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  1. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    Bobby Hutcherson: Farewell Keystone Bobby Hutcherson: Four Seasons
  2. Echo and the Bunnymen: Live in Liverpool
  3. What Are You Watching

    Old Hullabaloo shows.
  4. A Flock of Seagulls S/T. I've been revisiting a lot of 1980's stuff, and gladly (for me at least), it's stood the test of time. When I first heard I Ran, I thought it was one of the coolest songs I ever heard.
  5. Been going down a New Order rabbit hole, now on Power, Corruption and Lies.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    California continues to be a mess, my mother, who is 82, can't even get an appointment on-line or by phone, just keep getting the message that appointments are full. Meanwhile, I get stuff like this:
  7. The V-8 Juice is SO GOOD!

    I hear you, V-8 tastes terrible!
  8. Now reading...

    I'm reading Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem The Wreck of the Deutschland tonight, such a great poem! Can you imagine what Hopkins thought when this poem was rejected by a fellow Jesuit? Didn't think it was good enough for some Jesuit journal. Just the opening stanza alone shows the wondrous creativity of Hopkins. Thou mastering me God! giver of breath and bread; World's strand, sway of the sea; Lord of living and dead; Thou hast bound bones and veins in me, fastened me flesh, And after it almost unmade, what with dread, Thy doing: and dost thou touch me afresh? Over again I feel thy finger and find thee.
  9. Now reading...

    Thought Forms by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater. Read about this reprint in Dangerous Minds and it is fascinating. A Theosophical work from 1905, and it revolves around the question: what do invisible realities look like? Has fifty-three illustrations and it is a wonderful book to ponder over.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ray Price: The Essential Ray Price 1951 - 1962. A confident singer, I'm amazed every time I listen to this.
  11. David: I've been listening to Strum and Thrum while driving around, and it's great! Right now, I'm going through videos of the Sadistic Mika Band, wild and creative.