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  1. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    John Coltrane was another one with his Blue Train.
  2. Johnny Hodges Mosaics

    Several years ago I asked someone at Mosaic (I think it was Scott) about this and he told me they weren't allowed to release a CD-version of the first Hodges Mosaic, they could only get a license for the LP-version; it was Verve's decision, not Mosaic's. The Buddy DeFranco/Sonny Clark Mosaic was also released on CD by Mosaic, 4MD-117. OOP Mosaic sets
  3. Mosaic Wish List

    Yes, there would be quite a bit of overlap, but the Mosaic would probably have better sound - the big RCA sounded overprocessed to me. It's been a few years since Scott said it still was on their radar, and I hope it still is and will actually be released in the near future.
  4. Lovers of pre-war blues and the Yazoo label might be interested in this. Blues collector and researcher John Tefteller issues a blues calendar with a CD each year on his Blues Images label. The CDs that came with the older calendars (Vols.1-8) are now available separately, the most recent one (Vol.9, 2012) currently only with the calendar. The CD transfers and masterings were done by Yazoo owner Richard Nevins and the sound is as good as it can be. Both the calendars and CDs are highly recommended!
  5. RIP Stanley Crouch

    WaPo obit
  6. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    Thanks. I'd seen that one, but was somehow under the impression there'd be another, licensed release. My mistake. Just listened to the album on YouTube. Nice, but not quite my taste, and don't like the drums being so forward in the mix.
  7. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    Can't find anything. Do you have a link?
  8. End of Summer COVID 19 Poll

    I've seen quite a few polls on US-based fora with an international membership that were mostly US-centric, so I assumed this one was too; my mistake.
  9. End of Summer COVID 19 Poll

    OK. I assumed you'd be mainly interested in the situation in your country; I guess I was wrong.
  10. End of Summer COVID 19 Poll

    I take it this is a US-only poll.
  11. Gary Peacock R.I.P.

    So, anyone know what exactly the situation is?
  12. Gary Peacock R.I.P.

    Very sad news, love his playing.
  13. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    Congratulations, a great price for a set that is so rare and hard to find. LP or CD?
  14. Charli Persip

    Sad news. Mr Persip was 91.
  15. You do know that Gerry Teekens died on October 31, 2019? I have no idea who runs Criss Cross right now, or who owns the label. Gerry Teekens / Criss Cross
  16. A shame the Selects turned out not to be economically viable. It was a great series.
  17. Mosaics on eBay

    They're offering the Mobley 63-70 set for over $200, apparently unaware of the fact that it's not OOP (yet), or hoping for ignorance on the buyer's side...
  18. Internet Outage(s)?

    No outage or loading problems here (Netherlands).
  19. Someone on another forum suggested that it has to do with the guitar Bickert was playing; he said it was the same brand/type Bill Frisell plays - well, I don't like Frisell's sound either, so that could be it.
  20. Decided not to get the new Desmond set. I've heard parts of the material and, while I like the old Desmond set with Jim Hall, this is not my cup of tea. I really don't like Bickert's guitar playing, or rather guitar sound, and I'm not going to spend about 160 euros on something I'd probably hardly ever listen to.
  21. Just heard back from Jorge. He is expecting the Desmond set tomorrow (Wednesday 24 June), and he thinks it'll be around 165 euros - which is pretty steep I think. [edit] The price of the Desmond is actually just under 160 euros, which, in my opinion, is still a bit high.
  22. I wonder if they will ever get it, I'm beginning to have doubts... OK, there's probably been some delay due to the corona thing, but they could have had some Desmond sets by now, I guess. The 63-70 Mobley has also been missing from their site for quite a while; I jumped on that one when they did have a few copies, it was gone in the blink of an eye.
  23. Just checked the Jazz Messenger site and they still don't have the Desmond set. Sent them an e-mail and will report back. Anyone here know anything about it?
  24. Buying from Amazon Japan

    That's not correct. I had CD Japan orders shipped by FedEx and received them within days without having to pay anything in advance. I got VAT invoices from FedEx after 2-4 weeks. I wish Pim luck with his order, but I'd be surprised if he'd receive it tax-free.
  25. Buying from Amazon Japan

    That sounds good, but how about VAT (21%) that is payable for orders over 22 euros and duty (payable if the total value exceeds 150 euros)? Smaller packages may slip through customs, but a large order like yours probably won't.