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Whole batch of Mosaic Selects and Singles running low

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That has happened before several times ... I guess they stumble over another few dozen copies of a box they assume had sold out and just put it back up for a moment.

I stroke lucky with the Herman Capitol box that way.

Though I really wish the Art Hodes and the Commodores and the studio Roulette Basie would turn up again :crazy:

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I'm playing my Cohn/Newman/Green right now ... also had to get the Pendulum on top of that, was good on the rest.

The Ellington single is nice, but I still wouldn't want to miss the expanded edition of the actual concert as a companion!

Oh, and as usual I even posted in the that announced to the world that the Basie Verve box was running low, so everything's okay ;)

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Yes, I enjoy some of it very much. I think Roulette Basie is overall a bit more to my liking, but the early sessions with Quinichette are mighty enjoyable and the band with Gus Johnson might have been the best edition of the NT band ever ... so, yes indeed!

But the eight CDs do have some sameness and I'd probablly not want to listen to it all in one day.

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Just received Cohn/Newman/Green, Bechet and Pendulum; I am playin Pendulum that I have ner heard of; simply stunning!


So you got the same ones from the whole list that I got ... only played the former myself, but the Lieb/Beirach was already a huge and pleasant surprise, and I also recently got hold of the ECM LP of "Lookout Farm" ... I guess I just love that period of Liebman's work!

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For anyone who doesn't already have them, the Paul Chambers ($14.49) and Andrew Hill ($8.99!!!) sets are both available for download on Amazon as part of the Capitol Vaults Jazz Series. There are several other Mosaic Selects available as well, including Don Pullen ($12.49), Dexter Gordon ($10.49), John Patton ($14.49), Randy Weston ($18.99), Art Pepper ($17.99), Bobby Hutcherson ($15.49), Bennie Green ($17.49) and Bud Shank/Bob Cooper ($23.99). The series also includes the full-length Bobby Hackett ($39.99), Gene Krupa/Harry James ($66.49) and Joe Pass ($42.49) sets.

EDIT: Without looking up the other OOP sets, it's also worth noting that the Carmell Jones set is available for $15.49.

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Is that heart palpitations I'm feeling??!!! :rfr

By total coincidence -- last week, when I pre-ordered the Woody Shaw Muse box, I also ordered a "safety" copy of the Hill BN Select -- which is the very first time I've ever done anything like that (at least with a Mosaic). Truth is, I can't imagine ever accidentially bungling my only copy of this material (and being able to survive without it).

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