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  1. Happy Birthday, J.A.W.

    Happy Birthday !
  2. Larry Coryell R.I.P.

    So sorry to hear his - may he RIP.
  3. Wow -was it really 2005 that I was last there? Time flies.. In the interim, that Monk/Coltrane LP that Scott told me about has been and gone.
  4. Happy Birthday JohnS!

    Happy Birthday John - Good listening !
  5. Don Ellis French Connection Reissue

    Well, it started out nicely but all of these links cut out and loop back to the start after about 10 minutes. I guess you need to have an account with them as an institution or student to get the full access. Damn !
  6. French Horn Recommendations

    Some lovely french horn playing and textures on the Miles Davis/Gil Evans albums as well. Section playing, not sure if that counts. Same thing goes for the Junior Collins/Gunther Schuller work on 'Birth of the Cool'.
  7. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    I used to get stuck behind one in the traffic to work on a regular basis - and this was well within the last 10 years !!! Pretty sure I saw one on the road not too long ago too. You could get deliveries of regular milk, half top, double top, cream, yoghurt and eggs I think from most of these guys. In latter days most were operated by 'Unigate'. Check out the Father Ted 'Milk Float' episode - a classic.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Lovely re-mastering by BGO. Better than the vinyl !
  9. I really should move to Stanford so I can say that, instead of waiting a month or two for the banana boat to dock at Felixstowe..
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    One of the best in that Maybeck series.
  11. Michael Naura RIP

    RIP - Only know him from the Brunswick LP and some tracks he did with Klaus Doldinger but what I've heard, I liked.
  12. Yep. Might even be the very same organ, if they are both CBS !
  13. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    CDs 1 and 2. Kicks ass !
  14. Needed to grab the Hines and Lunceford before they totally disappear and the half price shipping will at least offset some of the import tax (). Really liked the Rosemary Clooney CBS samples that I've heard as well so I've plumped for that too, although not exactly a fan of ice hockey style organ and celeste. I suspect that this will be a real sleeper gem of a set.