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  1. Whenever I've come across pre-Capital Cole I've never found much that was strictly instrumental. Anyone know if this package will be mainly vocal?
  2. Going to see them in a couple of weeks.
  3. It is indeed on Amazon. Or at least 3 Volumes of it. (How many were in the box set?) Streaming only it appears.
  4. The Story Behind John Cage’s 4’33”

    I like the jazz version.
  5. The Bing Crosby was in an edition of 20,000! If they printed that many, it's definitely their biggest seller. I think the Armstrongs are indispensable and though Larry Kart would disagree with me I really like the Braff which I think of as a Pee Wee record.
  6. Happy birthday EKE BBB!

    And Duke loves you madly!
  7. Dean Benedetti‘s disc cutter.

    Wow! I didn't know that wire recorders actually used ahh.. wire! (Seriously I presumed that it was a metal reel that looked like a roll of narrow audio tape.)
  8. So they were both 6 track with 5 of the tracks up front and mono surrounds. I remember (wrongly I guess) it being more directional. I'm surprised there is no sub woofer. In the ''80s when we made 70mm prints of anamorphic 35mm films the main attraction was the subwoofer. The three films that made the greatest impression on me in terms of sound were Grand Prix, West Side Story and The Guns of Navarone (which I believe was shot anamorphic 35mm but blown up to 70mm with 6 track sound for big cities). In each case I remember them being more directional than they probably were if they were mono surround. In the case of Grand Prix it was probably just loud in the surrounds.
  9. I used to think his decline began with the second half of The Long Goodbye and reached its nadir with Playback. It is based on an unmade screenplay he wrote a that doesn't involve Marlowe, which may explain its deficiencies. (That screenplay was published by the Mysterious Press under the title "Raymond Chandler's Unknown Thriller". ) Reading Long Goodbye more recently I like it a bit better but still think the end of the movie is more satisfying and makes more sense. Black Eyed Blonde follows the book not the movie.
  10. I like it much better than the acclaimed "last"( I guess until he goes pd) Philip Marlowe novel: "Only to Sleep". I still haven't read "Perchance to Dream" the sequel to "The Big Sleep" which Robert B Parker wrote.
  11. Kenny Burrell The Post story is behind a paywall so I'm not sure which came first.
  12. I think the ending is better than that of the book. I just wish Altman hadn't gone around saying he was deconstructing the book (or words to that effect). BTW Has anyone else read The Black Eyed Blonde? It's a sequel to The Long Goodbye commissioned by the Chandler estate.
  13. It is available via Amazon but at more than $70. Anyone know a more reasonable way to get it? (Maybe the only Miles I don't have. ) Just found it and ordered it from Discogs.
  14. Loved him as Terry Lennox in Altman's The Long Goodbye.
  15. Pullen and Adams

    I just got the Pullen Mosaic Select from Freejazz. It contains two dates by the Adams/Pullen group and two by Pullen Trios and they're all great.