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  1. LF: Joe Chambers - The Almoravid LP

    That 32 Jazz CD is an absolute classic of their appalling photoshop design. So bad that it is bound to become a highly sought collectable. I’ve stuck with mine. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it on CD. I have the LP version.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Milestone 2LP - good stuff
  3. Kenny Dorham photo on ebay- whos in it!

    Specs Powell on drums?
  4. New DONATE button

    Implants done under private treatment usually cost about £2000 to £3000 each over here - it takes 6 or 7 appointments to complete the treatment. Under NHS treatment you pay a contribution towards treatment - I had a filling and X rays last year and it came out to around £50. At the age of 60 and up, the treatment becomes free (also the case for children and long term unemployed).
  5. I’ll keep all 10 of mine scanning the horizon for this one. Not to be missed !
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I’d love to know exactly where that Harriott Melodisc LP was recorded. Reportedly it was set up by and sold at Dobell’s but according to the Harriott bio, I think, they used a dive of a recording studio in the old East End. I have an image of them recording at some seedy basement with the Krays calling in for the rent.. Very fine playing by Stu Hamer - younger brother of Ian, both excellent trumpeters.
  7. I guess the success of the 6LP Rendell/Carr release has impressed the suits at Universal enough to take a punt. No doubt very limited run.
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Sounds like it was recorded in Dobell’s toilets but essential stuff ! For some reason, the Melodisc LP was held back for several years, although recorded in 1967 I believe. In that ‘Jazz 625’ tribute programme on BBC the other week Gilles Peterson was handling a copy of this very LP, although he didn’t get chance to say anything about it !
  9. New DONATE button

    Apart from implants, which are not covered by NHS and would be private.
  10. Incidentally, the 11LP box set will presumably include ‘The Orchestra’, Tubby’s final Fontana LP release back in the day. I don’t think that one has ever been reissued - maybe in Japan on limited issue but if so I haven’t seen it. That one is a very pleasant LP, although obviously aimed at the easy-listening market.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    2-eye mono, demo copy
  12. Simon Spillett mentions this ‘lost’ session for Fontana with the Louis Stewart lineup in his bio. Great that it is finally to be released, in full. That particular band was very fine indeed. Incidentally, just listening to Tubby in his unlikely 1965 big band recording with Friedrich Gulda. Good stuff !