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2nd Gentleman's kids named after Trane and Ella


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5 hours ago, medjuck said:

Is it political to say that I just read that Doug Emhoff's kids are named Cole and Ella after John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald? 

No, it's awesome!  My first cat was "Mingus", and our current cat is "Aisha".

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Doug may be the 2nd Gentleman... but he will always be the first 2nd Gentleman.

BTW, without getting political (and recognizing no politicians are perfect candidates), if I might add — Kamala was both my and my wife’s first choice early on in this primary race.

Keeping this non-partisan, I think it was way past time for a woman to be elected as part of a presidential ticket — and I’m very hopeful we’ll see a woman in the Oval Office in my lifetime (I’ll be 52 this year).

Yesterday was an important day historically speaking, and I’m proud to see another huge crack in that glass ceiling.

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I convinced my wife to let me give our eldest the middle name “Roscoe” after Roscoe Mitchell. She gamely allowed it.  She keeps introducing him as “named after the jazz musician Roscoe Mitchell”, to universally blank looks. I assume that’s because Mitchell is better known as a composer of work outside the jazz idiom. ;)

That said, he got off better than my own oldest friend, who ended up with the middle name “Zawinul”. 

2 hours ago, Mark Stryker said:

Kamala Harris was a board member of SF Jazz at one point. I think that her interest in the music has come mostly through her husband, but I could be wrong. 

That’s great! I didn’t know that.

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