddie Hubbard's funeral of all places and have seen him a few times since, mostly on the West Coast. He is a monster, simply said. Unbelievable musician and flute player and yes, a very sweet guy.
  8. Wayne Shorter - Record Producer

    This was his class at the Monk Institute. Some very good players in here.
  9. VIDEO - Max Roach w/Tolliver, Pope, Cowell, & Merritt

    Yes, this is Tolliver's music. He was commissioned by the Montreux Festival to compose this for Max and Big Band. Over the years, he has talked about resurrecting this from time to time. Once we talked about seeing if we could do it with Roy Haynes as a guest. I'll ask him about it again and see if I can get song titles.....
  10. Roscoe Mitchell Targeted for Dismissal at Mills College

    With maybe one or two exceptions, I've never a musician who wanted to retire or even considered it. It might be a financial decision for some but most want to continue to play and teach as long as they are able simply because it's what they do and they couldn't imagine doing anything differently....
  11. Herbie Hancock 1969 acoustic sextet

    Glad this has been cleared up. I was sent this recording 4 years ago as a blindfold test but the agenda was for me to confirm that this was Herbie's group. I told the person there was no way this was Herbie. When this was posted on youtube, a Facebook page run by someone who has had some experience working with Herbie posted it on his wall exclaiming check out this great, newly discovered live Herbie and I disputed it and was met with some skepticism (people really have faith in what they read on the internet) but finally people came around. Glad that we know who this is for sure now....
  12. Jazz and Hip Hop

    I'm no expert but at the time, I recall Red, Hot + Cool "Stolen Moments" and Guru "Jazzmatazz" making a lot of noise in this area...at the forefront of it all as it were... Also Greg Osby... One mustn't forget the infamous youmustbe's contribution to this genre which was more from the jazz side but you have to give him credit for a being a bit ahead of the curve in this genre....
  13. Lee Morgan Film

    I saw the film last night. I missed maybe the first 20 minutes but I really liked what I saw. Because i was late, I can't really speak about the overall balance between Lee's story and Helen's in the film but there is a lot of great Lee stuff here. Lots of great photos and some great film clips and live audio interviews. The balance of the talking heads were Wayne Shorter (who was great), Bennie Maupin (who seemed to have the most insight into Lee and his relationship with Helen) and Billy Harper (who was in the club that night of course). The surprise to me was Paul West who got him involved with Jazzmobile amongst other things and had a lot of insight into Lee. Helen's son was also interviewed as well as a couple of Lee's other girlfriends. In the end, the story stilted a little more towards the Lee and Helen story but afterwards, the filmmaker said this was his goal. It's a good film and I recommend it. Some, who are more interested in the Lee story might feel slighted here but I think you will love the coverage Lee does get. It's not the perfect Lee documentary we might want but it's a good film.
  14. Lee Morgan Film

    It played in New York and other US cities..... The Morgan film will be at the NY Film Festival in a couple of weeks..... http://www.filmlinc.org/nyff2016/films/i-called-him-morgan/
  15. Cookers-Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heart

    Thanks for all the support guys. I'm glad you're all enjoying the recording. Hey Kevin, The isolation booths need to have glass doors so we can all see each other. The rooms themselves are not that lively so the glass does not really effect the overall sound of the room that much. You will notice that no horn player is playing in the direction of the glass. The baffling is more to get a little separation between the horns. If you notice, the main room has curtains for all the windows and curtains for the isolation booths which can be drawn if the isolation booths are not being used and that will cut down on any sound bouncing off the glass if it's let say, a lively session. The studio is Sear Sound which is one of the better studios in New York these days. I didn't hear anything about this being released on vinyl. That would be cool.