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  1. Hiroshi Tanno to close down his store

    Aw. There’s a post on his Facebook, too. Thanks for all the music, Hiroshi.
  2. I was in a hotel in New Orleans when I scored the Hank vinyl. In 2019, it wasn’t cheap- my wife’s great, but she would never have bid for me!
  3. I bought the uncropped No Room for Squares shot, got the shipping email today *but* it shipped the 13th and is already in town. Tuesday!
  4. Hiroshi Tanno to close down his store

    this is from an hour ago, so yep
  5. Monk 1959 session on Resonance, Coltrane?

    Here it is.
  6. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Record 1 of the McLean set. Being played for the first time
  7. Kamasi Washington: THE EPIC

    Listening right now, for the first time- was asked by a kid that loves it if I'd heard it, and there you go. I know a pretty young, not particularly jazz-inclined person that loves it. That's alright.
  8. At 4 or 5 ounces (in a bubble mailer), first class is cheaper than media mail.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Hank Mobley Quartet 10", the 2015 reissue.
  10. Jazz CD's for sale or trade

    Hey, John! Do you still have this from last summer? Clark ,Sonny Sonny Clark Trio/Standards (Blue Note JRVG) 2CD $30 I still have your 3 Sounds around here somewhere... (I'll pm too, a little rusty here)
  11. Vinyl's difficult comeback

    Late to the party, but that Guardian article was great, thanks for posting.
  12. Sandy Jarrell is in the news!

    If DC revives Bill I'll try to sway them with my new pith helmet drawing skills
  13. Sandy Jarrell is in the news!

    I'm obviously not checking in very often, making comics and stuff Thanks for noticing, and for the kind words!
  14. Happy Birthday GA Russell!

    Happy birthday, neighbor!
  15. Pimping my funnybook

    I've sold chunks of collection (in the distant past) to make rent and stuff, some irreplaceable. I still miss those things! Sorry you fell victim to the nineties : ( If I'm ever down on comics because business, all it takes is a pile of Kirby to pull me out of it.