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  1. Buell Neidlinger RIP

    Sorry to hear this. The Cecil Taylor and Buell Neidlinger Candid Mosaic will be spun today. Thanks for the music and RIP.
  2. Tower, Picadilly Circus in London is still badly missed. All time greatest visit there must have been mid/late 90s when they had all of the Jazz 625 releases on video, the early Miles Davis Columbia CD sets, a whole bay of Japanese imports. I ended up purchasing the Coltrane Atlantic vinyl box that day. Having said that, the Tower US prices worked out quite a bit cheaper ($ for £ effectively). RIP.
  3. Hubert Laws

    I remember seeing him on TV over here many years ago doing ‘Winter In America’ with Gil Scott-Heron. There were two flautists in the band - not sure about the other one. I think my introduction to him was on various Quincy Jones albums such as ‘Smackwater Jack’. He’s also nicely featured on a couple of tracks on the Chick Corea ‘Inner Space’ 2LP set (left off the CD issue I think). That one seemed to come and go pretty quickly, back to obscurity. Glad I got a copy.
  4. Hubert Laws

    No particular thoughts but sounds like a really great night - perfect antidote to the current European freeze-up
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    That must have been when you ran me a version
  6. Thanks for posting the list ! I was hoping a stray Mildred Bailey box might have been found..
  7. Favorite Mosaic Selects?

    Love it !
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    My old cutout copy bought from Mole Jazz back in the day ! Tony Williams was using tree trunks as sticks on LP1..
  9. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    Bob Cranshaw and Butch Warren must be in the frame. Jackie McLean and Hank Mobley - so many fine sideman appearances in addition to their own sessions. I would put Billy Higgins high up too.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Carla Bley/Steve Swallow ‘Night Glo’ (Watt/ECM)
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I remember seeing Workshop de Lyon at the Bath Festival one year (when they still featured jazz ).
  12. Way Out West deluxe edition.

    Or the Vogue LAC vinyl !