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  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Jus about to give it a spin. A Boulez maven tells me that this is by far the best recording of Le Soleil Des Eaux, and I've heard good things about Dorati's Chronochromie and Les Bander-Log. Just hope the used LP is in decent shape. I just bought a used Odyssey LP of works by Maderna snd Schuller, and the surface noise was louder than the admittedly rather quiet music. When I contacted the bastard third-party seller on Amazon, he said, 'Tough s---; we didn't grade it "like new."'
  3. Charles-Valentin Alkan

    Don't know the work, but maybe it's the pianist who's at fault? Found this on You Tube, sounds ok enough: This, otoh, sounds really creepy, almost like it's not a real pianist playing:
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  5. Mosaic Box Sets for Sale

    I already own both or I would have replied earlier.
  6. 2019 #CFL season

    Edmonton 41....Toronto 26 ***** Hamilton 21....Ottawa 7 Lewis Ward missed a field goal attempt for the first time this year. The Redblacks had a Gay Pride rainbow sticker on their helmets. What's up with that? ***** Montreal 40....Calgary 34 This was the first time the Als beat the Stamps in Calgary in ten years! Bo Levi Mitchell was expected to return this week, but his arm still hurts, so he was put back onto the six-game list. ***** Week 10 Plays of the Week ***** Jonathan Newsome has signed with BC. ***** In Ottawa, Rick Campbell has decided to let Joe Paopao call the plays. ***** The Argos are shopping James Wilder, Jr.| ***** Jeff Knox, Jr., has signed with Ottawa. ***** power rankings ***** QB index ***** Week 10 recaps|
  7. What Are You Watching

    MIndhunter Season Two
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Oh man, I still did not go through the whole (excellent) Tensegrity box - and there is this one already...
  9. Anton Webern's genitals

    related to Moby?
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Pursglove is amazing on the Guy Intensegrity Box Set
  11. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    Finished out the 10CD set today, Grateful Dead through Hendrix. Glad to have heard it and to own it, don’t feel a need for the 38CD set now – this is plenty. Again, most all of the performers had some really good moments, and some not so good moments. The person who was most done wrong by the historical rewriting of Woodstock was Johnny Winter. He was on fire for his entire set, these cuts today were a reminder. I strongly recommend the “Woodstock Experience” CD which combines his entire Woodstock performance and his first Columbia album (and don’t sleep on “The Progressive Blues Experiment, his amazing Imperial Records set recorded just prior to his Columbia albums, and his masterpiece “Second Winter” – if history had been just, he would have been in the movie, “Second Winter” would have sold a couple million copies, and who knows?). Joe Cocker’s “Dear Landlord” is a great performance, and his entire set is strong. The Grateful Dead were not good at Woodstock – that is one lackluster “Dark Star”, and the other selections are worse. Blood, Sweat, and Tears sound really strong, especially on “Smiling Phases”. Creedence played really well. Butterfield Blues Band sound great – their entire performance is available on their Complete Elektra Albums box set, though that has somehow not seemed to draw much attention. Joplin’s band is tight. Nothing can match her Monterey “Ball and Chain”, but she played a really good set at Woodstock. Ten Years after sounds good. The Hendrix set is a mess – the backing band doesn’t cut it, even though he seems to be in good enough form, especially on "Purple Haze". And I may be in the minority, but I always found his “Star Spangled Banner” quite off-putting musically, and consider his Band of Gypsies “Machine Gun” to be a much stronger musical and much stronger political statement (and that one resonates anew in 2019). The Who come off well (Abbie Hoffman doesn't ). I love the Jefferson Airplane set, own the whole 100 minute thing on their “Woodstock Experience” release. They aren’t at all tight, but they are inspired and full of fire. Willing to let the whole 50 year anniversary thing have a rest now, hope some more full sets get released this year, and realize this is probably the end of the hoopla in my lifetime (and am OK with that).
  12. Fritz Kasten (drums and alto sax) was a college friend and was a groomsman in our wedding.
  13. Jazzmeia Horn - Love and Liberation

    Interview on NPR's Sunday Edition
  14. Bargain Audio Equipment

  15. Haven't heard Joy of Cooking in a VERY long time
  16. Any thoughts on the composer Charles-Valentin Alkan? I had never heard of him, until I read a piece about him in the March 2019 issue of BBC Music magazine. It painted an intriguing portrait of a composer who "wrote the most demanding piano works in history." "Wide, rapid, switchback leaps up and down the keyboard are a specialty; figuration hurtling along unbroken at full-tilt for demandingly long periods is another, plus use of an unusual lateral stretch between the fingers." Indeed, the article seemed to imply that the reason Alkan's music is not more well-known is because pianists are reluctant to play such technically-difficult music. Intrigued, I bought the 13-disc "Alkan Edition" on Brilliant Classics, to listen for myself. I've finished the first 3 CDs (all performed by the unfortunately-named Vincenzo Maltempo). So far, it sounds to me like the classical version of Oscar Peterson: yes, huge, long, demanding runs, almost like hearing an entire orchestra from one piano, but not a lot of emotional depth. What are your impressions of Alkan's music?
  17. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I was looking at that over the weekend. I'm a big fan of Pursglove's playing on trumpet and there's not a lot of it about. I'd played his trio with Mazur and Lopez and wanted some more. It may have to be this, thanks for posting
  18. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Michael, I'm glad someone gets a use out of these posts!
  19. This sounds interesting. Will need to listen to some tracks.
  20. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Nice, pensive stuff.
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