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  1. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    The BBC refused to broadcast the recording - and then lost the tapes.
  2. Everyone look what I got comin’!!!!!!!

    Beats using these damn LED eco-lights
  3. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    Yes, indeed he was and very much missed - used to enjoy meeting up at Turner Sims. I think our last get-together was to see The Cookers at that venue. John, I recall, was witness to that Albert Ayler broadcast foul-up at the BBC back in the 60s.
  4. Mosaic Sets but Especially Tina Brooks

    It was into the 2000s before I picked up my first sets - it might have been partial CD sets of Larry Young and Jackie McLean which Scott put together for me, plus the Gerald Wilson, which had just come out. I then proceeded to play catch-up. I was aware of their early sets in the 80s via Jazz Journal adverts but at the time the cost and importation were too daunting.
  5. Louis Hayes-Junior Cook Quintet at Uncle Pö´s

    No doubt - wasn’t it somewhere near the Reeperbahn/red light district of Hamburg?
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I think I saw them but can’t recall where. I did see Elmes doing a Saturday afternoon impromptu outdoor solo spot on Yonge Street though. Might have been near the Eaton Center.
  7. Eric - I just went along to a trusted fine art framer and got them to advise on matte, glass and frame. They were able to mock up a partial frame and border sizing for a print corner using samples in the shop, to fine tune the layout. Easy peasy.
  8. Capitulating and assuming Brad will bail me out as and when required () here’s a pic of the Melvin Lastie that I’ve already framed. Here’s the new McLean print.
  9. Mine is totally blank at the back, no stickers or writing. In fact, just like the previous prints I bought years ago.
  10. Can’t believe it but my print has just arrived !
  11. Nice haul - the Martino and John Patton are very cool finds. Shame the Patton has the corner clip but often the case for that era.
  12. Yeah, I wasn’t sure. Can only recall seeing them on the site from the 2000s but they were probably already there beforehand.
  13. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    Saw him around 2007/8 with his Trio in a Contemporary Music Network tour over here at two venues. Former board member JohnS (RIP) was with me at the Southampton show. After the Bath show (Tippett Centre) managed to wangle a nice chat with him afterwards and he signed some CDs, LPs and the Mosaic booklet. Diabolical handwriting, a delight to chat with !