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  1. The complete discography includes 10 recordings: 3 Booker Ervin records 3 Jaki Byard records 2 Eric Kloss record 1 Phil Woods record 1 Roy Eldridge record E3251]Add Booker Ervin The Freedom Book : Booker Ervin (ts) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., December 3, 1963 A lunar tune Prest PRLP7295, P24091, (Jap)VICJ-23782 [CD] Cry me not - - - Grant's stand - - - A day to mourn - - - Al's in - - - Stella by starlight Prest PRLP7417 - - , OJC CD919-2 [CD] Note: Prestige P24091 entitled "The freedom and space sessions"; see October 2, 1964 for the rest of this 2LP set. OJC CD919-2 [CD] titled "Groovin' High". Above titles from Prestige PRLP7295 also on OJC CD845-2 [CD] titled "The Freedom Book". All above titles also on Prestige PRCD-30160-2 [CD] titled "The Freedom Book". All above titles also on Jazz Lips (E)JL771 [CD] titled "The Complete Songbook Sessions"; this is 2 CD set. [E3254]Add Booker Ervin The Space Book : Booker Ervin (ts) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., October 2, 1964 Number two Prest PRLP7386, P24091, (Jap)VICJ23784 [CD] I can't get started (*) - - - Mojo - - - There is no greater love - - - The second no 2 PRLP7417, - - , OJC CD919-2 [CD] Bass-ix - - , OJC CD919-2 [CD] Note: (*) This title also on Franklin Mint GJR072. Prestige P24091 titled "The freedom and space sessions". Prestige PRLP7417 titled "Groovin' high". First 4 titles also on OJC CD896-2 [CD] titled "The Space Book". All above titles also on Jazz Lips (E)JL771 [CD]. [B16924]Add Jaki Byard Freedom Together : Jaki Byard (p,el-p,celeste,vib,ts,d) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d,tymp,vib) Junior Parker (vcl) New York, January 11, 1966 Nocturne for contrabass Prestige PR7463, OJC CD-1898-2 [CD] Just you, just me - - Getting to know you (jp vcl) - - Night leaves (jp vcl) - - Freedom together - - Ode to Prez - - Young at heart (jb piano solo) - - Note: All above titles also on Prestige (Jap)SMJ-7435. [E3258]Add Booker Ervin Heavy!!! : Jimmy Owens (tp,flhrn) Garnett Brown (tb) Booker Ervin (ts) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 9, 1966 Bachafillen Prest PRLP7499, OJC CD981-2 [CD] You don't know what love is (jo,gb out) - - Aluminum baby - - Not quite that - - Bei mir bist du schon - - Ode to Charlie Parker - Note: All titles from Prestige PRLP7499 also on Fantasy P7499. [K3027]Add Eric Kloss Eric Kloss (ts) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) New York, December 22, 1966 Milestones Prest PR7486, Prestige PRCD-24293-2 [CD] Softly, as in a morning sunrise - - You don't know what love is - - When I fall in love - Repeat PR7486, - Gentle one - - Psychedelicatessen rag - [B16927]Add Jaki Byard Jaki Byard With Strings : Ray Nance (vln,vcl) Jaki Byard (p,org-1) George Benson (g) Ron Carter (cello) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d,vib-2) New York, April 2, 1968 Music to watch girls by (1) Prestige PR7573, PRCD-24246-2 [CD] Cat's cradle conference rag (2) - - Falling rains of life (2) - - How high the moon - - Ray's blues (rn vcl) - - Note: Prestige PRCD-24246-2 [CD] titled "Solo/Strings"; see July 31, 1969 for rest of CD. All above titles also on Prestige (Jap)SMJ-7508. [B16928]Add Jaki Byard The Jaki Byard Experience : Rahsaan Roland Kirk (cl,ts,manzello,whistle,kirkbam) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 17, 1968 Parisian thoroughfare Prestige PR7615, P24080, OJC CD-1913-2 [CD] Hazy eve (p,b duo) - - - Shine on me - - - Evidence - - - , Boplicity (E)BOM12 Memories of you (rd,ad out) - - - Teach me tonight - - - Note: All above titles also on Prestige P24080 titled "Roland Kirk - Pre-Rahsaan"; see Roland Kirk, July 11, 1961 for rest of this 2 LP set. All above titles also on Prestige (Jap)SMJ-7518, Bellaphon (G)BJS-40128, Prestige PRCD-24080 [CD]. [K3032]Add Eric Kloss In The Land Of The Giants : Eric Kloss (as) Booker Ervin (ts) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., January 2, 1969 Things ain't what they used to be Prest PR7627, Prestige PRCD-24217-2 [CD] Sock it to me Socrates - - Summertime - - So what - - Santa Clink (unissued) When two lovers touch Prest PR7627, Prestige PRCD-24217-2 [CD] Note: All titles from Prestige PR7627 also on Prestige (Jap)SMJ-7528. [E1047]Add Roy Eldridge The Trumpeters, Jazzfest Masters : Roy Eldridge (tp) Clark Terry, Bobby Hackett (tp-1) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) Live "New Orleans Jazz Festival", New Orleans, LA, June, 1969 Rifftide Scotti Bros. (Pol)72392-75246-2 [CD] I can't get started - Little Jazz - Perdido (1) - Note: For the rest of Scotti Bros. (Pol)72392-75246-2 [CD] see Dizzy Gillespie and Buck Clayton. [W8968]Add Phil Woods Musique Du Bois : Phil Woods (as) Jaki Byard (p) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (d) New York, January 14, 1974 Samba du bois Muse MR5037, MCD5037 [CD] Willow, weep for me - - Nefertiti - - The last page - - The summer knows - - Airegin - - , Franklin Mint GJR072 Samba du bois (alt take) - Note: All titles from Muse MR5037 also on Muse (F)900322, Vedette (It)VPA8339, Toshiba (Jap)80135, Tobacco Road (G)2547. All above titles also on Camden Deluxe (E)74321-608222 [CD] titled "The Summit"; further titles from this 2 CD set by Bud Shank, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims. All above titles also on 32 Jazz 32016 [CD] titled "Musique Du Bois". All above titles also on Muse (Jap)IXJ-80135, Seven Seas (Jap)K22P-6002, K18P-9428, Muse (G)976037 [CD], (Jap)BRJ-4510 [CD], SRCS-9401 [CD].
  2. That's the final appearance with him playing (at least that we know about), but there is a spoken-word appearance on the new Lakecia Benjamin record.
  3. All true. I'd rather not address this publicly but if you poke around on social media you can find some details. I was a freelancer working on contract month to month. My last Chronology column -- about bassist Israel Crosby's work OUTSIDE of the Ahmad Jamal Trio -- will be running in the April issue. Sorry to see the column end, but I have some ideas for keeping it going and parlaying it into something else. Too early to say more.
  4. Wayne Shorter and yours truly, January 2, 2000, backstage at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. That's Michael Weiss in the background in between Wayne and me, with John Patitucci over Wayne's right shoulder.
  5. Folks who want more saxophone soloing from Wayne should check out the recording from the concerts with the Lazz at Lincoln Center band. The arrangements are hit and miss but Wayne does stretch out at age 82 with a traditional rhythm section behind him playing 4/4 swing. Many levels of beauty, amusement, sincerity, irony, and legacy in how he plays on Contemplation.
  6. Leaving the records aside, when I saw Wayne live for the first time -- Jazz Showcase, November 1985, with his first post-WR quartet -- he played almost non stop. First there were were extended-form compositions whose melodies he carried, and then he often played long improvisations that delivered not only beguiling individual moments but also coalesced into larger narratives. It was a kind of "goal-oriented" soloing against a steady rhythmic beat that he rarely entertained with his post- 2002-quartet, which was defined more by the four-way conversational aesthetic -- we always solo, we never solo. I will say that as much as I did love this last band, there were concerts when I was frustrated that Wayne didn't play more -- not because I wanted or expected gunslinger "solos" but because there were times where it wasn't really an equal, four-way conversation. Wayne sometimes ceded so much space and decision making to the others that he didn't have at least a 25% say on where the music was going, or where it might or could go. I loved hearing Wayne react to what was going on around him; but sometimes I wanted him to lead the conversation more -- because he's Wayne Shorter, and the ideas you're gonna get from him in front of the band are going to be more profound than when those come from the others. Folks may recall that this happened once in Detroit. https://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/arts/mark-stryker/2015/03/21/wayne-shorter-quartet/25143431/
  7. The ballads are everything. It's ALL there, now and forever. Infant Eyes, Teru, Penelope, Nefertiti, Fall, Diana, Miyako, Black Swan, Blackthorn Rose, Contemplation, Sleeping Dancer Sleep On, Iris, Calm, Virgo, Sweet Pea, Starry Night, Lady Day, When You Dream, Ana Maria, Vonetta ...
  8. Any way to download these from the root all at once -- or a big group at once, like an entire year, rather -- than having to go through each one individually?
  9. Well, sure; but he has Jarrett' trust enough to get him on camera so gets a pass from me because I doubt anyone else could have made this happen.
  10. Time marches on. This remarkable recent video interview with Keith Jarrett, including the pianist actually playing a bit with his right-hand only -- two strokes have left his left hand inoperable -- is something to witness.
  11. Interesting. https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/reservoir-acquires-catalog-of-saxophonist-and-jazz-icon-sonny-rollins/
  12. Just a coda to that song Jim posted, "Condemned for Life (with a Rock and Roll Wife)" -- I noticed that one of the cowriters listed is Moose Charlap. That's Bill Charlap's father.
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