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  1. My copy of the VEE is missing the booklet. I will gladly take a scanned pdf of said booklet e-mailed to me. Thanks!
  2. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Still hoping to hear from the following folks: Bright Moments jeffcrom Thom Keith webbcity mikeweil
  3. Box Sets For Sale: Avant Jazz and Mainstream

    That Hutch box is not to be missed, especially at THAT price! Nothing but good music from start to finish!
  4. BFT 106 discussion thread

    I wish I could listen to jazz in the car. I get too distracted by the road, so I end up listening to either rock & roll or sports talk radio. Or NPR.
  5. BFT 106 discussion thread

    I'm ashamed to admit I consciously avoided this one, scared off by Yanow's AMG review - and the thought of what the Donald Byrd Singers might sound like. I actually think I might have snagged it as part of a CD trade a while back but never got to it - I've got to check as soon as I get home. Kinda cool to think of an unheard Grant Green, not to mention Byrd/Turrentine/Burrell/Hancock. Even with the Donald Byrd Singers. So Al this was a very good BFT since it exposed me to music I should have heard a long time ago and inspired me to finally remedy that oversight. Thanks, Dan! I'm really glad you enjoyed the BFT. I don't completely agree with Yanow's review (of this OR of the Grant Green LP that Verve issued on CD). Neither album is a major effort from the respective leader, but there is much good to be mined from both albums. And, FWIW, I'll take the DB Singers over his Blue Note albums that also featured singers any day of the week. They're fun albums, nothing more & nothing less, and the CD is well worth seeking out. Then again, you know my tastes, so you might wanna take that with a grain of salt!
  6. Your Top Ten New CDs for 2012

    There were a lot of mainstream rock & roll releases from various old established artists that I enjoyed a lot: 1) THAT'S WHY GOD MADE THE RADIO - The Beach Boys. This had far more hits than misses for me, and the closing suite of songs is sheer beauty. What a wonderful thing if they could let this be their swan song, because it would be more than fitting. 2) ANALOG MAN - Joe Walsh. His most enjoyable work since BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS, but hampered by sound so bad I actually whined about it in an Amazon review. 3) AMERICANA - Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Served as a nice appetizer for what came just a few months later... 4) PSYCHEDELIC PILL - Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Starting an album with a half-hour jam on two chords? Works for me. BOY, does it work for me! 5) TANK FULL OF BLUES - Dion. Cat's 72 years old and still sounds as full of fire as he did when he started. And oh my can he play the guitar! YIKES!!! 6) REMEMBER - Micky Dolenz. I realize by now that my credibility was shot to hell ages ago, and I don't care. I heard about this CD because Phil Keaggy is on it. And it's a DAMN good CD! The closing title track is worth the price of admission alone. 7) SUNKEN CONDOS - Donald Fagen. Much in the same vein as MORPH THE CAT, which I loved, so it's all good. 8) CLOCKWORK ANGELS - Rush. These guys just keep getting better and better, and I'm not what you would call a typical Rush fan, only having come around to their music in the last few years. But as Geddy's voice can't hit those shrieking high notes anymore, what remains is a lot more heartfelt. 9) FANATIC - Heart. Best thing they've done since the 70's. May be their finest ALBUM ever. All I know is it rocks like nobody's business. 10) MONSTER - KISS. Credibility.... I know, I know, BUT they haven't sounded this hungry since CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. When these guys cut out all the bullshit, they too rock like nobody's business. Thanks for indulging me.
  7. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Sweet! I'm VERY glad to hear this! Mmmmmmmmm!!! I wish! Ben Webster & Jimmy Jones? I'll take that combo ANY day of the week; alas, 'taint Jimmy here!
  8. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Thanks HBJ! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I love that Santana album, and found it in the clearance section at Half Price Books. I'll never understand HPB sometimes: multiple copies of various Herb Alpert albums sit in the regular price racks, but THIS was in the clearance??? Oh well, with the lineup on this record, I woulda gladly paid five times what I paid for it! Yes, that is definitely Ben Webster there. I'm curious to see if anyone figures out the piano player. I'm really glad you're enjoying my BFT. That means a lot!
  9. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Check this out: "I think you're looking for Les McCann..." ROTFLMFAO!!!! Les would have been more than any of them could handle. Who, the Crusaders? The FBI? The SLA? Or all of the above? Alllll...righty then. (nice work, felser) Color me dumbfounded. My mind is in the process of being blown here, and I haven't even gotten around to thinking about the John Klemmer part. "Sam Thomas", eh? Sam Thomas? With tone like that, I've never heard of the guy? (afaicr, anyway). Wow. MUST research this. Al, if you've got anything on Sam Thomas, I can't wait for the reveal. No, I mean literally- I cannot wait. Thankfully, JSngry already took care of all of us by starting the thread and linking the various articles, because this is all I have from Sam Thomas. It's for the reason JS mentioned that this track is on here: the "neighborhood sound" of that guitar! LOVE that sound! Yup, yup, and yup! Batting 1.000 so far!
  10. BFT 106 discussion thread

    After lunch. Not Blue Mitchell, either. It's Donald Byrd - 'Bossa' from 'Up'. Oh lord. And it turns out that I've got that Montgomery Bros track, on 'Fingerpickin''. Ah well. Correct all around! I know what you mean about having a track that ends up on a BFT!
  11. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Playing ketchup, because this could take a while and it could get all over ya if you're not careful!
  12. BFT 107 signup

    DL for me please!
  13. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Not John Klemmer, then? Actually, yes, and he's the leader! I'm curious, though: what made you rule him out based on this? I mean, I've heard some Klemmer records from the 70's which sound NOTHING like this! Figuring out the rest of this track oughta be fairly easy. I hope!
  14. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Not yet, but I see it in the LP bins at Half Price Books from time to time, and have previously passed up on it. THAT won't happen again until I has my own copy, IcantellyouTHAT!!!!
  15. BFT 106 discussion thread

    I don't know what surprises me more: the level of curiosity for this track, or the fact that it hasn't been ID'd. By that, I mean I put that on here without any pretense of stumping anyone: I just love this track and the album from which it came which, if it's any help, gives absolutely zero indication the direction the sax player would eventually take.
  16. Man, I'm still glad you came back! Happy birthday 2013!
  17. Ellington at Newport 1956 The Who at Leeds University, 2/14/70
  18. Tribute to Big John Patton

    That's the one I was thinking of when I said "Let 'em Roll." LOVE this one!
  19. Tribute to Big John Patton

    Interest here as well. There are so many great jams to pick from, but right off the top I know I'd love "Let 'em Roll" and "The Yodel!" Anything beyond that is gravy to me!
  20. BFT 106 discussion thread

    Really enjoying everyone's comments so far! More later as time permits, but once again, this BFT has been a learning experience for me: I never knew the backstory to "Way Back Home!" And once again, the tracks I thought might buffalo folks are the ones everyone's nailing, and the tracks I thought would be relatively easy are stumping folks!