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Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

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On 3.1.2020 at 10:19 PM, John Tapscott said:


Just arrived  yesterday from my order in June 2019

On 28.12.2019 at 11:35 AM, sidewinder said:


Tal Euro-Mosaic, CD2

There’s a great little bio of Tal in the booklet. Sounds like a great, well-grounded and friendly guy as well as being a guitar genius.

Left out  this box 'cause have all his stuff on vinyls and CD's. Can suggest this book


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I've been buying a little too aggressively on eBay lately, but without any remorse on my part whatsoever (now my dw on the other hand...).  Currently alternating between these two, and they are both fantastic.  As others on this board have discussed, I love the variety sets, and the Condon Mob is really, really excellent both sonically and musically.  Dixieland really has a liveliness to it that's infectious - I'd dance along if I could, lol.  J.J. is likewise an interesting set for the variety he himself searched for.  Haven't finished the liner notes just yet, but you really can see him always working toward something new with each recording session as Loren Schoenberg notes in the essay.

s-l1600.jpg R-3220467-1463896955-5388.jpeg.jpg

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This box set arrived here one and a half hours ago - Jazz Messengers still had a few copies, and after doing some unexpected sales of rare books I decided to get me one. Listening to a track or two from each session. Much good music to hear. The Johnny Hartmann session in particular.

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This goes down as Not Enjoying.

I went to listen to the McCoy Tyner Select and couldn’t find it; I searched high and low.  Then a thought hit me: maybe I thought I bought it (I’m convinced I did) but actually didn’t. Unfortunately, the would be profit takers have jacked up the price so I will have to wait or purchase the individual albums separately. 

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