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  1. Cutting the Cable

    I dropped cable in 2009, and with an antenna I didn't miss it at all. The antenna gave us higher quality broadcasts, and also access to channels we wouldn't get otherwise, like out of market stations. I hate to admit it but we signed up for cable again after a decade of not having it (because it was one of the new customer deals that gave us gigabit internet for less than we would pay for internet alone), and it just seems to have gotten worse. I thought some of these movie channels might be interesting, but they seem to just play the same movies endlessly. The news channels have been interesting to have during the impeachment hearings but I don't see much more that is worth paying for. Once our promo period is up, we will be dropping it again. I'm willing to pay for gigabit internet without the cable TV.

    Winterpeg, I mean Winnipeg 35
  3. Seems to be a straight reissue of everything Art Ensemble-related on ECM, including the recent Roscoe Mitchell and Jack DeJohnette Made in Chicago releases. Includes a 200 page booklet! There are still a few of these that I haven't gotten yet, and at around $110 or so on Amazon I might get this.
  4. 83 with low humidity (34%) and sunny skies here!! Perfect day!
  5. Happy Birthday! GregK!

    thank you! Seems to come around more and more frequently!
  6. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    I think most of Pi is on Bandcamp. Streaming and downloads.
  7. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Weird. I pre-ordered from Amazon and received it yesterday. Guess they sold out of pre-orders?
  8. Buy them directly from Apple. You can buy it outright or pay monthly over 2 years at 0%, and you get their excellent AppleCare warranty if you sign up for their upgrade program. Much better than buying from the carrier.
  9. Circle

    I'll do whatever I can to help.
  10. He called me "human" once on here, so I appreciated that. what was his last post here?
  11. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    I've been listening to a lot of the Art Ensemble lately. This is very sad news
  12. RIP, Super Dave

    i remember him from Bizarre, with John Byner. Genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings
  13. Tribute to Lester has always been one of my favorites, along with the two that came out on Pi Records a year later
  14. Gimme some Pi (Recordings)

  15. Happy Birthday! GregK!

    haven't been here much lately, so thanks!
  16. can't find list anywhere yet, but i'm also wondering what could be in the 200 page booklet. New essay, all pictures? I'll wait until more info is available before ordering
  17. What is your favorite hot sauce?

    Trader Joe has their own brand of hot sauces, and they are good. I can't recall the name of my favorite, but it has black and red label. Hot!
  18. are you serious? i thought gutters were a must with basements
  19. The Gasoline Blues

    I loved my Civic but it was a lease so I traded it in for a used Nissan Leaf, and I'm very pleased with it. Even though the Civic had great mileage (around 38-40 mpg), I was still having to fill it every 10 days, at around $18-19 each time. And, with yet another oil change coming up, I decided it was time to leave gas engines behind (mostly; wife's car is an old fashioned ICE) and go electric. I can easily make my round trip commute of 34 miles without charging, and when I have to, I have free charging at work! And I'm surprised at the acceleration! I actually don't hate driving anymore (for now, anyway)
  20. IPod Replacement

    what bullshit now?
  21. Anyone use Pods for a move?

    yeah we used a Pod last year when we moved to Baltimore. seemed to work out just fine, price was decent, they were on time with both pickup and delivery. nothing got broken or lost. i didn't enjoy packing and unpacking the Pod but that was the only negative.
  22. Herbie and Wayne

    wow they both are still looking young
  23. Die Hard is a Christmas Movie?

    it's not even that good of a movie. overrated and definitely not a Christmas movie