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Jazz Times -- no white writers admitted now? per Nate Chinen

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22 hours ago, JSngry said:


Which one was it whose proudest accomplishment was a deep-dive into the career of George Butler? That was Murph, right? Talk about not only drinking the Kool Aid but also handing it out to others...

I like this kind of thing, so I googled and found the article. It’s basically just a panegyric. Quite disappointing. Also, slightly bizarre the central conceit that Dr. Butler is a forgotten figure - he’s one of the most (in)famous A&R men in jazz.

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  • 2 months later...

The Jazz Times streaming TV platform is sitting there with initial content as part of The Bebop Network app, and has been for several months now. The app also takes you to other streams for the other Madavera publications.

Initial content is a mixed bag, but there are definitely some items of interest.

Not a lot of new content yet, though. 

The actual magazine itself... Don't know, don't care 

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8 hours ago, JSngry said:


I personally think it's an exquisite monument to Reactionary White Butthurtedness, especially since it's totally unrelated to what really happened.

Never forget, that's my motto! 

It is that, although it is also closely aligned to and appears to support the way in which the company has sought to portray and capitalise on its post-acquisition cost-cutting measures.

So a monument to white reaction on the one hand and to cynical corporate co-option of a good cause for financial gain on the other. I am not sure either of those really needs a monument.

The discussion in the thread is in any case clearly far wider, and relates to the changes enacted by the acquirer in general, beyond the clickbaity headline and lede of the original article.

What about "JazzTimes' acquisition by the BeBop Channel Corporation"?

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2 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

What about "JazzTimes' acquisition by the BeBop Channel Corporation"?

But the very discussion goes far beyond a simple act of "acquisition". There is more to it - white or anti-white or whatever. Besides, the title of the topic refers to an actual statement by another author that is quoted and DOES raise the question hinted at in the title of this topic. Regardless of how anyone feels about it. Why hush it over in the title? Everyone can have his say - it won't mattter to the publisher/Editor of JT anyway, I guess.

This much from an onlooker who has no horse in this race. ;)

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