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  1. LF Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CD

    I am still looking for more reasonably priced CDs of LAJI-001 and -002. Bump. Bump.
  2. LF Metronome Magazine August 1956

  3. Record Store Day 2021

    The Harold Land "Westward Bound" CD is listed on Amazon.
  4. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Thanks to miles65 I now have this CD. I am very pleased as I have been looking for it for many years.
  5. Floating World UK, Fresh Sound

    Fresh Sound Records CDs are absolutely terrific. The CDs are high quality and the notes written by Jordi Pujol are excellent.
  6. Absolutely outstanding!!! Thank you very much. I have been looking for this CD for many years.

    Stonewall15 (Dan) (

  7. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Rooster- thanks for the auto-search recommendation. I will set one up.
  8. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Rooster- Thanx but not CD I am looking for.
  9. Unissued Music You Would Like To See Released

    According to Jordi Pujol (Fresh Sound Records) many tapes were bequeathed to him from Migliori for release. I contacted Jordi Pujol and he said he could not find the tape for TRLP-18.
  10. Has surveys of heads of record companies. Supposedly included Transition Records owner Tom Wilson. If Wilson (or if anyone else responded for Transition) I would like to obtain that Transition survey. I would like just the Transition pages but would be happy with the whole magazine.
  11. LPs that have never made it into CD

  12. Unissued Music You Would Like To See Released

    Looking for release of Transition LP TRLP-18 Jay Migliori "Jazz Down Beat". Definitely existed at one time. Complete listing is in Lord discography. One song "Something's Gotta Give" was released in the Transition Sampler LP TRLP-30. The booklet for TRLP-30 also has a description of the Migliori session.
  13. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    I have registered. How do I access the program on Thursday? Both sessions were released on Calliope LPs- Max Roach on CAL-3013 and Howard Rumsey on CAL-3030.
  14. "New" Brubeck

    I got it: LP "Dave Brubeck Trio- Live at the Wiener (Vienna) Konzerthaus 12 November 1967".