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Favorite Monk tune?


What is your favorite Thelonious Monk tune?  

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All of them:

52nd Street Theme

Ask Me Now

Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (Bolivar Blues)

Bemsha Swing

Blue Hawk

Blue Monk

Blue Sphere

Blues Five Spot (Five Spot Blues)

Boo Boo´s Birthday

Brake´s Sake

Bright Mississippi

Brilliant Corners


Children´s Song

Coming On The Hudson

Crepuscule With Nellie

Criss Cross




Four In One

Friday The 13th


Gallop´s Gallop

Green Chimneys


Hornin´ In


I Mean You

In Walked Bud



Let´s Call This

Let´s Cool One

Light Blue

Little Rootie Tootie



Monk´s Dream

Monk´s Mood

Monk´s Point

North Of The Sunset


Off Minor

Oska T


Played Twice

Raise Four



Ruby, My Dear

San Francisco Holiday

Shuffle Boil



Something In Blue

Straight No Chaser

Stuffy Turkey



Think Of One


Two Timer

Ugly Beauty

We See

Well You Needn’t

Who Knows


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Also Jackie-Ing, I Mean You, Gallop's Gallop, Monk's Dream, Bye-Ya, Four in One, Monk's Mood...

At various times, pretty much any of them except "Oska T."

What's wrong with "Oska T"? Any Monk tune that can immediately pop into my head as this one did upon reading your post can't be all bad. :)

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Recommended reading:


Great book although I only know a few tunes on the guitar. Of course, I have the "C" edition with the red cover.

as for my favorite Monk: all of 'em. :rhappy:

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However, if forced to choose from your abbreviated list and purposely leaving out the ballads, I see I'm the only one that so far prefers "Evidence". When you listen to the spacing and angularity of that tune, it's no wonder that whenever there's a tribute to Monk's music, this one is hardly played.

If I was to choose, it would have to be Evidence for me as well, and I like this tune for the exact same reasons you do. The angularity and spacing are amazing! My favorite version is on Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk on Atlantic. Blakey makes that version just as much as Monk does, and this is perhaps one of my favorite drum solos of all time!

Runner-up, is Bye-Ya where I think I like the version on the Columbia best-and a lot of that has to do with Rouse's solo-just amazing! The trio version on the Prestige is also nearly just as good.

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