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Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

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I listened to discs six and seven-with Roy Eldridge, Dodo Marmarosa, and Barney Kessell.  I must confess, however, that I've been listening to alot of Woody Herman the last few weeks, and I found myself missing some of the entertainment I find in the music of the Herds,  As Uncle Dave Macon said about Earl Scruggs, "He ain't a bit funny."


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3 hours ago, ghost of miles said:

Been meaning to revisit that one (the first Mosaic I ever purchased).

Always a lot to chew on in this one:


It wasn't my first, but it was an early one. Interesting that there seems to be a resurgence of interest in Andrew lately. Especially regarding all the new vinyl BN reissues.

I never got that Braxton box. Sorry I missed out. Will hopefully be able to see him at the Big Ears Festival in March, though.

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Just finished disc I Woody Herman 1943-1954. Nice arrangements. I allways have to revise my opinion on Woody's clarinet playing. It's Always better than I remember. But not on par with Goodman or Shaw. Ben Webster's solos are great but to short. Best track: Crying sands.

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11 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Thoughts? :)

The sound seems quite good—mostly it was just a pleasure to revisit those two 1963 albums (coupled together on disc 1), which I think Blumenthal rightly contends are in some ways a continuation/culmination of Mobley’s 1960-61 albums. Just got back from the new Star Wars movie and am contemplating a late-night spin of disc 2. 

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4 hours ago, ghost of miles said:

Disc 4 of the new Mobley Mosaic. Still crazy to think that A Slice Of The Top stayed on the shelf for 13 years before being released. 

Slice of the Top is my #1 favorite Mobley leader-date. Great in every way: writing, arranging, ensemble-work, soloing, complete with Lee Morgan — what’s not to love!!

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