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  1. Now reading...

    Believe so-Lucas Myers
  2. I found it 4 discs with excellent sound. Listening to the big band disc now. The Golden Years.
  3. There's a three 3 cd set of Basie's later career on Pablo,small group, vocalists and big band. I'd recommend it. Not expensive
  4. Now reading...

    My uncle and Ted Hughes got into lots of mischief at Cambridge, so my parents knew him and Sylvia Plath quite well. RPW was a good friend of my grandfather and I remember meeting him several times as a child. I read the Winslow-good but not as good as the narco trilogy which is top tier, IMO.
  5. Late period Bud Shank

    I like it but too electric for my father who played with Shank in a high school band. We saw BS a couple of times in DC and my father and BS reminisced between sets.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Stan Getz-Spring is Here SACD. Getz and band in excellent form and the SACD sound improves on the redbook release.
  7. Given its release date, is this set still worth acquiring? Or, how much has been separately released?
  8. Desmond 75 set-disc one. While hardly groundbreaking, the standards are very well played. My wife loved it-big bonus.
  9. Peter Bernstein

    I have a Bill Heid recording that he's on.
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    This is the first sb i.e. Betty Board release; only audience recordings available before. I'm in!
  11. PSM has this for hr download-48/24- for $17.59 on sale. I chose this option.
  12. I contacted Mosaic to buy the Desmond set but it just sold out. Damn!
  13. still haven't pulled the plug on that one
  14. I have the Eternal Triangle digital download-a favorite. I'll have to pick up the other recording. EDIT: just dled it.
  15. Jazz in Denver

    I'll be in Denver for a few days in late April and will have some free nights. Any clubs worth a visit? What's the best online events calendar? Thanks!
  16. Woody Herman Select Disc 1.
  17. Lew Tabackin

    Try Desert Lady and Pyramid.
  18. Terry Teachout, R.I.P.

    Jazzwax had a nice tribute. They were good friends.
  19. Revisiting "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!" (the album)

    Though the original liner notes state that it was recorded at the Club DeLisa in Chicago, it was actually recorded at Capitol's Hollywood studio with an invited audience and an open bar.[4] The reason for this discrepancy, according to the liner notes in the CD reissue, is that Adderley and the new manager of Club DeLisa (which had been renamed "The Club", after operating for years in Chicago under its old name) were friends, and Adderley offered to give the club a bit of free publicity. The open bar was a brilliant idea.
  20. Revisiting "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!" (the album)

    Great album and a great story behind the recording.
  21. If anyone has a pdf of the booklet they could send, it would be greatly appreciated!
  22. dled the 24/192 from PSM just now. Fair price of $13.49 I thought. Will have a listen soon.
  23. The Montreaux show is a fun view with excellent surround mix.