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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Pete Brown on Doug Dobell’s ‘77 Records, test pressing. This one - £3 from Mole, back in the day.
  2. Miles Davis - We Want Miles (Japanese reissue)

    Yes, that 1982 performance had Al Foster on drums, wonderful big sound. With this band playing ‘Ife’, the links to the 70s bands were tangible. The next time I saw him was in early 1985 - Vince Wilburn on drums I think.
  3. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    Details are hazy but wasn’t there some legal issue with the Stuff Smith Estate ? Certainly peeved me off at the time as this set was on my ‘to do’ list.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I have that Keynote set on LP. It takes a fork lift to get it off the shelf. Will re-aquaint..
  5. Amazingly, my original copy remains in very good shape. Some years ago I also found a nicely bound second copy, in even better condition. So - sorted ! Somewhat superseded by the second book (+ Thacker, Nicholson and co. ) which came out later on though, although I still refer to the earlier book quite a bit. The most annoying thing about it in the mid 70s was that the US issues they quoted were long since unobtainable in the UK (if ever they ever were outside of e.g. Dobells for about 1 day) , so that many of the titles remained elusive until the CD era. Anyway - back to Hank...
  6. I want the Sun Ra colouring book !
  7. Michael James was certainly writing for Jazz Journal in the 1970s. Also co-authored this gem from circa 1975. One of my ‘bibles’.
  8. I’ve actually got a copy of that 1961 Jazz Monthly with the Mobley article. I need to check those out more often !
  9. Post a pic

    ... but poiiiining for the Fjords..
  10. Soho Scene '61: Jazz Goes Mod

    The Sam Lazar tracks are nice - and were new to me.