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  1. Neil Swainson - 49th Parallel

    I streamed it on Amazon-sounds good compressed always a good sign. Woody in good form here. On the purchase list.
  2. DC jazz club Twins permanently closed

    Very, very sad and I hear Blues Alley is in dire financial condition as well. I also was present for the Organissimo show. A great John Hicks performance also comes to mind. Is JoJos still having shows?
  3. Love Letter, Jimmy Heath's final recording.

    Dled the HR version for tonight's listening pleasure.
  4. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    34 bonus disc is top tier. I'm not sure I will renew my subscription but glad to have this one. 1984 is not a great year for me as Jerry's health was increasingly compromised and his performances, especially vocals, showed it. SQ from the cassette era also a downer.
  5. Love Letter, Jimmy Heath's final recording.

    Looks good! Will be on my purchase list. I worship at the church of Heath. RIP
  6. eBay customer service

    I had an issue with a merchant where I used paypal. I filed a claim with paypal and received a refund in a couple of days.
  7. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    Joey D, Jimmy and Larry Coryell at Blues Alley in DC a few years ago. Fun show and everyone was having a good time.
  8. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Yes, the bonus disc is one of the best. CCS>IKYR is truly outstanding. Excellent sound as well.
  9. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Bonus disc for 34 is one of the best. Glad I subscribed this year!
  10. The Crusaders set is very enjoyable. Likewise the Basie sets and Gerald Wilson and......ok, hard to pick one.
  11. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    RIP. Really enjoyed seeing his big band.
  12. Really old cans of soup

    Have you ever heard of botulism? Discard!
  13. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

  14. Jimmy Heath RIP

    One of my jazz heroes who I saw many times over the years in a variety of formats. His autobiography is indeed excellent and I got him to sign my copy a few years ago. RIP Dr Heath.
  15. Woody Shaw App

    Woody Android app?
  16. Wonder how the HR dl sounds? Initial DR reports of the cds are promising.
  17. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    We are World Champions!!
  18. Dave Holland Big Band - What Goes Around

    I like it and saw the band in Oakland on the tour. A great show!
  19. Heid is a great player and a funny guy. I see him around DC when I can. I plan to sign up.
  20. Happy Birthday Day Jimmy Heath.

    One of the all time great artists in my book and a nice man. Glad he's still with us!
  21. Van Halen

    the 24/192 HR dl of Van Halen 1 sounds amazing but they screwed up the 96/24.
  22. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Thanks for all the replies. I can stream some recordings via Amazon before purchasing.