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  1. Record Store Day 2021

    I believe this was one of the sources for this....
  2. Blue Note is releasing it. End of July supposedly....
  3. Definitely 8 CDs and 12 LPs. CD box is supposedly going to be "moderately priced"
  4. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    I have not heard the final product but I heard the original tapes and it's pretty killing. The intensity level is high. I think the Land is from the Penthouse in Seattle but I'm not sure....
  5. I need more John Hicks (recommendations)...

    For whatever reason, timing, mood or what have you, I'm finding this Paris concert to be much stronger. "The Egyptian" is earth shattering. There is also some footage from an Italian date from the same tour floating around as well.....
  6. I need more John Hicks (recommendations)...

    Not an album but I've been listening to this Live Art Blakey thing a lot lately... It's off the hook for me....
  7. RIP Chick Corea

    Interesting.... had no idea... Mark, I read your piece on Chick and enjoyed it but how can you not include this? It is one of my favorites if not my favorite.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygoa3jjnS2s
  8. Then you're just the sucker they are looking for after all Big booklet, lots of cool photos. The ones mentioned above plus some other nice live shots. More essays then one would even need as well....
  9. New World Records

    I've seen them plenty of times in used records stores over the years...
  10. I think the CDs will be moderately priced. I'm not as privy to such discussions but I think the general philosophy these days is deluxe, pricey LP box set and reasonably priced CD set. There are a lot of cool pictures from the Lighthouse photo shoot and I think the photo shoot from the Lee's last album in the booklet. They are of course more glorious in the LP box but the CD booklet will have all this stuff as well...
  11. Well I think the sound is a lot better at least but I'm biased... As for track timings, the timings of a particular tune are pretty much in the same ball park with a fluctuation of a minute or two in either direction in general.
  12. 12 LPs or 8 CDs. I don't know if there will be different versions for different parts of the world but I seriously doubt it.
  13. 14 previously unreleased tracks plus 5 previously unreleased Speedballs of various lengths, not that it matters that much. I chose the master takes back in the '90s and I will say, most of the decisions were pretty easy then except for two tunes. Going through it this time though, I have to admit I found the level of the performances consistently high throughout all the sets. The energy is infectious throughout and it's exciting to hear such a good band hitting on all cylinders set after set. I really like this band though, others might not be as high on them... I do have to say I think the sound is greatly improved over the 3 CD set. If you really like this band, it might be worth the plunge but if it is not amongst your favorites, then perhaps the 3 CD set would suffice.
  14. New World Records

    The Cecil Taylor Unit album on New World is probably my favorite Cecil Taylor album and very important to my early development.
  15. Unheard Miles and Coltrane.

    The B side is the Montgomery Brothers from the Jazz Workshop.