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  1. Live Streaming Concerts

    Michael Weiss live Wednesday at 19:30. https://www.facebook.com/michaelweissjazz/videos/742112953125450/
  2. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    Great job, Mike.
  3. Native American Jazz

    In an interview at the time of its release, Sonny Rollins' last studio album, "Sonny, Please!", the track with the same title was inspired by Sonny listening to Native American music.
  4. Imaginary Mosaics

    The Complete Rod Stewart sings the American songbook.
  5. I heard this ruined Jimmy’s ability to play his trombone after that.
  6. Yes. Coming on Monday.
  7. A week since I got the email that my order went to the warehouse, and still waiting.
  8. Yeah it is a good album. Iggy's voice has had better days.
  9. Sonny Simmons RIP

    RIP, Sonny.
  10. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    Nice. Thanks for sharing this.
  11. Bob Porter has died

    RIP, Bob. He was a lover of the music and kept it on the airways when so many other jazz format stations folded.
  12. I got my email today.
  13. Same here, I didn't get a notice yet. I placed the order when Mosaic started taking orders.
  14. These are all recordings from someone in the audience. Talking by the crowd as the band plays.