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  1. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    Listening to the Zeitlin Mosaic box once again (predictably good), I wonder what came of those Mosaic plans in 2008 to put out 'Shining Hour: Live at the Trident' with the additional takes, presumably intended as a 'Singles' release? A shame that one never saw the light of day.
  2. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    Once again, clear feed over here. That first set last night was particularly good - same set list as per Friday, culminating in 'ESP'. By the time the second set started I was half asleep so the memory of what was played is a bit hazy !
  3. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    No - Not particularly interested in that one. I have the Tapscott and Carter/Bradford though.
  4. Bill Dixon - Intents & Purposes reissue

    Even later to the party, which has long since left town and spontaneously combusted but after reading London Jazz Collector's blog entry on this one (a rare CD excursion for him) and hearing the (phenomenal) samples, I have put in an immediate order for the CD. No doubt it will become rare as gold dust in the not too distant future. How did I let this one pass me by?
  5. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    Yeah, they do well all things considered as the club can't be very large and, as you say, there are 3 top flight musicians to pay for. I think they give people the option of standing in the bar area for the second set, so that is pretty good. Next time I am in NYC I will be sure to visit this place and Smalls.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Original vinyl copy, signed by Pat..
  7. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    No Louis Newport LP set then?
  8. Esquire London Jazz Classics 25 title series

    The couple of releases by the fine multi-instrumentalist Alan Branscombe look interesting.
  9. Denny Zeitlin at Mezzrow webcasts

    No problem over here - caught the first set and uninterupted feed. It was predictably excellent - the group's cohesion noticeably improved towards the end of the set (not that it was bad to begin with). Fine selection of standards and originals - will try to catch it again tonight. Wish I could have picked up one of those CDs Denny was selling and signing in the club. Unlike being in the audience, you also don't get turfed out at the end of the first set with the streaming option.
  10. To put it all in perspective, the first programme I ever wrote (in Fortran) was on a deck of punched cards. Had to punch them myself ! Back then, you could still trace the legacy to the likes of ENIAC, EDSAC, ACE etc.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Mr Fame is doing a gig just down the road from me in a few weeks' time. Sadly, no Harry South Big Band though..