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  1. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    News of his death still remain unreported in the NY Times or the Washington Post. Or did I miss these?
  2. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    Very sad news. Tremendously underrated player.. Saw him when he was playing with Archie Shepp back in the 60’s. Love the sessions he recorded for BN.
  3. Jean-Louis Chautemps 1931-2022

    The excellent French ténor saxophonist Jean-Louis Chautemps who played with Martial Solal, Chet Baker and Nathan Davis, among others, died in Paris last week.
  4. Have the Brown (all 7 LPs) and the Milburn ( all 10 LPs) boxes and gîve them the listening they deserve!
  5. Already mentioned here several years ago that I was to accompany François Postif when he interviewed Lester Young but had to abstain because I had to prépare an important school examination. My eternal regrets! As for Lady Day, caught her when she .sang at the Paris Olympia in November 1958. She was not in top form .but I found her beautiful. Saw her also shortly after when she and Mal Waldron had dinner with Postif and à couple of friends at Chez Gaby’s near Pigalle. She was in top form that night.
  6. My Friend Hot Ptah has passed.

    Very sad news. Too many these days!
  7. Pulled out my vinyl set.. No problem on ’Autumn Leaves’. RVG mastered that Mosaic.
  8. André Hodeir 1921-2011

    Renowned music critic, composer and musician André Hodeir died Tuesday evening in Versailles, near Paris. He was 90. Obituary (in French) on the France-Musique radio site. His book 'Hommes et Problèmes du Jazz' (1954) is an essential read of jazz criticism.
  9. My Hodges box looks the same Great box!
  10. Webster Young dies

    Sad news for admirers of this little know - but excellent - trumpet player. From AP:
  11. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    Martial Solal 94
  12. Passing of George Wein

    Thank you, Sir!
  13. The vinyl version should be out very soon. Will get it!
  14. Charlie Watts RIP

    Vers sorry to learn this. Gréât musician. Was impressed when I read several years ago that Frank Butler was his favorite drummer.
  15. Hadi is also heard on what remains of Mingus music for John Cassavetes film ’Shadows’.
  16. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    The French team rolled when it should have rocked in the first half of ils maitch against Switzerland. The Swiss team proved its worth with cohesive actions.
  17. Burton Greene (1937-2021)

    Very sad to hear he passed away.
  18. Shaving

    Electric of manuel? What's yours? JimS, you're out of this! My trusted Braun electric shaver gave up this morning. After several years of daily service. No problem with the thing before. The motor just went down. Shaving is about the first thing I do in the morning. And I don't really fell good until I have had my shave. After it's done in a few minutes, I'm ready for the day. Tried to grow a beard decades ago but I just didn't like it. I realise it's a personal problem because I have to admit the best (and closest) shaves I have had have been at hairdressers in North Africa and around the Mediterranean where they use the single blade razor. Manual shaving is just not for me. I tried that too but I grew tired of the scratches and the blades and creams rituals. Right now I don't feel good. The beard is growing. Can't wait until I'm done at the office so that I can rush out to buy a new electrical razor!
  19. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    The french team showed they will go far in this compétition With their opening game against Germany.
  20. Bertrand Tavernier (1941 - 2021)

    Superb director. Also à great fan of jazz.
  21. RIP Claude Carriere

    His regular Ellington broadcasts were priceless items on French radio for years.... Hé is very much missed...
  22. Janet Thurlow

    Found this CD while in New York this week: THE JIMMY CLEVELAND JAZZ OCTET FEATURING JANET THURLOW CLEVELAND This seems to be a privately produced album. A short one: 7 tunes totalling 26'37 seconds. Janet Thurlow Cleveland who is featured on what looks to me like a decades old photo on the cover sings on all seven tunes. Tracks listing is: - I've Got a Crush on You - Don't Worry About Me - I Can't Believe You're in Love With Me - Here's That Rainy Day - Eyes of Love - If You Could See Me Now - Eclipse This is out on J.C. Recordings. No album number. A google search proved vain. The liner sheets include a short biography of Janet Thurlow Cleveland, some of her musical credits and the short list of recordings she appears on (with Lionel Hampton and Charles Mingus. Even if her voice falters from time to time Janet Thurlow remains a very interesting singer. The excellent octet that accompanies her remains unnamed. The arranger(s) remain(s) anonymous. No details about the album is given. Anybody has info on this recording.
  23. Howard Johnson - RIP

    Howard Johnson's présence on any session was a sure sign that the music would be swinging and enjoyable. Heard him in thé 60's with Archie Shepp and Gil Evans among others. Hé will be missed!
  24. Big John Patton Sighting?

    Howard Johnson's présence on any session was a sure sign that it would be swinging and enjjoyable.. Heard him in thé 60's with Archie Shepp and Gil Evans among others. Hé will be missed.!
  25. Stanley Cowell, R I P

    Great loss!